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Linkitsoft is a leading app maintenance services provider with more than ten years of experience in the software development industry. App maintenance services sit at the heart of our development services. Our team of experts uses industry-leading practices and cutting-edge technologies to provide application support and maintenance services tailored to your unique needs. Linkitsoft’s industry-specific application maintenance and support services are aimed at keeping your application up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly by providing regular updates and fixing all arising issues. You can partner with Linkitsoft to get application maintenance and support services to ensure your app remains competitive and provides a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

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Linkitsoft's Extensive Experience in Mobile App Support and Maintenance

Linkitsoft's Extensive Experience in Mobile App Support and Maintenance

Linkitsoft's app maintenance company is the one-stop place for the best IT application development and maintenance. We have been in the application development and maintenance industry for more than ten years and have a proven track record of delivering application development & maintenance services across various industry sectors. You can get an idea of our application development maintenance expertise by looking at the case studies of the apps we have developed and provide application support for. The case studies are as follows:

JTI's Tourism App is a mobile application designed to enhance the travel experience for users. It addresses the need for a comprehensive and user-friendly mobile application in the tourism industry. The project was developed with a focus on Malaysian users. We at Linkitsoft are delighted to launch a tourism app that enables users to explore services, discover popular places, and access exclusive offers and rewards. With the availability of apps on the App Store, Play Store, and App Gallery, JTI offers advantages such as increased tourism, support for local businesses, and advertising opportunities.

JTI - Our Tourism app MOBILE APP
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While building a dating app, we included a simple and easy-to-navigate layout that would help meet people with similar interests. This helps us keep the mobile app user experience engaging and clean while minimizing needless clutter.

Approach - Meeting and dating app MOBILE APP

Whether you are looking for cleaning, plumbing, laundry or else. JUGAAR a top-rated mobile app offers Professional Services at your doorstep. JUGAAR prides on providing top-notch services to clients. By understanding that clients have busy schedules and may not always have the time to go out and seek the services they need.

JUGAAR - Professional services at your doorstep MOBILE APP
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Welcome to this vending mobile app! A team of passionate individuals who have come together to revolutionize the vending experience aim is to make it easier and more convenient for people to access their favourite snacks and drinks on the go. With our app, you can find the nearest vending machine, browse through the products available, and even pre-order your items for pickup.

Vendy - Order from the app take from the vendy MOBILE APP

This app provides a range of features and tools to help you live a more sustainable life. From tips and tricks for reducing waste and conserving energy to resources for finding eco-friendly products and services, this app has everything you need to make a positive impact on the planet.

Johor Environmental System - empowering johorians to live sustainably MOBILE APP

Some Of Our Work

Our expertise in providing various professional services has enabled us to satisfactorily serve businesses from a wide array of industrial backgrounds.

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Finance management
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Best Mobile Application Maintenance and Support Services Around

Best Mobile Application Maintenance and Support Services Around

At Linkitsoft, we are all about providing the best application maintenance services in the entire industry. If you are looking to get the best support & maintenance for your app, then you can outsource software maintenance and support services from us. Our team of software support and maintenance experts have extensive experience in IT support and maintenance. We have worked with clients all over the world who have different app complexities. Also, we have a deep understanding of the challenges involved in the maintenance and support of an application across multiple platforms, such as iOS, Android, and cross-platform technologies. Our IT support maintenance team has the application support tools and the support management system. This allows our team to handle the app's security, fix errors, optimize performance, or add new app features.

Linkitsoft's application maintenance company will provide you with software support services tailored to your app requirements to make sure it stays up-to-date and secure and performs at the highest level. Our application support & maintenance team is full of expert developers, QA testers, and support professionals who provide comprehensive maintenance support services designed to meet your specific needs. You can consider the extensive experience and proven track record of our software application support and maintenance company, as we are committed to delivering the best application maintenance support services for your app's improvement and success.

Mobile Application Maintenance


Application Maintenance

Linkitsoft provides support and maintenance services for mobile apps to enhance app functionality, and performance to make it run smoothly with more uptime. Our application maintenance support experts optimize the app server performance, enhance the app’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) so the app can provide better user experience.

Web Application Maintenance


Application Maintenance

We provide web app maintenance services to make web apps fast, responsive, and easy to use. Our web application maintenance services include updating web services and site information. Linkitsoft’s web application maintenance team conducts testing and debugging as well as database maintenance. Our web application support and maintenance focuses on improving your web app’s performance and increases app productivity and security.

