Best Kiosk Software for Windows

Kiosk is the one innovation that everyone loves and has gone on board with. These devices require software to make them run, and there are many of them. So when it comes to getting custom cloud-based digital signage software to manage and secure Windows device OS, Linkitsoft will provide it to you. We are, after all, known for providing the best kiosk solution for mobile device management software that makes the kiosk lockdown.

Best Kiosk Software for windows
Deploy Management Software For Digital Signage Lockdown

Deploy Management Software For Digital Signage Lockdown

Mobile device management software is a must to lock devices. Also, It comes down to personal preference for choosing the self ordering kiosk software that is best suited for a device. The software itself will work on an operating system like Windows or Android. Windows is the main choice of operating system for people all over the world. 

The only operating system that can rival it is Android, but even then, tech enthusiasts opt for Windows instead. That is why knowing which is the Best Kiosk Software for Windows is a must. We’ll list the top touch screen kiosk software that we think you should look into for your device.

Scalefusion Employee Kiosk Software

First up on our list is the Scalefusion software, which we think is by far the best kiosk software for Windows. The reason for that is that this kiosk ordering software is pretty easy to use. Other than that, it locks down as well as secures the system pretty well. Brands and stores can stop worrying about people messing with their kiosk devices as the security system that Scalefusion provides is second to none. 

Scalefusion’s Windows kiosk software features a single-app mode that allows the end-user to lock down the Windows device so that it can run only one app or Chrome browser. However, if the user wants, it can be configured to run more than a single app or browser thanks to its multi-app mode. Fast-food restaurants that want to take their business to the next level can get this restaurant kiosk software for their kiosk device. It will do its job as it advertises.

Best Kiosk Software


Next up is SiteKiosk. This one does the same job as the kiosk display software above. However, it offers some features of its own. SiteKiosk is also pretty easy to use. It serves the purpose of locking down the display to its entirety. This makes it the best visitor kiosk software for advertisements. This software is used mainly for public display kiosk devices as it locks down the entire Windows better than any other software on the market.  

This means no one in the public can manipulate it or break down its security to differentiate it from the purpose it is serving. The list of features that it has is a long one, and some of them include a rich content management system, as well as full app control and remote management. It also has monitoring using two-factor authentication, as well as reports and real-time statistics for better information learning.

Best Kiosk Software
Best Kiosk Software


For brands and retailers that are into the self-serving and self-ordering idea, Kioware is the kiosk check-in software they need for their devices. This retail kiosk software is the answer to all their needs as it fully locks down the system and secures it to the core. But unlike all the software for self-service kiosks so far, this one lets the end-user sit in the driving seat and take control of everything. While it does not allow users to access the operating system, it however lets the user to self-order and self-serve. 

The User Interface is quite user-friendly. This makes the interactions better and makes the machine quite easy to use. At the same time, this tablet kiosk software allows the end-user to manage their device settings to some apps that are cloud-based. This software also lets people access only those websites that are permitted by the store while blocking file downloading.

Manage Engine Mobile Device Manager Plus

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is the best kiosk software for Windows 10 to improve employee productivity. It is the one solution to stop employees from using other apps on their phones. This restricts them to using dedicated apps only. This kiosk software solution works best with companies. Companies can implement policies for staff to improve their performance with it. This is the advanced kiosk software that takes the company to the next level. 

Not only does it increase productivity, but it also eliminates unnecessary distractions. All of this improves enterprise security. This software has loads of features, such as mobile device management, application management, and content management. It works best on Windows 10. It is also suitable for Windows 11. This kiosk POS software manages all the devices. It also gets them on board with the zero-touch policy. The settings can be customized easily to meet the user’s needs and patient check in kiosk.

Best Kiosk Software


The last touchscreen kiosk software that we have on our list is SureLock. This single platform software does the same job as the one above. However, the Surelock kiosk is much more focused on the security side of things. This software is used by many companies all over the world. It completely locks up devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, or any other similar device. 

This kiosk app instead converts those mobile devices into kiosks. All of this helps improve employee productivity and works in favor of the company. This way, the company can restrict employees to using one or two apps that benefit the company. By locking out the devices and turning them into kiosks, companies can make the employees work towards objectives with a focused mind. This software is the key to achieving the success a business dreams of. It is the best solution for any corporation to implement policies and turn phone usage into benefits.

Hexnode UEM

Hexnode UEM leads the way in the best software for kiosk mode. Moreover, Hexnode kiosk pretty much does the same job of locking the OS down and securing it. 2023 saw more Hexnode downloads than any other software.

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

ManageEngine mobile device manager plus is the go-to kiosk lockdown software. This kiosk software enables devices into kiosk mode. Clients can get this software for their kiosks and safeguard it. This will prevent unauthorized people from accessing the system’s settings.

