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Linkitsoft is an expert custom mobile app development company with more than a decade of experience in iPhone and Android app development. We have a team of expert mobile developers who develop custom mobile applications tailored to your business goals and business needs. Our iOS and Android development team has skills in a full range of mobile and web development across various industry sectors. We leverage the latest technologies and proven custom software development practices to create a mobile app from scratch. Partner with Linkitsoft to develop your custom mobile app development project on time and on budget for your business growth and success.

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The Workflow

Our experience and expertise combined with deep understanding of the customer behavior has helped diverse industries across the globe


Some Of Our Work

Our expertise in providing various professional services has enabled us to satisfactorily serve businesses from a wide array of industrial backgrounds.

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We Set The Development Standard for Mobile App Development Companies

Hire Top Custom Mobile App Developers Around

If you are looking to get mobile app development in USA, then you will need to hire app developers USA. So what better place to hire mobile software applications developers than from Linkitsoft's custom mobile app development company? Our developers are well-equipped with the latest technologies and customized application development tools. They have technical knowledge and problem-solving abilities to tackle even the most complex challenges. Moreover, they use the best app development software and recommended mobile app developments practices. This way, we create app solutions tailored to your business needs.

Technology Stack

With our technology stack, we guarantee you that your app and website will function smoothly for many years to come.


React Native


React Native


Node JS
Mongo DB


Adobe Illustrator
After Effects

Build Your Custom Mobile Apps With Linkitsoft

Build Your Custom Mobile Apps With Linkitsoft

At Linkitsoft, our custom mobile app development company is committed to mobile app develop. We aim to deliver exceptional mobile application services that drive success and growth for your business. Moreover, we bring our technical mobile apps developments expertise to the table. We have multiple mobile applications platform skills, various industry sector experience, and a customer-centric approach to app mobile development. Linkitsoft strives to be your trusted mobile apps software partner in the digital age. We will help you create the mobile software application of your dreams.

Our project revolves around developing BVEND, a smart vending machine application. BVEND aims to provide an intuitive and efficient user experience for managing vending machines and optimizing sales performance. With various plugins, product pricing management, image updates, sales reporting, inventory health checks, and multiple customization options, BVEND offers a comprehensive solution to vending machine operators

BVEND - Our Smart Vending Machine Application​ VENDING APP

The Donut Vending App is a mobile application designed to provide a convenient and enjoyable experience for users who crave delicious donuts. The app aims to streamline ordering and purchasing donuts from various vendors, ensuring a seamless transaction from start to finish. By leveraging the power of technology, this project seeks to enhance the overall donut-buying experience, making it more accessible and user-friendly for users and highly profitable for businesses.

DONUT TRAP - Our Smart Donut Vending Application​ VENDING APP

JTI's Tourism App is a mobile application designed to enhance the travel experience for users. It addresses the need for a comprehensive and user-friendly mobile application in the tourism industry. The project was developed with a focus on Malaysian users. We at Linkitsoft are delighted to launch a tourism app that enables users to explore services, discover popular places, and access exclusive offers and rewards. With the availability of apps on the App Store, Play Store, and App Gallery, JTI offers advantages such as increased tourism, support for local businesses, and advertising opportunities.

JTI - Our Tourism app MOBILE APP
Case Studies JTI Slider

Automation is taking over all industries as we are moving toward a world with lesser human interaction, due to their easy maintenance & and highly customizable options, vending machines are getting extremely popular. Uvendtech software that easily allows you to manage product pricing, add images, view sales reporting, and check your inventory health.

Uvendtech - Smart user centric vending app VENDING APP

While building a dating app, we included a simple and easy-to-navigate layout that would help meet people with similar interests. This helps us keep the mobile app user experience engaging and clean while minimizing needless clutter.

Approach - Meeting and dating app MOBILE APP

The development of the application was carried out in five stages: key features, structure, special design, and user interactions with the application were identified.

Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

Photobrick - Capture your memories to last forever BRICK BY BRICK KIOSK APP

The hustle and intricacy of managing orders while running a business may overwhelm you as a shopkeeper. Customers may order their desired service quickly and easily with a personalised self-service kiosk application, resulting in increased client retention and loyalty.

Showdrop - Get your free sample KIOSK APP
Case Studies Showdrop Slider

Collecting donations, managing them properly, and keeping records is challenging. Jood – is custom donation kiosk application that has solved the problem most organizations face while collecting donations.

Jood - Donation kiosk Let's start spreading goodness KIOSK APP
Case Studies Jood Slider

Whether you are looking for cleaning, plumbing, laundry or else. JUGAAR a top-rated mobile app offers Professional Services at your doorstep. JUGAAR prides on providing top-notch services to clients. By understanding that clients have busy schedules and may not always have the time to go out and seek the services they need.

