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TikTok is a powerhouse of an app, and it is perhaps the most entertaining and might I say controversial of all social media platforms. That is because the opinions regarding TikTok are polarizing and differ from person to person. However, Gen Z are addicted to TikTok applications and use TikTok for hours, spending a good chunk of their time scrolling through short video clips.

As per BusinessofApps “TikTok has been downloaded more than four billion times. Moreover, last year in 2023, it generated a revenue of well over US$16 billion.”

Those numbers are staggering and are a real testament to the fact that TikTok has quite literally taken over the world. Not only that but TikTok, in many ways, is also a trendsetter, as it has paved the way for other apps to feature short videos in an auto-scroll format. Like TikTok, these apps earn a ton of revenue thanks to users who spend hours watching and scrolling through videos. As a result, many people are looking to build apps similar to TikTok by getting development services from an app development company. And if you too are thinking of developing apps like TikTok, then you need to take notes from these 26 viable TikTok alternatives to take notes from. So, without any messing around, let’s dive straight into it.

What Are Apps Like TikTok?

Before we start getting down to the business end of things and start listing apps like TikTok, we must first know how an app can be classified as an alternative to TikTok. What are the merits? For starters, let’s look at TikTok first. TikTok is one of the best apps today, and it is a social media platform that allows users to create and share a variety of videos that are anywhere between 3 seconds and 30 minutes in length. However, most videos are 15 seconds long, and the TikTok app offers in-app video editing tools that allow users to apply video filters and video effects to their videos. This way, users can create music videos.

Moreover, they can take on mobile dancing game challenges and trends that circulate among teenagers and young adults born between 2010 and 2024. This social short-form video app is safe for kids, too, as there are millions of videos on the platform for kids. However, TikTok would not be what it is today without a Chinese app called The latter was more of a lip sync app, and it merged with TikTok on August 2, 2018, creating a hybrid super app that kept the name Tiktok. This app used the audience, accounts, and features of both platforms. However, since then, TikTok has gone on to captivate the hearts and screens of millions all over the world. Its founding company, ByteDance, even resisted the sale of TikTok in 2020.


What Are Apps Like TikTok?


Merit for Apps like TikTok 

The following are the merits that define an app as an apps like TikTok:

  • The merit of a TikTok-like app that TikTok has set for short-form video apps is thanks to its scrolling functionality, which allows users to transition from one video content to another.
  • Another trend that TikTok has set, which also became synonymous with it, is that it will let users add background music with a huge library of music available in the app. This would go on to help creators, allowing them to create video remixes and video edits by applying video filters and effects with background music.

These two are the merits that an app must meet to be considered as apps like TikTok.

26 Best TikTok Alternatives for iOS and Android to Choose from in 2024

The format of jumping from one video to another with just a simple scroll has become synonymous with TikTok. And there are many apps in the business that have adopted this trend, allowing them to be considered as apps like TikTok. While most of the apps listed below might do more than simply show short videos, they offer more or less the same experience as TikTok. There are 26 apps like TikTok and they are the best TikTok alternatives for Android and iOS users. Moreover, they are the best TikTok alternatives to try if you are looking to develop apps like TikTok. So, let’s take a look at these alternative apps to TikTok one by one.


26 Best TikTok Alternatives for iOS and Android to Choose from in 2024


1. Triller 

We will kick things off with Triller, as it is a worthy contender to be the first name on this list. Triller is an arch-rival to TikTok as it offers the same short-form video and has been around since 2015. Triller’s user interface is quite appealing and boasts similarities to TikTok’s user interface. Moreover, much like TikTok, it has a vast music library that houses more than one million popular songs, allowing users to create dance videos and swipe through similar videos from other users

2. Instagram Reels

The Instagram app needs no introduction. However, when it comes to talking about apps like TikTok, you might be wondering how a photo-sharing app can be similar to a video-creating and sharing app. Well, if you already didn’t know, Instagram came up with a feature called reels in 2020 that offered a functionality similar to TikTok. TikTok and Instagram reels are quite similar in many ways. Therefore, Instagram now allows users to share photos and videos. Moreover, Instagram has a bigger collection of songs than TikTok. Also, with features like Instagram reels, Instagram can be considered as an apps like TikTok.

3. Youtube Shorts

Next up is YouTube shorts, a feature that the YouTube app launched just a month after Instagram came out with reels. It was almost like YouTube was waiting for Instagram to make the first move, and it countered it with a lightning-fast and perfect-esque punch thrown with power and precision. The wording might suggest a fight inside a UFC octagon took place, but it was the battle of social media platforms that took place within a space of a month. YouTube took notes from both TikTok and Instagram and came up with a similar product that it added as a feature to the existing app.

4. Likee 

Long before YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels came into the picture, there was Likee, a platform that offered the same video viewing experience as TikTok. After, Likee was TikTok’s biggest competitor, and even to this day, it is. That is because Likee is one of the Apps like TikTok as it has the same interface as TikTok and has quite a unique set of features that differentiates it from TikTok. The app provides features like stickers, effects, filters, virtual makeup, hair color change, and many other party tricks that make it all fun to use and enjoy with a group of friends.