Capterra Free MDM

The only related software that comes close to it is the ManageEngine mobile device manager Plus. That is because it allows a free trial as well as offers a free version so that users can explore its features.

So, above Windows kiosk software is the Kiosk software that ranks as the very best for Windows 10. However, it is also important to know what the needs of a company or client are before purchasing any of the listed software. That is because each software is different and serves a different purpose. If you wish to design completely new software for your kiosk device, then Linkitsoft is the place. We make software based on real user needs and provide the kiosk software solutions you need.

Linkitsoft can design and develop custom software that aligns with the client’s needs. Their team is full of bright minds and experts who will design each aspect of the software to fit the domain that the client’s business is in. You can create your own interactive custom kiosk management software for Android or Windows PC through Linkitsoft’s solution. Getting your interactive kiosk to go on Windows kiosk mode is a great way to help secure your device.

Best MDM Related Software With LinkitSoft

Linkitsoft’s Top Kiosk Software For Android

Linkitsoft also provides kiosk terminals and software solutions for Android OS. With custom kiosk software from us, you can create interactive mobile devices into kiosk mode. This will enhance your customer’s interactive experiences. And in turn, it will help your Android device go into a secure kiosk mode. It is a great way to securely manage Android and grow your brand. By getting our solutions, you can take your brand to the next level in no time.

Dedicated Kiosk Software For Windows

Dedicated Kiosk Software For Windows

Having a top kiosk software that blocks access to the Windows settings is a need for every business. And it is just as important as locking mobile devices into kiosk. However, it is also important to get the best MDM kiosk software converts interactive displays into kiosk mode for Windows. And the only way you can get a dedicated kiosk software is through Linkitsoft. Our team of skilled developers will listen to all your needs and then develop kiosk mode software that will make your devices in kiosk mode. This way, you can have your kiosk as a service that is easy to deploy and manage. 

With our kiosk software for small devices, they will go on multi-app kiosk mode for customizable kiosk functions. With our Mdm software, using Windows kiosk as well as manage Windows becomes much easier than before. You can also turn your devices into interactive monitor kiosk. More so, we can develop content creation software that enables the kiosk to engage in a user-friendly way. You can have a kiosk browser assigned to your Windows kiosk as well. Other than pop-up windows, we provide solutions that make customers think that the kiosk is idle.

Maintenance And Support Of Windows Kiosk Software

Linkitsoft offers its maintenance and support services to clients all over the world. Getting maintenance for the kiosk software is just as important as having kiosk software in the first place. We look after our clients long after the project or software has been delivered. And we do that by rolling out updates to fix bugs and errors that they might face with their software. Linkitsoft tends to earn its client’s trust by providing maintenance and support services. Software that runs well is a must for a business to carry out its operations.

We, Linkitsoft, have experts in our teams who care about any issue that arises in our kiosk software. Our teams get to work on an instant basis and shortly fix the error. More so, we work hard to make sure that the kiosk software runs well so that it is easy for the end-user to use. Linkitsoft’s support is the one that best serves the customers. And we will try our best to keep helping our clients in the best way possible in the future as well.

Maintenance And Support Of Windows Kiosk Software
Linkitsoft’s Client-Oriented Solution

Linkitsoft’s Client-Oriented Solution

Linkitsoft centers all of its services and solutions around the customer’s needs. Our client’s satisfaction and great customer experience are what matters the most to us. That is why our team of developers designs the kiosk software according to the client’s business plan and needs. We are very transparent in our solutions and let the client’s know everything that is going on with their project. More so, we keep them updated on the features we add.

That is why Linkitsoft ranks on top, and all of it is based on real user reviews. And if you were to get custom solutions for your brand, we would send real user reviews directly to your inbox. This way, you can get better recommendations for improvement. So, in order to get Linkitsoft’s solution, all you need to do is fill out the form and we’ll send a list of all the details in Google Slides to get your kiosk software development underway. Our team will guide you in the best way possible and tell you all the steps of the development process.

Choose Linkitsoft For Brand Growth

Linkitsoft is the step to success for businesses that are looking to grow their brand. We provide kiosk software solutions that help clients to make better experiences for their customers. The kiosk itself offers the convenience of the highest order, and our software solutions make that even better. All of it results in brand growth and a lot more profits. More so, our kiosk software solutions will make your kiosk much more smart and a lot easier to use. 

This way, you can add a modern tech touch to your business and operate on a much higher level. You can contact us by dropping us a message in the floating message bubble below. Our team’s representative will get in touch with you very soon and will help you get your very own custom kiosk software. 

Best Kiosk Software
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