JUGAAR - Professional services at your doorstep MOBILE APP
linkitsoft-website Case Studies Slider Images-09

Welcome to this vending mobile app! A team of passionate individuals who have come together to revolutionize the vending experience aim is to make it easier and more convenient for people to access their favourite snacks and drinks on the go. With our app, you can find the nearest vending machine, browse through the products available, and even pre-order your items for pickup.

Vendy - Order from the app take from the vendy MOBILE APP

This app provides a range of features and tools to help you live a more sustainable life. From tips and tricks for reducing waste and conserving energy to resources for finding eco-friendly products and services, this app has everything you need to make a positive impact on the planet.

Johor Environmental System - empowering johorians to live sustainably MOBILE APP
Best Custom Application Development Services Around

Best Custom Application Development Services Around

At Linkitsoft, our custom mobile app development company is an ideal mobile app development partner for your application development project. We take pride in offering the best custom mobile software development services around. Our team of smartphone application developers has over ten years of experience in creating and delivering tailored mobile app development solutions to clients across various industries. Moreover, our team of mobile app development experts ensures your mobile app meets your business requirements.

We Deliver Android Solution Using Agile Methodology

Leverage Our Experience in Custom Mobile Application Development

Linkitsoft is a leading custom mobile application development company with a proven track record of delivering successful custom mobile application development projects. We invite you to leverage our extensive experience in smartphone app development. Moreover, our mobile app development team has tackled diverse challenges across multiple mobile apps platform. As mobile application creators, the experience of our custom mobile app development company allows our custom mobile app developer to provide valuable insights.

LinkitSoft Reviews on

Custom Mobile App Development

Custom Mobile App Development Services Tailored to Your Needs

Linkitsoft is a seasoned and experienced mobile apps design company that ranks among the best custom mobile app development companies. At Linkitsoft, we understand that every enterprise is unique, and so are its custom mobile app requirements. That is, our mobile and tablet app development company has the best mobile apps developers who offer custom mobile development services tailored to your specific business requirements.

Native Android App
Native Android App Development


Android App Development:

At Linkitsoft, we are a native mobile app development company, and our custom Android mobile app design and development services are second to none. We have a dedicated team of seasoned mobile applications developers who are experts in Java, Kotlin, and the latest Android Studio tools. Our custom mobile apps developers will provide you with native mobile app development services to create personalized apps for Android.

Native iOS App Development


iOS App Development:

Linkitsoft’s custom app development company provides custom iOS app development services to businesses seeking to tap into the Apple ecosystem. Our customized mobile app development team has talented custom application developers who are expert in building custom and end to end mobile solutions for iOS. Our mobile app developers provide custom iOS mobile app design and development as they are well-versed in Swift, Objective-C, and the latest Xcode tools.

Native iOS App Development
Cross-Platform App


App Development:

As a leading custom mobile app design agency, we provide top-notch hybrid mobile app development services using cutting-edge technologies like React Native and Flutter.
Our custom apps developers provide hybrid mobile app development service to create high-quality, performance-driven hybrid mobile apps that run seamlessly across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and the web. 


Web App (PWA) Development:

At Linkitsoft, we are a custom mobile app development company with talented custom app developers who leverage the power of modern web technologies. Our phone app developers specialize in developing Progressive Web App (PWAs) that offer an experience like custom mobile apps within the browser. Our Progressive Web App development service is fast, reliable, and engages users with service-based apps features like push notifications, offline functionality, and seamless installation on the home screen.

Progressive Web App
Top-Notch Android App Development Company

Technologies Our Custom App Developers Use for Delivering Custom Mobile App Solutions

All mobile apps need effective app development with a proven mobile application development process. That is why our custom mobile development team of mobile phone app developers leverages mobile technologies and uses the native app development approach to build a custom app. Moreover, our developers use the best mobile app creation software along with the latest mobile development technologies. We also use PHP for mobile apps and other industry-recommended mobile app building software. These phone apps development software allow us to use techniques such as code optimization, efficient data handling, and asynchronous programming.

Clients We Have Worked With

We have gained a long list of contented clients by delivering top-notch IT solutions.

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johor tourism
Travel and tourism
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Industry Sectors for App Development Services We Offer

At Linkitsoft, we are among the top custom app development companies. That is because our custom mobile app design firm understands that different industries possess different challenges and requirements when it comes to custom mobile app design and development. Moreover, our mobile app company has gathered more than ten years of experience and domain expertise across a wide range of industry sectors.

Healthcare & Fitness

Healthcare & Fitness

We provide mobile software development service for healthcare custom app development. Our custom mobile app development company has a talented custom app developer who develops cutting-edge mobile applications for healthcare providers, patients, and fitness enthusiasts.

Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & Construction

Linkitsoft's custom mobile app development company provides mobile app developer service for the real estate sector. We build customizable app for the real estate and construction sectors. These apps include property search tools, property trading apps, real estate agent apps, virtual property tour applications.

