Custom Software Development Service

Linkitsoft provides custom software solutions specifically designed to address the distinct needs of businesses. We understand that every business has special prerequisites; therefore, we always ensure that your unique software requirements are efficiently and cost-effectively met by leveraging our expertise. 

Our specialized custom software development services streamline corporate processes from concept to code, development to deployment, and increase revenues.

By partnering with us, you can overcome the obstacles of developing personalized software and gain access to top-notch solutions at competitive prices.

Custom software development service

Crafting Tailored Custom Software Solutions for Transformational Success

Custom Software Development Service
Custom Software Development Service

API Development

APIs are the building blocks of success in a world of interconnected systems. Our team excels at crafting reliable, well-documented, and easy-to-consume APIs. These bridges enable flexible integrations and seamless customization of your existing software products, ensuring your systems work harmoniously.

Custom Software Development Service

Mastering System Integrations

The landscape of software integration is ever-evolving, and we're at the forefront of innovation. Our software integration engineers thrive on adopting new technologies and processes, conquering challenges ranging from architectural design to rigorous testing and flawless execution.

Custom Software Development Service

Seamless Implementation & Deployment

At LinkitSoft, we don't just develop software – we create experiences. Our in-depth, comprehensive development process includes meticulous software implementation and deployment planning. We assess your unique needs to ensure every end-user interaction is enhanced, seamless, and intuitive.

Custom Software Development Service

Custom Software Development Services

At LinkitSoft, we embark on a journey of transformation alongside your business. Our Custom Software Development Service is design to empower industries of all sizes, from startups to enterprise giants. We invite you to explore the possibilities and discover how our expertise can drive your digital evolution.

Custom Software Development Service

Crafting Unique Applications for Industry Success

Industries are diverse, and so are our solutions. Rely on our industry-specific technology experience to deliver highly scalable, flexible, and interoperable applications. Whether web, mobile, desktop, or hybrid, we tailor applications to meet your business needs.

Custom Software Development Service

Application Maintenance & Modernization

The journey doesn't end at deployment. Our app maintenance and modernization services ensure that your software infrastructure remains scalable, performs optimally, and thrives in a dynamic environment. Your success is our priority.

Custom Software Development Service

Elevate Your Business with Custom Software Development

In today's fast-paced business landscape, efficiency is vital. Our custom web app development web app development solutions are engineered to accelerate workflows, boost revenues, and optimize your entire operational ecosystem. We've got you covered from concept to code and development to deployment.

Custom Software Development Service

Get Custom Software Now

Are you ready to revolutionize your business operations? Experience the future of Custom Software Development Service with LinkitSoft. Our dedicated team of developers with extensive industry-specific experience is eager to turn your ideas into reality.

Custom Software Development Service
Custom Software Development Service

Empowering Communication through API Integrations

Communication is the cornerstone of efficiency. Our custom APIs enhance software systems, adding functionality and facilitating seamless communication between your applications and other platforms. Experience the power of interconnectedness with LinkitSoft.

Custom Software Development Service

Transformative UX/UI Design

In a world where user experience reigns supreme, we're here to craft resonant experiences. Our UX/UI design leverages the latest technologies and trends to create responsive and scalable applications that captivate and transform customer interactions across diverse channels.

Custom Software Development Service

Full Stack Development

Our full-stack Custom Software Development Service harness the potential throughout the software development lifecycle. From efficient code generation to automated testing and performance optimization, we are focused on increasing productivity and delivering high-quality applications.

Custom Software Development Service

Agile Software Development

Innovation thrives in collaboration. With agile Custom Software Development Service, we allocate tasks intelligently, automate testing, and leverage predictive planning. Continuous insights through feedback loops empower iterative development, catalyzing growth with precision and agility.

Custom Software Development Service

Cloud-Native Applications

Welcome to the future of cloud-native applications. LinkitSoft optimizes resource management and auto-scale workloads and ensures fault tolerance. With efficient deployment and load balancing, our applications redefine performance benchmarks.

Custom Software Development Service

Guiding Your Product Lifecycle with Agile PLM

Our agile product lifecycle management (PLM) model ensures that every phase is covered from ideation to deployment. We combine concurrent front-end and back-end coding, deployment, and comprehensive QA testing to deliver exceptional software solutions.