Web Application Maintenance


Existing Code

Our application supports maintenance professionals to improve, change, and reconstruct your app’s existing codes. We have developers who will fix errors in your app’s coding due to changes in requirements for functionality enhancement. Linkitsoft’s support maintenance experts and programmers provide application maintenance service to write codes for your app to improve API implementations.

Three-Level Support and


Support and Maintenance

Linkitsoft provides three levels of maintenance and support services: L1, L2, and L3. Each support tier provides different technical assistance for the app’s smooth functionality and fixes different levels of issues. Our L1 support activities include resetting passwords, installing software, and troubleshooting. In order to define the L2 ticket cost, it looks at more advanced issues than troubleshooting, which requires higher technical expertise. Linkitsoft’s L3 support means the highest tier of IT support and maintenance services, which includes the configuration of the network. Our L2-L3 deals with maintenance and support services with advanced software and hardware troubleshooting.

Three-Level Support and Maintenance
Quality Assurance & Testing
Quality Assurance & Testing


Assurance & Testing

We have a team of QA testers who provide quality assurance and extensive testing as part of our applications support services. Our team makes sure to test the app as well as troubleshoot and diagnose issues while providing IT application support services to make sure the high quality mobile app is robust and secure. Moreover, we use the best tools and technologies to test and support applications for high performance. Linkitsoft’s app maintenance service team responds to all support requests as their support hours are for 24/7 application support.

Why Mobile App Maintenance Services Matter

Why Mobile App Maintenance Services Matter

Linkitsoft has been providing software application support and maintenance services since 2010, and our application support & maintenance services make an app functional. After all, application support and maintenance are the life and soul of an app. Regardless of how great an app is or how cutting-edge its features are, if an app doesn't work as intended, then those features are pointless. Application bugs and errors can develop over time due to caches and malware. These bugs can cause the app to perform poorly.

Moreover, poor app performance can result in bad user experiences, which, in turn, will make users uninstall the app. Therefore, application maintenance & support is a must for any app. Our continuous app maintenance services help make your app function normally and as planned. Linkitsoft has a mobile application maintenance and support team of expert quality assurance testers. Our support engineers provide application maintenance & support services to make your application better and set the standard on what is applications support. The importance of our mobile app support and maintenance services include for these reasons:

Security Updates

Security Updates

IT maintenance and support is a must to improve the app's security with robust protection and encryption features. The software application support will allow you to avoid cyber threat and outside malware from breaching your app's security and putting the user's data at risk. Our software support service will help you protect your app and its users' data.

Bug Fixes

The best reason to get software maintenance and support services is to make your app free of bugs and errors. These issues can arise over time as caches and outer malware get collected over time. Linkitsoft's system maintenance services allow our developers to deliver support and maintenance projects by removing bugs and errors and fixing all issues for optimal app performance and security.

Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

As tech changes each day with new technologies emerging on a daily basis, apps can become sluggish or face performance issues. This could be due to various factors, such as outdated code, memory leaks, or OS version compatibility issues with new phones. Therefore, custom software application maintenance is a must to make sure the app is optimized for the latest hardware and can perform smoothly and efficiently for better user satisfaction.

UI & UX Enhancement

UI & UX Enhancement

Refreshing the visual side of things is just as important as improving the technical aspects of an app. UI and UX designs become outdated quickly and using old ones can make your app look slow, dull and boring. Therefore it is important to upgrade your app's UI and UX by doing maintenance app for your app's design. It will give your app a new look and feel, with a much faster and responsive UI to freshen things up to provide a better user experience.

Let Our Experts Take Care of Your Software Maintenance Project

Let Our Experts Take Care of Your Software Maintenance Project

At Linkitsoft, our support maintenance company understands that applications maintenance is a complex and time-consuming task. That is why we help businesses with their application for maintenance by providing them with application support service. Our expertise and skills in maintenance activities will allow you to take off the burden of getting an app for maintenance services. Linkitsoft's iOS app and Android application maintenance services company is among Americas' fastest-growing companies, for e.g., Sciencesoft USA Corporation. Our high-level key performance indicators (KPIs) beat the likes of Sciencesoft's mobile app maintenance services.

Moreover, our team of IT applications support experts will work closely with you to understand your app performance requirements. This way, we will identify potential issues, define the scope, and create an app evolution roadmap tailored to your requirements. Our maintenance and support services team follows the industry's best practices and uses the latest tools and technologies to provide IT maintenance services for your application as a service. This way, we ensure your app remains optimized, secure, and up-to-date with cloud application support.

