Android Tablet Kiosks Software For Device Lockdown

While kiosks are the greatest tech invention of the 21st century, Android, on the other hand, is the most used operating system. When the two are combined, it results in a highly advanced kiosk device. However, the kiosk also needs good MDM software to lock it down into single app or multi-app kiosk mode. And if you need software that your kiosk can rely on, then Linkitsoft is the right place for you. With our kiosk software solutions, you can lock down your tablet’s Android OS system and secure it from misuse.

Android Tablet Kiosk Software

Lockdown Android Tablets In Kiosks Mode

The Android tablet kiosk software will help you save infrastructure costs by locking your Android tablet into kiosk mode. You can turn any Android tablet into automated kiosks or digital signage with the management software that locks devices into kiosk mode. It is a great way to have a portable machine in the form of a table rather than a huge kiosk device placed at the entrance.

Why Self-Service Kiosk Is Important​
Single App a& Multi App Mode

Single App & Multi App Mode

With the top Android kiosk software, you can lockdown Android devices in kiosk mode. More so, you can also lock down Android kiosk browser. Other than that, you configure the settings and choose the kiosk app for Android tablet kiosk mode on Android devices. It could either be a single-app or multi-app.

With kiosk software, you can set the device into a single-app or multi-app kiosk mode. You can assign a single or multi-app on the home screen, depending on your preferences. It safeguards the operating system and prevents users from changing the device’s settings

Kiosks Software For Enhanced Customer Experience

Android tablet kiosk software not only allows you to lock kiosk tablet devices to kiosk mode, but it also provides a better customer experience. Without Android tablet kiosk software, it would be just a regular tablet without serving any specific intended purpose. Customers will have no idea where to place orders. 

Nor will they be able to track their order if the kiosk software for Android does not have a single-app mode or multi-app kiosk mode. So, having a one app mode or a multi-app mode makes the Android tablet purposeful. The assigned app stays open, and therefore, the customers can easily interact with it.

Kiosk Software For Enhanced Customer Experience
Convenience With Kiosk Software

Convenience With Kiosk Software

A kiosk lockdown software helps staff manage and control Android devices. The software allows IT admins to see the dashboard through the kiosk lockdown app to check the status of the device. This remote control feature is important to manage and secure enterprise Android tablets. After all, Android kiosks are used for self-service. So, if the tablets work without any problems, the business will keep running smoothly.

Kiosk App For Android Device

Kiosk App For Android Device

A kiosk lockdown app for Android is the heart of things as it is what manages and controls the kiosk software. With the app, you can monitor all the Android devices that have the kiosk software installed in them. The app allows convenience at its best, as users can manage all their kiosk devices from the comfort of their couch. With a kiosk app locking Android devices into kiosk mode and managing them becomes much easier.

Linkitsofts MDM Solution For Android OS

Linkitsoft's MDM Solution For Android OS

Linkitsoft is the leading name in providing the best kiosk solution. We provide mobile device management software that helps you keep track of all your kiosk devices. With our MDM solution, you can lockdown Android tablet devices into single-app or multi-app mode. More so, our custom kiosk solutions allow for better kiosk management.

After all, business MDM is the best strategy to grow your business. With MDM software, you can operate your business in a more organized and convenient manner. It also keeps everything in check and provides real-time data and statistics. So, if you want to find the best Android kiosk software to lock Android tablets, you can get it from Linkitsoft.

Device Protection With Android Kiosk Software

Device Protection With Android Kiosk Software

Android kiosk software locks down your Android tablets in kiosk mode and protects them from threats. The threats could be from malware online or non-authorized personnel accessing the device’s OS settings and changing it. The Android tablet kiosk software will also make the browser lockdown so that users cannot gain access to unauthorized sites.

This makes sure that the Android devices used by customers are controlled and monitored by the staff through a kiosk app. So, to make your tablet turn into an advanced kiosks and make it secure, Android tablet kiosk software is a must.

Grow your Business With Linkitsoft's Kiosk Software

Linkitsoft makes the best software that enables brand growth. More so, our software enables clients to lockdown Android tablets and makes using Android tablet much easier for customers. This results in a better customer experience, which in turn boosts sales. All of this adds to the brand’s value and helps it grow. You can even have cloud-based kiosk mobile device management software from Linkitsoft.

This way, you can easily manage Android tablets with a user-friendly user interface. Our Kiosk services range in many types. Most importantly, we try to serve our clients in the best way possible to grow their businesses. We make sure that our Android tablet kiosk software can fulfill their requirements and fit their business plan.

Grow your Business With Linkitsofts Kiosk Software
Android Tablet Kiosk Software

Choose Linkitsoft's Custom Kiosk Lockdown Software

Clients can choose Linkitsoft to get custom solutions for their Android tablet kiosk software. We have a team of highly expert developers who create each Android kiosk lockdown software using the latest tech. Every Android kiosk mode software that we make is tailored according to the client’s need and their business idea. Whether you want a kiosk launcher for an Android TV or an Android tablet, Linkitsoft will make it for you with ease.

You can even get a free trial in the form of a demo of the Android tablet kiosk software we have already made. However, for clients wanting to get Linkitsoft’s solutions, all they have to do is send us a message through the floating message bubble below. Or you can email us at the email address mentioned below. Our team will get in touch with you soon and will make a custom Android tablet kiosk software for you in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our software also locks the device down, only allowing access to pre-defined applications and settings. This will avoid unauthorized use, protect the data itself, and keep the functionality of kiosks as intended.
Yes, the software interface can be fully customized, such as branding, available applications, and user permissions. This ensures the kiosk functions perfectly according to the respective needs and adds to a good user experience.
Our software has a remote management option for easy updates, monitoring, and control of all kiosks from a centralized dashboard. This guarantees easy and effective multi-device management.
In the case of lost or stolen devices, our software can help lock or completely wipe the tablet from a remote location for ultimate data protection of sensitive information. It adds to the idea of securing all of your essential information.
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