Custom Software Development Service
Quality Assurance (QA) Testing

Quality Assurance (QA) Testing

Excellence is in the details. Our comprehensive QA testing services ensure your software solutions meet the highest quality standards. We align our testing processes with your agile methodology for exceptional results.

Seamless Data Migrations & Upgrades

Seamless Data Migrations & Upgrades

Modernization is a journey, and we're your guides. Our cloud-based data migrations and software modernization services prioritize system uptime and data integrity, ensuring a seamless transition to new technologies.

Fortifying Your IT Security

Fortifying Your IT Security

In the digital age, security is paramount. Our thorough threat audits identify vulnerabilities, enabling us to implement robust encryptions and protocols to safeguard your infrastructure and data.

SLA Support Services

SLA Support Services

We understand the importance of meeting your commitments. Our SLA support services guarantee compliance and optimal monitoring, reporting, and management of your service-level agreements. Your success is our priority.

Robust Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Robust Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is non-negotiable. The robust data backup and recovery plans of LinkitSoft cover a wide range of server environments. Your company's security is maintained amidst any situation.

Real-Time Collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration

Distance is no barrier to collaboration. Our developers work within your nearshore time zone, ensuring real-time progress and transparent communication. Experience an authentic "branch location" feel with LinkitSoft.

Empowering Your Vision with On-Demand Developers

Empowering Your Vision with On-Demand Developers

Access a wealth of expertise with LinkitSoft's in-house developers. Our team of experts with vast software development experience is ready to fuel your vision and drive your projects to success.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Support

Comprehensive Infrastructure Support

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of success. We provide holistic support, from help desk management to network administration, ensuring your operations run seamlessly and efficiently.

Custom Software Development Service
Custom Software Development Service
You Own The Source Code​

You Own The Source Code

Your innovation belongs to you. Unlike others, we believe in your ownership. With LinkitSoft, you retain complete ownership of the source code and intellectual property, empowering your business's growth.

Hire Developers with Expertise

Hire Developers with Expertise

Elevate your digital transformation with our seasoned developers. Our experts are proficient in top programming languages, frameworks, and tools, so our experts create tailored solutions that drive your business's evolution.

Scalable Solutions for Evolving Needs​

Scalable Solutions for Evolving Needs

Flexibility is the cornerstone of our partnership. Our scalable business model allows you to adapt your dedicated team's size to match your evolving needs, ensuring optimal results at every stage.

Tailored Solutions for Your Goals​

Tailored Solutions for Your Goals

Whether it's CRM, ERP, AI, or IoT, we're your partner in progress. LinkitSoft crafts custom software solutions that align seamlessly with your business objectives, ensuring your vision becomes reality.

Custom Software Development Service

Industry Expertise at Your Service

Our dedicated team brings a wealth of industry-specific expertise to the table. LinkitSoft is equipped to drive success across various sectors, from agriculture to finance, healthcare to retail.

Custom Software Development Service

Start your future here by getting in touch with us

Ready to embark on a transformative journey? Reach out to us for tailored custom software development services. At LinkitSoft, we're dedicated to answering your questions and propelling your business toward unparalleled success. Let's make your vision a reality.

Custom Software Development Service

Unleash your potential by partnering with Linkitsoft.

Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have harnessed LinkitSoft's expertise. Experience the power of custom software service and solutions, drive innovation, and watch your business thrive in the digital age.

On-the-shelf vs off-the-shelf software – Which one should you prefer?

On-the-shelf software

OTS software, often known as custom software, is a software package specifically built to meet clients’ needs. They offer personalization to businesses with the flexibility & scalability they want.

Custom Software Development Service

Why Should You Use Custom Software?

Custom Software Development Service


Customers or users want personalized interaction with a brand. Consumer happiness depends on feeling appreciated as an individual.

As a company offering more specialized solutions, it strengthens its client relationship.

This type of value-added service fosters customer loyalty and increases client retention.

Custom Software Development Service


Because open-source software comprises the majority of commercial software, it is more vulnerable to hackers.

Hackers and attackers know the weaknesses in such software, but custom-built software is a closed-source project that only your team has access to. 