E-commerce & Retail

E-commerce & Retail

Linkitsoft is among the top custom mobile application development companies for providing custom app development service for the e-commerce and retail sectors. We have a seasoned smartphone app developer who creates user-friendly shopping apps for grocery stores that provide app based services.

Finance & Banking

Finance & Banking

Linkitsoft provides mobile app creation service for the finance and banking sector. Our custom mobile app development company has fintech expertise. This allows us to develop secure finance applications and mobile banking apps that allow users to manage their finances and complete financial tasks.

Education & eLearning

Education & eLearning

Linkitsoft's custom mobile app development company develops custom mobile apps for the educational sector. We provide mobile app development service to educational institutions like schools and universities to develop e-learning apps such as language learning, and school management apps that enhance experiences.

Travel & Hospitality

Our custom mobile app development company develops mobile software solutions for the travel and hospitality sectors. We create mobile apps such as flight booking, hotel booking, and rental cars app. We leverage our travel sector experience to provide app developer services for mobility application development.

Best Tools for Mobile Application

Best Tools for Mobile Application Design for Multiple Mobile Application Platforms

We have developed a mobile app for clients for more than ten years across a variety of industry sectors. Our longevity is due to the reason we use different custom application development software for different mobile applications development platforms. For the native mobile app platform such as iOS or Android, we use Native mobile development software and technologies like Swift and Kotlin.

We use an Agile Software

We use an Agile Software Development Approach

At Linkitsoft, we embrace the Agile mobile app custom development approach. That is because it ensures on-time and on-budget project delivery with efficiency and flexibility. Our custom mobile app development company focuses on using the Agile development methodology and iterative process. These approaches allow our custom mobile app development company to work closely with you.

End-to-end App Development

End-to-end App Development Process

Linkitsoft's custom mobile app development company uses an end-to-end mobile device application development process. We take care of every stage of the mobile and app development project lifecycle. This mobile apps development process ensures a seamless and efficient procedure to create mobile applications software from start to finish.



Our custom mobile app development company starts the customized app development journey by conducting thorough research. This allows us to understand your business goals, target users, and market landscape. In order to create a bespoke app development plan, our team works closely with you to ideate and better understand your app concept.

UX & UI Design

UX & UI Design

Our custom phone app designers create an intuitive user Interface (UI) and user experience (UX) that aligns with your brand image. Linkitsoft's custom mobile application design experts create compelling user experiences and user-centric designs for engaging user flows. Our mobile app design software experts make sure that the UX and UI design is fast and responsive.



Linkitsoft's experienced developers carry out the custom on demand app development by developing the app's frontend and backend. We use end to end mobile app development methods. Moreover, we use the best tools and latest technologies for the app's backend development.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality Assurance

The mobile app dev of our custom mobile app development company focuses on testing the app. That is because testing it is just as important as IT app development. After the mobile app development software, our dedicated testing team carries out a variety of tests for the app's functionality.



After we are done developing smartphone app and once the custom business app has successfully passed all testing phases, we prepare to launch it on the app store. The deployment is done on the mobile application softwares platform's respective app stores. The app stores include Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Ongoing Maintenance

As part of our mobile app developer services, Linkitsoft's custom mobile app development company provides ongoing maintenance and support for the app after launch. This way, we are able to look after the custom mobile applications. We monitor it to see if any issue arises.

Why Choose Linkitsoft's Mobile App Development Company?

    Linkitsoft has set the standard on what is custom app development. That is because we provide the development of mobile app as a service. As a custom app maker, we have the most talented mobile apps dev who uses the best software for mobile apps development. Our custom mobile app development company provides solutions for software apps mobile and mobile development apps. There are a lot of good reasons to choose Linkitsoft’s custom mobile app development company as your app development mobile partner. Some of these reasons are: 
    • Over ten years of proven expertise and experience in delivering successful mobile app development app projects.
    • Various industry knowledge and expertise to create industry-specific solutions.
    • Full transparency and collaborative approach with open communication and regular feedback.
    • Experienced development team of highly skilled and experienced mobile app dev.
    • Latest technologies and best tools used for custom app development.
    • Affordable pricing without compromising on quality, ensuring the best value for money.
    • On-time and on-budget delivery with an agile development approach.
    • Commitment to excellence to foster long-term partnerships and ensure your complete satisfaction.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We develop custom mobile applications for iOS and Android and cross-platform solutions based on technologies like React Native and Flutter.
    Yes, across design and programming, we offer a package of development services. There is a team of designers and programmers who work closely together to deliver mobile applications that are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.
    For us, the security of every application is paramount. We use industry-standard encryption techniques, work with secure authentication mechanisms, and do thorough security testing to dig out vulnerabilities in a mobile app.
    Yes, we provide post-launch support and maintenance to keep your mobile application updated, safe, and optimized for performance. Our unique support packages are tailored to your needs as a customer.
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