Dedicated Teams

Step into unmatched efficiency and productivity with our dedicated developer model. Hiring a dedicated development team empowers you to achieve project milestones seamlessly. Our dedicated teams, functioning as project backbones, guarantee unwavering commitment, expertise, and outstanding results. 

Unlike extended teams, our dedicated units operate as distinct entities, focusing solely on project triumph. Experience the blueprint for crafting your dream team, perfectly blending precision and flexibility. Assembling your dedicated team is an art and science. 

We initiate by understanding your unique requirements and technical preferences, forging an initial agreement where your vision aligns with our expertise. Together, we shape a harmonious team dedicated to realizing your goals.

What do we offer?

We offer the knowledge of multifaceted specialists:

Mobile app developers

Mobile app developers

Being a leader in mobile app development solutions, Linkitsoft has created hundreds of extremely effective and dependable mobile apps. We are proud to announce that we have successfully delivered over 100 mobile apps thanks to our team of highly qualified developers and programmers. We have created dozens of mobile development solutions and written millions of lines of code.

Our incredibly dependable and secure mobile application solution ensures our clients get the results they anticipate and turn their business ideas into reality. It gives us great pleasure at Linkitsoft to offer our dependable mobile development services. Create and provide support for Android and iOS mobile applications.

Full-stack developers

Full-stack developers

A full-stack developer may assist you in creating servers and databases for the server side of the program, as well as in the design and development of software. Use our world-class knowledge and experience to create a high-performing web and mobile app solution for your company. We adopt an agile software development methodology to provide full-stack development services focused on results. 

Our team at Linkitsoft includes a product manager, full-stack developers, quality assurance specialists, UI/UX experts, and optimization specialists who work together to create marketable products. MEAN. JS, ReactJS, VueJS, NodeJS, Meteor, PHP, and LAMP professionals are all experts in our team.

DevOps programmers

DevOps programmers

DevOps engineers simplify tedious coding tasks and data work to improve project visibility. We Put the continuous integration and delivery frameworks into practice and Link technical operations with software development to shorten the systems and software development lifecycle.

Since Linkitsoft employs DevOps specialists fluent in all these languages, you can be sure their contributions to your technological project will be of the highest caliber and benefit your business.

Web developers

Web developers

Businesses have turned to customized websites and web app solutions because of the boom in web app development. Professional web application development and web design services are provided to our clients by our website developers.

Up to 85% of customers visit a company’s or service provider’s website before purchasing. We will help you create a prototype and a full-fledged website version and ensure it functions in all browsers.

Linkitsoft provides various website design and development services, from designing specialized e-commerce and intranet experiences with the most recent and reliable web technologies to developing mobile web development solutions and responsive website designs.

Front-end developers

Front-end developers

Due to the surge in web app development, businesses have started using customized websites and web app solutions. Professional website developers offer our customers qualified web application development and design services.

Moreover, our front-end developers generate user-facing functionality by utilizing a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and design tools. Our dedicated team concentrate on the user experience, give design vitality, and produce reliable online apps. We are professional and dedicated. LinkitSoft’s specialized design and software development knowledge and use all the most recent technology.

Linkitsoft’s front-end development staff is very driven. The software engineers consistently uphold strict coding standards and have great front-end development competence. We can guarantee flawless scalability and performance for your web application.

Back-end developers

Back-end developers

Back-end programmer’s support, security, and content management are provided for technological solutions.

As a top provider of backend app development, we strive to complete projects on schedule and under the allotted spending limit: no errors, awkward coding, or strange operations. We’ll make sure your product operates just like you’ve imagined.

QA Testers

QA Testers

We provide top-notch, fully functional software. Additionally, they review and test new and old software to find flaws or mistakes, which enhance the product’s user experience.


After the product is developed, our support team keeps track of and reports any problems with its functionality—development of software support and maintenance.

UI/UX Designers

We create interfaces for an interactive platform, whether a website, app, or other. Collaborate with software engineers and product managers to collect requirements.

Software Developers and Engineers

The code is written by our developers and engineers, who also create software products. Additionally, they are required to provide their project managers with regular updates.

Why Choose Linkitsoft?

Dealing with a range of project sizes

We collaborate with companies of various sizes, and we may provide you with examples of our work on projects with leading companies and loving clients worldwide.

Developing your initiatives

Our specialists dig deeper into your project to comprehend the aims and objectives in more detail. Even the tiniest jobs are usually carried out thoughtfully and purposefully by us.

Examining the projects in detail

Business is scaled and optimized through digital transformation. We do more than address specific problems; we work to incorporate intelligent digital technologies into all business processes.

Ready to collaborate and form partnerships

Regardless of where your company is located, we work with clients around the globe and are ready to assist and counsel you. Our team applies well-established best practices to be a trustworthy counterpart, which enables improved collaboration and faster velocity.

Providing adaptable solution

Whether it’s a young startup or a huge organization, we use our services to support the growth of the business. Large-scale adjustments are only sometimes necessary; we adaptively apply solutions to the project’s tasks and scope.