It is essential to secure any of your custom software assets by working closely with your team.

Custom Software Development Service


McKinsey’s research shows 71% of customers expect firms to reply to them specifically, and 76% are dissatisfy if they do not.

Because it recognizes the significance of personalize user experiences, custom software development is critical for client happiness. It is important to understand the clients’ need as per the project. By conducting multiple virtual or physical meetings.

Custom Software Development Company

Adaptability And

Businesses can always modify custom software development service provider to meet their requirements.

If you’re innovative, scalability will be one of the things you specify as vital in your first project scope.

Commercial software, on the other hand, cannot be freely altered. If you make any changes, it will be difficult to maintain and use the program since you will likely violate your licensing agreement with the company that sells your off-the-shelf software.

Custom Software Development Company


Integrating custom software with your existing business software is simple if you have developers on staff or hire them.

Custom software development service provider enables the implementation of existing procedures without the barriers of an arbitrary API.

By integrating these systems, businesses can eliminate data silos and improve communication across departments, leading to better decision-making, faster response times, and ultimately, a better customer experience.

Custom Software Development Company


Custom solutions are safer and more dependable since you control all permissions and can specify how it is modified and maintained. All businesses rely on application dependability.

Because the finish result reflects them personally, custom software developers frequently incorporate cutting-edge technology and industry-leading security standards.

As a result, you can always count on excellent performance and dependability.

Mobile App Development

Your business requires a
Personalized Solution

Custom software is develop because your firm wants control over the solution. Companies can benefit from software features, data, innovative approaches, and other resources.

Custom software development service provider allows businesses complete control over upgrades, content additions, and client feedback.

When you establish engage relationships with your consumers, you boost your business’s trust and stickiness.

Cons of custom software

Off-the-shelf software often term prepackage software is cheaper than a custom software solution. Whether or not the program you purchase must be implemented.

You are responsible for your custom application’s upgradation, maintenance, and monitoring. Some apps require little upkeep, while others do. The complexity of your customize software and the quality of the code is the main factor in this regard.

Custom software development service provider can take weeks or months. Technology evolves with time. If your technology becomes obsolete, you may need to rework your program.

Off-the-shelf software:

Off-the-shelf software refers to commercial software programs that are mass-produced, widely available, and ready to use. They provide a complete set of tools that help businesses function more efficiently for a wide range of customers.

 Advantages of Off-The-Shelf Software

Mobile App Development

Rapid implementation

As all you need to do is buy and install pre-made programs, implementation times are short.

The whole commercial software package is available. In other words, they have already been developed and are for sale. Users are not required to wait until the developer completes his work.

Custom Software Development Company

Uncertainty about prerequisites

You can still be “getting a feel” for your demands if your business is new.

In that case, using off-the-shelf software will let you assess your requirements before deciding to commission a custom software build in the future.

Custom Software Development Company

Reduced price

Since end users bear the costs of development instead of a single client, commercial software may be less expensive than custom software.

The general public has access to commercial software. Consumers help cover the expense of production.

Mobile App Development


Updates to commercial software are automatically performed as the developer updates the package.

These updates are require for the software to ensure proper maintenance, update features, and bug-free version.

However, unintentional modifications can lead to system breakdowns.

About us


Because an off-the-shelf product is use by millions of others, there is usually an active community that helps and supports one another.

If you use off-the-shelf software, you can get immediate support or assistance from a community member.

Custom Software Development Company

Company requirements

Because not all businesses require a custom software solution, it is more efficient to purchase a generic off-the-shelf product if you do not have highly specialize requirements.

Disadvantages of Off-The-Shelf Software


Scaling ability

A weakness of commercial software is scalability. It consists of software that has already been in the market and made available.

As a result, if you need to expand your business, off-the-shelf software will not help you. Under these conditions, the only option will be custom software.

Final product Production and full Deployment


Compatibility and flexibility are the most critical issue for off-the-shelf software. The commercial software will not run on all operating systems and hardware.

Many of them are render worthless due to incompatible operating systems. As a result, custom software may crash.


Despite most off-the-shelf software having community assistance, some do not. The support level is determined by the package purchased.

A costly off-the-shelf program provides 24/7 customer service, while other options only provide chat and emails.