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We Emphasis Service Level Agreement for Your Satisfaction

We Emphasis Service Level Agreement for Your Satisfaction

Linkitsoft puts customer satisfaction at the heart of its application support services. We strive to deliver exceptional and perfective maintenance service quality. Moreover, we ensure transparency and accountability, by offering Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that outline our commitments and responsibilities.

This way, our SLAs define the service levels you can expect from our proactive maintenance packages. It includes response times, issue resolution timelines, and performance metrics. Moreover, we will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements. We will tailor the SLA to meet your business needs. Also, we will change requests and unique requirements based on your feedback for your satisfaction. This way, we have redefined what is an application service.

Hire Our App Developers to Get Application Maintenance Services

Hire App Developers for Your Mobile Apps

If you're looking for top-notch application development and maintenance services, consider hiring our skilled app developers at Linkitsoft. Our IT support & maintenance team is full of experienced QA testers and developers. They have in-depth knowledge of various mobile platforms, programming languages, and development frameworks. You can hire our production support service experts as part of your team. This way, you will gain access to a wealth of E maintenance app expertise.

Hire Our App Developers to Get Application Maintenance Services

Essential App Maintenance and Support Services

Linkitsoft is a leading development firm that provides app development services, which include business application support and maintenance. When you choose us to develop your app, you also gain access to our app maintenance and support services. We have expert developers and QA testers in our applicant support center. They provide maintenance and support service applications for improved performance. Moreover, we distribute application support roles and responsibilities Matrix for on-time development and delivery.

Technology Stack

With our technology stack, we guarantee you that your app and website will function smoothly for many years to come.


React Native


React Native


Node JS
Mongo DB


Adobe Illustrator
After Effects

Clients We Have Worked With

We have gained a long list of contented clients by delivering top-notch IT solutions.

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date goal
squad goals
johor tourism
Travel and tourism
doctor blink
tport news

Choose Linkitsoft's Mobile App Maintenance Company for Ongoing Application Support

You can choose Linkitsoft to get the best app maintenance services. That is because we have set the standard on what is application support center. Moreover, Linkitsoft has a talented team of expert developers and QA specialists. They have the skills and expertise to provide maintenance and support for apps across all industry sectors. We use the best practices and latest tools as they are what is application service crucial. This way, we make sure we can balance the quality of the application vs service for both the app’s maintenance and development. Moreover, Linkitsoft offers comprehensive mobile app maintenance services. This makes sure your application remains up-to-date and relevant, with the best security and optimal performance. 

We use the latest tools and technologies and follow the best practices. Our experts make sure your application stays ahead of the curve. Moreover, our maintenance services have redefined what is application support. That is because our solutions cover a wide range of areas. We provide security updates, bug fixes, performance optimizations, new feature integrations, and compatibility with the latest operating system versions as part of our app maintenance services. So, you can trust Linkitsoft to be your mobile app maintenance and support partner to ensure the long-term success of your mobile application. That is because we prioritize quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction for application support maintenance.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The price of mobile app maintenance services varies depending on app complexity, updating frequency, and the support level the app commands. Customizable options are available to meet varied budgets and needs, which generally have prices ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month.
    Investing in well-known mobile app maintenance services assures you improve application performance, security, bug fixing promptly, compatibility updates, and expert technical support. Continuous maintenance ensures your app is reliable, functional, and aligned with the industry standards and users’ expectations as they change.
    Yes, mobile app maintenance services are continuously in demand in the current market. Technological change will always necessitate upgrading mobile apps to match operating system changes, device specifications, security threats, and user requirements. Ongoing maintenance keeps the apps optimized, secure, and in a position to be competitive in dynamically changing digital landscapes.
    Yes, businesses can still find this money-making investment with their mobile apps. This is the reason why the retention process of applications can help companies to retain existing users, attract new customers, stimulate engagement, and further monetize with in-app purchases, subscriptions, or ads. More frequent maintenance also leads to a competitive edge in the marketplace and the maintenance of a positive brand image for businesses.
    Outsourcing mobile app maintenance to specialized service providers yields different benefits, including a committed team of skillful experts with adequate experience and competencies at a much lower cost compared to hiring in-house workforces, flexibility in coping with the changing workloads and peaks, and tranquility of work satisfaction through the hands of professionals. Outsourcing allows you a greater level of concentration on your critical competencies while providing just the right level of vigilance and care for every single app.
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