CTO as a Service

Market research shows that hiring a full-time CTO can be costly, with expenses reaching $200,000 annually. However, businesses can save up to 75% on costs by hiring a fractional or virtual CTO through services such as Linkitsoft

Linkitsoft offers startups easy access to experienced CTO cto services and cto consulting services. Our CTO as a Service approach provides comprehensive business support throughout all stages of development, ensuring alignment with the performance of a permanent CTO.

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CTO as a service

Why do you need CTO as a service?

Are you a startup or a growing company? Do you want the expertise of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) without the heavy financial burden? Look no further! Our CTO services are tailored just for you.

For Startups

If you’re a startup, you might be busy with the technical aspects of your business. But hiring a full-time CTO can be expensive and long-term. Our CTO as a service is the answer. You’ll have access to an experienced outsourced CTO who can help you with technical challenges. They can manage your development team, guide technology choices, and even work with external partners. With CTO as a service, you can meet your financial and technical needs smartly.

CTO as a Service
CTO as a Service

For Growing Enterprises

Even established businesses can benefit from our CTO services. Sometimes, your in-house CTO has bigger strategic concerns to tackle. That’s where we come in with our CTO advisory services. By bringing in an external CTO expert, your full-time CTO can focus on strategy while we handle pressing technical matters. 

With Linkitsoft virtual CTO services, you get the best of both worlds – expertise without commitment. Contact us today to explore how our CTO consulting services can elevate your business.

Benefits of CTO as a Service

Virtual CTO consulting delivers specialized expertise, digital transformation leadership, optimal cost-efficiency, unbiased insights, and adaptable support for startups seeking technical direction without a permanent hire. CTO services allow focusing resources on execution while accessing strategic guidance to accelerate growth. 

CTO as a service is an option for individuals who understand the job’s importance but cannot spend the time and resources required to recruit in-house cto services. 

The following list illustrates the critical advantages of employing a CTO as a service:

CTO as a Service

On Demand Expertise

Leveraging an external CTO injects immediate business value through their honed technical acumen and the wisdom gained from prior roles. It’s akin to enlisting a squadron of adept professionals. Beyond this, outsourcing opens the doors to a global talent reservoir while sidestepping hefty developmental expenses.

CTO as a Service

Cost Efficiency

Startups often thirst for CTO prowess; here, CTO as a service quenches that thirst economically. The price tag attached to a full-time in-house CTO can be weighty, but the engagement of a fractional CTO offers the necessary capabilities without breaking the bank. Yet, the need for unwavering quality persists, given the pivotal role in seamless progress. CTO as a service manifests substantial cost efficiencies while maintaining mastery and steady advancement.

CTO as a Service

Greater support

Why engage a CTO who will need to shift their attention when you may use a faultless CTO as a service for each work? 

Young firms face rapid situational change, which impacts the CTO’s responsibilities. For example, your CTO must create a tech pitch deck one day, actively participate in product development the next, and then assist with scaling the following day.

CTO as a Service

Reduced operational risks

The CTO’s sphere encompasses crisis management, cybersecurity, governance, risk control, product orchestration, and strategy formulation—all woven to foster resilient operations, streamlined processes, and fortified infrastructure. Furthermore, vigilant oversight of IT expenditures and strategic resource enhancement falls under their purview.

CTO as a Service

Improved Agility

Even if you can start your company on trial and error, you may be in for a long ride. A CTO’s guidance is valuable since it assists you in identifying and resolving technical and commercial issues that may stymie your startup’s growth and business operations.

CTO as a Service

Business transformation 

Because the CTO is involved in many projects, it is critical to define and implement development strategies that adhere to current development techniques and best practices, focus on target business markets, and produce projects that enhance the customer experience.

CTO as a Service

Team building support

Mentoring, mentoring, and professional development assistance for the team, employing new staff, and bridging technical gaps by locating the necessary technical knowledge.

CTO as a Service

Digital transformation strategy creation

By supervising the transformation of each business procedure and making recommendations for how technology might help a business achieve better.

CTO as a Service


Hiring an external Chief Technology Officer (CTO) can provide various benefits to a company, including giving an unbiased perspective. In addition, you can expect fresh thoughts and insights not influenced by internal biases or previous conceptions by bringing in a professional with no past affiliation to the organization.

CTO as a Service


Budgeting for the salary of an internal CTO is necessary. It falls into the same category as office rent regarding long-term agreements. Moreover, you can utilize CTO services as required and pay accordingly with an outsourced CTO. You will get the crucial business support you need, but there will be no long-term obligations. You need a CTO, but not all the time. With outsourced CTO services, you pay for what you use, just like office space. 

Get all the business support you need without being tied down. Choose Linkitsoft Virtual CTO services and level up your business today.

Three Models of CTO as a service​


We can promptly give you the right person, for the appropriate amount of time, if you are not yet prepared or able to hire a permanent, full-time CTO. for no longer than you absolutely need to


We will identify the ideal fit if you already have a highly motivated tech co founder but would still benefit from complementary knowledge in a particular industry or technology.


This option works successfully for fixed-scope projects where our CTO will assume full responsibility for guiding a team or an outsourcing vendor to deliver on a project outcome that has been previously agreed upon.