Even some vendors discontinue support when software becomes obsolete. Users can only seek assistance from developers. Therefore, before purchasing, it is critical to study the developer’s support type.

Mobile App Development

Contingent costs

Off-the-shelf software has low upfront costs but still costs money over time. It includes licensing and upgrade costs, which raise the annual cost.

If the user base expands, you might have to pay more for custom software.

Therefore, organizations must consider lifetime costs before investing in commercial software.


Commercial software has no customizable user interface. Because it already exists, the developer has authority over it.

Clients cannot change the pre-made program, even if they disagree with the features provided. They must rely on developer updates.

Request For Proposal


    Linkitsoft has helped its clients since the beginning.

    Our clients only present us with a broad concept while providing ideas for automating anything. We show them how to use software to make that concept a reality. All of our happy clients came to us wanting to do something unusual, and we helped them accomplish their goals. It is very typical to find a legit custom software development service provider.

    Our consulting approach begins with listening and understanding our customer’s goals. After we understand what they want, we devise a strategy to help them achieve their goal. We create the most advanced teamwork techniques and functionalities we propose to our clients.

    Finally, after developing a system architecture and process flow for our customer, we develop a prototype. Once the prototype is complete, we then refine the final product.

    Our Custom Software Solutions

    Custom Software Development services

    Self-Service Kiosk

    As a retailer, you may be overwhelmed by the hustle and complexity of managing orders while managing your business.

    Custom self-service kiosk application enables customers to order their desired service with no delay or waiting time resulting in greater customer retention and loyalty.

    The Linkitsoft self-service kiosk app is here to digitalize your traditional serving system and provide you with contactless and frictionless service. We provide our clients with self-service kiosk applications that can be customized based on their business needs.

    Our highly customizable self-service kiosk application allows for enhanced order accuracy and targeted upselling. Its fully automated operational programming and efficiency enable you to redeploy labor where it is most needed.

    Custom Software Development services

    Vending application design
    and development

    Automation is taking over all industries as we are moving toward a world with lesser human interaction.

    Due to their easy maintenance & and highly customizable options, vending machines are getting extremely popular.

    As a custom software development agency, linkitsoft is delighted to share its highly successful vending machine.

    Our feature-rich vending machine is based on uvendtech software that easily allows you to manage product pricing, add images, view sales reporting, and check your inventory health. Also, they are highly customizable so they can be modified based on client demands.

    Let us know if you have an idea for a specific function within the machine and we will customize it for you.

    Custom Software Development services

    Kiosk Design and

    The world is moving fast and as technology is advancing, the demand for reliable and on-the-go services is increasing at an unprecedented rate.

    Businesses are now looking for custom software solutions that are fast, reliable, and easy to use to enhance their productivity while pacing up their day-to-day operation.

    At linkitsoft, we try to apprehend our client’s problems, therefore, we have always come up with industry-leading novel solutions.

    These are some of our best-rated kiosk applications made with the goal of customer satisfaction in mind.

    Custom Software Development services

    Bill Payment Kiosk

    Apps and services that deal with financial matters can be disastrous if not implemented correctly.

    Linkitsoft’s self-service bill payment kiosk application allows easy transactions with robust security.

    By offering electronic payment and money transfer services, our Bill Paying application has been deployed effectively at retail locations.

    Our Bill Payment Kiosk delivers turnkey transactions with customized feature options, giving an efficient and safe approach to the market, with extra features like Authentication, Licensing, Remote Monitoring, and network administration functions.

    Donation Kiosk Application

    In most charitable organizations, collecting donations for a noble cause is widespread.

    Collecting donations, managing them properly, and keeping a record cannot be easy.

    Being a custom software development agency always allows us to think of our clients’ most common problems and come up with their most relevant and easy-to-use solutions.

    Jood – our custom donation kiosk application has solved the problem most organizations face while collecting donations.

    Custom Software Development services

    Our Custom Software Development Process

    We at Linkitsoft, adhere to strict international procedures while developing custom software.  

    The spiral model, waterfall model, and Agile development models are among the various software development models available. Agile is the most widely used paradigm.

    Every software development paradigm approaches product success differently.
    Although we perform different approaches, each model comprises numerous stages.