5. Snapchat

Snapchat is yet another apps like Tik Tok despite the fact it does not have a video swiping functionality. Instead, it allows users to see short-form video content from friends and celebrities in the form of stories for up to 48 hours. This feature is available in the Spotlight section, and it is what makes Snapchat among apps like TikTok.

6. Funimate 

Funimate is a platform to watch a variety of short videos. This platform also acts as a video editing tool for users as they can edit their content using over 100 effects available in the app. Moreover, users can add visual effects, filters, emojis, stickers, text, and whatnot to take their video content to the next level. This app offers more or less the same features as TikTok, and it is creating the right contender for the title of apps like TikTok.

7. Huddles

Huddles is one of the best apps like TikTok, and it was formerly known as Byte. There are well over 5,000 famous video creators using the app right now, and Huddles puts users at the heart of its business model, helping them earn money and make a living. This app, including TikTok, is a source of revenue for many people. Moreover, the Huddle app gets users and creators from all sectors. Huddles users go as far as subscribing to their favorite creators to get access to exclusive content. Also, Huddles offers more or less the same features as TikTok.

8. Zigazoo 

While most apps in this listing are for the adult audience, Zigazoo is one of the apps, like TikTok, that caters to a much younger audience. This app here provides a safe and positive platform for kids so that they can easily use the app without any problems. Moreover, the platform has gone as far as offering two different app versions, one for kids and one for an adult audience. The versions of the apps are named Zigazoo Kids and Zigazoo Gen Z, respectively.

9. Zoomerang 

Zoomerang is a mixture of a video editing tool and a video-sharing platform put together as one. If a TikTok ban were to take place, then this app would be at the forefront of replacing it. That is because this app does everything that an alternative TikTok app should. Its Challenges tab is a deal-breaker, as this feature steals the show by allowing users to search and take part in various challenges, showcasing their talent to the world.

10. Video Star 

Video Star is one of the best apps like TikTok, as it allows users to become music producers. It does that by giving users an extensive library of famous songs that they can use to create music videos. Moreover, the app provides a set of video editing tools for adding effects, slow motion. and doing similar work to give their video the shine it needs to stand out.

11. Firework 

Much like the name suggests, Firework offers a complete package, full of firecrackers and party lifters in the form of unique video editing features. This app has quite similar functionality to the likes of Tikitok and other apps like TikTok. The video editing tools such as trimming, size-cropping, and adding background music allows creators to make the best video content possible. Users can also take part in weekly video challenges and win prizes for creating the best videos.

12. COUB 

There are many similar apps to TikTok and COUB is one of them. More so, this app acts as a platform for people to get creative and bring out their inner artists by creating short and unique videos. The video editing tools that COUB offers allow users to mix images and music with videos to create catchy videos. With COUB, people can be the best versions of themselves and create content that gets along with the audience.

13. Video Show

Video Show is one of the best apps like TikTok. It is also known as Music Video Show and offers the same features and functionality as TikTok by providing tools to edit and record videos with a length of just one minute. Video Show has a big library of music from which users can choose. Moreover, other creators post videos on the platform showcasing their artistry and serving as examples to imitate.

14. Lomotif 

Lomotif is one of the best apps on the app store that serves as an alternative to TikTok. If you need TikTok-like features for apps without using TikTok itself, then Lomotif is the app to go for. That is because this app has a vast collection of music from popular artists in its library that allows users to use it in their videos. Moreover, it offers features like boomerang edits and time-lapse, and it allows users to enhance their video by applying effects and filters. Content creators can gain extra attention on the app with its holiday features like New Year features that help increase their profile’s visibility during holidays.

15. Lemon8 

The next app that serves as an alternative to TikTok is Lemon8. This app has gained quite a reputation for offering short video features, just as TikTok does. However, it does that in a unique way and puts more focus on content related to health, travel and beauty.On the other hand, the app provides a set of editing tools such as filters, templates, text fonts, and stickers. This allows creators to create the best video content and earn money from that content.

16. MuStar

MuStar is one of the apps like TikTok that are based on the web. This website offers features and functionality comparable to TikTok, as it houses a wide collection of music in its library. Moreover, MuStar offers some creative video editing tools, such as effects and filters, that are similar to TikTok. This option is a noteworthy alternative to TikTok and offers a great platform to discover catchy videos.

17. YouTube 

You might be wondering why we have mentioned YouTube again. Well, you’d be right to think so, but the YouTube we mentioned earlier was for its specific YouTube Shorts feature, which is exactly like TikTok. However, the YouTube app is much more than YouTube Shorts, and it is the biggest video platform in the world, with more than 62 million creators, ranging from the smallest to the biggest video content creators in the world. However, apart from that, there are tons of Vine and TikTok video compilations available on the platform for just about every video challenge and skit. So, if you are looking to watch TikTok videos but on a different platform, then YouTube is the platform you can watch them on.