How we work

At Linkitsoft, our strategy begins by truly understanding your goals. We listen carefully to your objectives and then craft a tailored plan to guide you towards achieving them.

Creating Ideas for Your Growth

Before we embark on this journey together, we ensure we’re the perfect fit for your needs. During our discovery session, we’ll delve into where your business stands, your technological ambitions, and the outcomes you envision from our partnership. This step helps us chart the right course of action, and if needed, we can recommend another provider better suited to your requirements.

Mapping Progress and Timeframes

Once you secure a spot on our calendar, we provide you with a clear timetable and a detailed work plan. Our approach ensures minimal waiting time for new clients, aligns all parties on the project scope, and guarantees our adherence to rigorous quality benchmarks.

Starting Your Engagement

Our partnership begins with the basics, including defining collaborative methods, reporting structures and conducting a comprehensive analysis of your company’s technology and business landscape. 

You can effortlessly monitor our deliverables and results through our user-friendly platform. If you have inquiries about the progress or wish to adjust the initial scope of work, our senior leadership team is always ready to offer assistance.

Wrapping Up and Moving Forward Together

As part of our commitment, we provide you with all documentation and intellectual property generated throughout our collaboration, ensuring you have the tools for ongoing success. We work closely with your team to facilitate seamless knowledge transfer and address any outstanding matters, ensuring a smooth transition. If needed, we offer continuous support on a retainer basis, providing on-demand assistance to your team. Our ultimate goal is to leave your organization thriving independently. 

Are you ready to unlock the potential of Virtual CTO Services? Contact us today and take the first step toward a brighter future for your business.

How should you choose a CTO service provider?

What characteristics should you consider if you outsourced CTO services work rather than hiring an internal expert? 

Naturally, the answer depends on the situation and the tasks delegated to the outside expert (CTO as a service). However, regardless of the circumstances, the company providing you with this service must have several things, including:

Strong technical background

Strong technical background

A company that provides CTO as a service should have strong technical credentials, such as an engineering or technical degree. Furthermore, they must have essential knowledge and at least two or three years of experience working as a CTO in at least one firm.

Professional experience

Professional experience

Because technology is such a broad subject nowadays, it is beneficial if the CTO you choose has worked for a startup comparable to yours or in a related industry. As a result, they will obtain essential knowledge about the needs in your sector and how to address those using relevant technologies.

Communication skills

Communication skills

Regardless of industry, a CTO as a service must be proficient at interacting with the entire team to be effective. As previously stated, advising and coaching the technical team may be necessary. In addition, there are times when they need to work alongside them to solve bugs or teach them how to use specific tools.

Knowledge of evolving technologies

A CTO as a service should know what is already available and what is constantly being improved. This is when offering options to the technical team, the CEO, or the founder. This could save the team numerous hours of labor and allow everyone to complete their goals faster and more effectively.

cto as a service

Proven experience in a development team

A CTO-as-a-service should have at least three years of experience working as a CTO in an organization where they lead technical teams, mentor them, and ensure they meet their standards.

cto as a service

Excellent project planning skills

A CTO as a service is often the principal link between technical personnel and founders, executives, investors, or clients. Investors and clients need detailed project plans with deliverables.

What we offer

We’re proud of our long-standing presence in the business world. As we continue to grow, our commitment remains strong – to provide our clients with tailor-made commercial and technological support. We’re here to be the go-to resource for all your technical inquiries.

cto as a service

Immediate Availability When You Need It

Normally, hiring a CTO takes around six to nine months. However, following our well-tested methodology, our streamlined approach allows us to get started within just one week.

cto as a service

Cost-Effective Solutions that Make Sense

Say goodbye to hiring fees, bonuses, stock options, paid holidays, and sick days. Our pay-as-you-go arrangement means no long-term obligations – just straightforward and efficient solutions.

cto as a service

Experience the Founder's Mindset

Our CTOs bring a wealth of experience, having been founders, investors, and advisors across various companies. This firsthand knowledge equips them to tackle the challenges often arising during the startup journey.

domain expertise

Expertise Tailored to Your Industry

We understand the importance of domain expertise. That’s why we carefully match you with a CTO with the right skills for your specific industry – healthcare, finance, insurance, technology, or even food tech.

execution level

Elevate Your Strategy with Executive-Level Insights

Many organizations need the strategic acumen of an executive-level CTO but might find it financially challenging. We bridge that gap, helping you make informed decisions from the very beginning.

flexible terms

Flexibility to Suit Your Needs

We know that every business is unique. That’s why we offer a range of engagement models, allowing you to adjust the level of participation as your requirements change.

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    Why Linkitsoft?

    Whether you’re just starting or well-established, our expert team offers guidance at every development stage. With skilled engineers, business analysts, and a strong focus on collaboration, we’re more than coding – our CTO services cover it all. 

    From discovery to project development, our virtual CTO services ensure your success aligns with ours. Backed by industry expertise, we deliver outsourced CTO services that go beyond technology. Reach out for reliable CTO consulting services tailored to your needs. Let’s build together for enduring growth! 

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