    These are some steps we follow as an experienced software development company:

    Custom Software Development service

    Collecting preliminary prerequisites

    Consultation with a software development company for the project is the first stage. As a software development company, we consult with our clients frequently throughout the first requirement-gathering stage to collect all project needs.

    It is a stage where designers and developers comprehend project requirements, software goals, user base, and client expectations for the final product's functionality. We use all of that data to determine what will be an appropriate fit for the project.

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    Custom Software Development service

    Planning and requirements analysis

    At Linkitsoft, we begin studying the requirements after gathering them to build a solid software application base. The requirement analysis and planning phase of the development process is therefore the most significant one.

    To ensure that the development team can satisfy every client request, we perform comprehensive investigations.

    To bring two visions together, we transform customer requirements into a plan in this step.

    As a result of our belief in transparency, we document the customer's requirements in SRS paper and independently verify them.

    Planning for requirements also ensures there are no misconceptions.

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    Custom Software Development service

    Technological and
    visual design

    After we get a clear understanding of what needs to be constructed, we decide how to do it.

    Designing a system architecture is essential for every project since every software solution demands a unique strategy. The SRS paper we initially documented gives us details of each software module's internal architecture. Design modularity and risk assessment are factors considered at this stage.

    This stage may also see the creation of the external design. Deliverables for this stage include database schema, high-fidelity screens, user stories, wireframes, technical architecture, and database design.

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    What We Offer

    Development and Application

    At this stage, our developers begin coding the software while adhering to the visual and technical design as well as the software requirement specification document.

    For coding to be completed easily, we believe all the steps leading up to the development stage should be carefully followed.

    Various web app software development teams approach development from a variety of viewpoints because we adhere to well-defined rules.

    As an innovative market leader, we use the agile process, which involves iterative meetings called daily Scrum meetings. In these meetings, each team member updates on the status and problems with their assigned work.

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    To identify and correct flaws and weaknesses, we typically perform testing after the product has been developed and prepared for release.

    Testers conduct several kinds of functional and non-functional testing while conducting tests. We test the following key features during the testing phase:

    • Fundamental application functionality
    • Installation on local computers
    • Device compatibility
    • Text entry

      We repair and retest if a bug is discovered. Testing techniques are used until quality standards are met. We provide software testing services to both client and developer teams.

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    Custom Software Development service


    We release the software application after extensive testing.

    At linkitsoft, we consider customer satisfaction our top priority. When it comes to software deployment, we give our clients the option to choose between on-premises or cloud-based software deployment.

    When software is deployed on-premise, it is installed on the company's servers and protected by an internal firewall.

    On the other hand, setting up a virtual computer environment is required for software deployment in the cloud. Organizations can access scalable and adaptable virtual computing resources thanks to cloud-based deployment. Cloud-based software deployment can be done via cloud platforms like Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud, and others.

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    Cloud application development


    Maintenance is one of the advantages of custom software applications because a development company takes care of your project even after release.

    As a part of our maintenance service, we as an experienced software development company manage any upgrades and added functionality.

    Custom Software Development FAQ’s

    Various technologies are used in custom software development, including programming languages like Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, and Ruby. Frameworks and libraries such as AngularJS, React, Django, and Spring expedite development. Databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB handle data storage. Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud provide scalable infrastructure.

    Custom software development is crucial as it enables businesses to address specific requirements while remaining cost-effective compared to purchasing, maintaining, and modifying commercial software.

    Custom software development benefits startups by providing tailored solutions, scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, competitive differentiation, ownership and control, and enhanced security and data protection.

    Custom software development is the ideal choice when your company has demanding clients or unique requirements that off-the-shelf software cannot meet. In such cases, building a custom software solution becomes necessary as there may not be an existing product that fulfills your specific software needs.

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      Do you require assistance with custom software development?

      Or are you looking to update your current software solution Linkitsoft is a custom software development company that provides a wide range of software solutions. We create customized software that meets the needs of the business.

      If you would like to provide an online solution for services or scale up your current business, we can help with our highly interactive software solutions.

      Based on our considerable experience in producing effective solutions and engaging user interface projects, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality software service you deserve.

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