18. Clash

Clash is one of the apps like TikTok that is in its beta state at the moment. Moreover, this video app is the heir to Vine, as it was created by former Vine creator Brendon McNerney. Clash lives up to the legacy that Vine left behind by offering a platform to creators and creating an inclusive community. Moreover, fans can support their favorite creators through the app’s “DROPS” feature by donating money. Also, the app allows creators to earn money by creating and sharing looping videos of 21 seconds and incorporating music from a vast library of songs.

19. KWAI 

KWAI is at the forefront of being one of the top apps like TikTok. However, what KWAI does better than most is its categorization of video content. The app boasts a wide variety of categories for video content. This includes lip-syncing, beauty, makeup, blogging, comedy, pranks, challenges, magic tricks, and dance. The monetization for creators works in the form of rewards, which increase with a higher number of followers. Moreover, the app keeps viewers and creators involved and keeps things interesting with its video challenges and contests. This allows creators to create engaging content based on viral trends.

20. Chingari 

Chingari is an Urdu and Hindi term that literally means spark in English. Much like its meaning, Chingari has sparked up the world of apps like TikTok with its innovative and interesting features that are quite reminiscent of TikTok. Chingari app has a resemblance to TikTok in more ways than one. Its features include lip-syncing, comic effects, and visual effects to lift up short videos and make them entertaining. Moreover, the app allows users to interact with videos by liking and commenting on them and browsing for more videos. Chingari is used primarily in India, with most of the creators on the platform being Indian.

21. ProxiTok

By bearing the last name of TikTok, ProxiTok has earned the right to be mentioned in the same category as apps like TikTok. The app provides an alternative platform to TikTok with a few improvements in video creation. However, the app suggests videos to users based on their interests and surroundings. This is why many people use ProxiTok, as it allows them to keep up with short videos and trends popular in their location.

22. Dubsmash

There are many apps on iOS and Android that have seen the last of their days since TikTok came into the picture. But if there is one app that TikTok could not replace, it is Dubsmash. The app is prominent for making the most hilarious videos and parodies. Dubsmash has quite a lot of features that are akin to TikTok. However, the feature that makes it stand out is its lip-sync feature. People can dub any video and overlay it with different audio to create the funniest of video parodies. The app has a ton of sounds available in its library, along with famous dialogues from films and TV shows. Dubsmash is a paradise for funny video creators. That is because some of the most epic videos have come out from this platform.

23. Byte

Byte is yet another video app developed by Vine’s founder. The app offers a discovery section, much like TikTok. It allows users to watch trending videos from creators all over the world. Byte has many of the same features that TikTok provides. Moreover, Byte users can edit, create, and share looping videos. The app offers tools to edit videos that users record with the camera app rather than Byte. Moreover, they can also capture short video clips of six seconds with the Byte app. They can also apply real-time filters and effects.

24. Cheez 

The best of TikTok is its content, and similar content is offered by a video platform called Cheez. Cheez offers all kinds of video content, such as vlogs, fashion videos, and funny videos, to lighten up the mood. The app supports a vast community of content creators by paying them in the form of rewards. These rewards are based on the content and the number of interactions it gains, such as likes, comments, and shares. Moreover, the app takes things to the next level by offering unique challenges and a dancing game called DanceOff. Users can compete in dance challenges and take on viral trends. Moreover, they can face off with creators all around the world in intense battles. The app offers editing tools and allows users to create captivating videos by trimming them and applying visual effects and filters.

25. Vigo Video 

Vigo Video is one of the best apps like TikTok. This app not only bears a resemblance to TikTok, but it is also similar to Snapchat and Vine. Moreover, Vigo Video allows users to create 15-second long short videos. Users can apply video filters and effects and add music to enhance them. Like many of the Apps like TikTok we featured above, Vigo Video supports creators. It allows them to earn spendable money with a reward system. This system is based on user engagement and interactions like comments and shares.

26. Kuaishou

Last but not least is Kuaishou, which is one of the best apps like TikTok. It is used primarily in China. The app started off as a platform to share your day-to-day activities in the form of GIFs. But it became bigger as time progressed. Now, the app houses a ton of innovative features such as live streaming, online chatting, and photo sharing. Moreover, the app has also become a platform for digital marketing for eCommerce businesses. More and more people in China are starting to use Kuaishou to surf through short videos. It allows them to socialize with their friends and family.


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Final Thoughts

These are the 26 apps like TikTok, and now we will bring this blog to a close. You can use any one of these apps to get the same experience as TikTok. However, if you are looking to develop apps like TikTok, you can do so by getting Linkitsoft’s development services. We hope the 26 apps like TikTok we featured in this blog can help you develop a similar app to TikTok. If you enjoyed reading this blog, we suggest you check out more like these on our website.

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