Respecting deadlines

You may be confident that everything starts with discipline when you work with us. Our staff strives for quality, and how we carry out our responsibilities reflects the strength of our corporate culture and our concern for our client’s commercial success.

What is the process of forming a Dedicated team?

Regarding project enhancement, the advantages of Hiring a dedicated development team are consistent. The same level of control over the development process is granted to you as if your team were in a distinct office. Put, any micromanagement apprehensions can be allayed. Our project managers can handle the assignment with their total dedication, allowing you to concentrate on the larger perspective.

Our dedicated teams offer an innovative model that unfolds in the following strategic steps:

Dedicated Teams

Identifying Customer's Needs

Our process begins with a thorough understanding of your requirements. As the client, you play a pivotal role in specifying your desires. Your input, whether the number of dedicated developers your project demands or the specific technical proficiencies needed, is crucial.

Dedicated Teams

Timely Delivery of Excellence

Our dedicated team’s efforts culminate in on-time and dependable project solutions. With unwavering commitment, they address the project’s objectives and meet your expectations head-on. Our track record speaks for itself in terms of delivering quality outcomes.

Dedicated Teams

Reaching an Initial Agreement

Once your needs are outlined, we swiftly assemble a dedicated team tailored precisely to your project’s specifications. Collaboratively, we work with you to align on the workload, project essentials, and the designated timeframe. This initial agreement forms the foundation for our partnership.

Dedicated Teams

Formation of Expert Team

Our dedicated professionals seamlessly come together to form a cohesive and dynamic team. Working diligently during standard business hours, they put their expertise under your control. You dictate the team’s direction and project management while our skilled professionals commit themselves to achieving optimal results.

Benefits of opting for a Dedicated team model

Hiring a professional, dedicated team enables organizations to successfully and cost-effectively tackle multiple difficulties and achieve specific business goals. Understanding a dedicated team model, how it operates, and how it compares to other models is critical.

Now that we understand why most entrepreneurs engage dedicated developers for their software projects, let’s look at the advantages of the dedicated team’s approach.

productivity and adaptability

Increased productivity and adaptability

In today's continuously changing software market, productivity and development speed are important competitive advantages.
A dedicated team is fully committed to your project and the tasks you have assigned to it; they are good teammates who have previously worked together on other projects, share common goals, have well-established processes, compete, and are motivated to be more productive; your supplier can easily adjust the equipment to any changing requirements or project scale without missing a beat; and your supplier can easily adjust the equipment to any changing requirements or project scale without missing a beat.

fast turnaround time

Fastest turnaround time

One of the key reasons to employ a dedicated team is to complete your project promptly; as previously said, the dedicated team is the ideal way to save time and money.

As a result, it is the best solution for the majority of tech and non-tech enterprises. The finest thing is that, despite rapid delivery, project quality is always maintained.


Hiring committed full-time personnel allows you to estimate specific monthly spending. It is also less expensive than recruiting your expertise, especially if the team is in another country.

One of the most admirable benefits of a dedicated team model is its low cost. Hiring internal development teams entails paying for their upkeep, infrastructure costs, office space, training, the scope of new tools, and other aspects that they require to keep the team longer than you might think.

On the other hand, a dedicated development team implies reducing internal recruiting efforts and increasing profitability. Instead of paying an in-house team’s salaries on top of all other expenses, hire a dedicated development team to save time and dollars.

You will stay within your budget for product development. Hire them from a dedicated, affordable, and reliable software development company that will help you save time and money while delivering high-quality digital products.

dedicated team members

Perfect for long-term projects

When it comes to a long-term project, hiring a dedicated team is almost always advantageous. A dedicated development team connects your skill requirements with experienced individuals with knowledge of the critical technological stack.
A dedicated team model connects technologies and your knowledge with your culture and vision by aligning your business objectives, which improves your market position.

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dedicated team members

Lower hourly rates

It is well known that hourly prices vary by country; nonetheless, rather than hiring an individual developer, a dedicated team is more profitable and will cost you less. Refine the list of nations that provide you with low-cost, high-quality projects.

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dedicated team members

Save time

When you employ the correct team to develop software or applications, the team ensures that deadlines are met and that the project is completed successfully.
Aside from that, the dedicated team approach saves time by managing numerous developers for different aspects of your project's front-end and back-end development.
And, when compared to developing an internal team, investing time and effort in finding the proper specialized development team is a lot better choice.

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dedicated team members

Efficient management

A solid management system is required for developing a project, as is a strong team capable of managing the software development process. As a result, when you outsource to an external software developer, you give the software development business responsibilities for project management and team management.
The hired specialized development team will oversee the entire development process. This signifies that you've made contact with the project team's leader. The dedicated software team's daily or weekly progress updates will ensure an effective and productive software process.

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dedicated team members


One of the best aspects of a dedicated team is flexibility, as you will make most of the decisions on your projects. Whether you want to speed up or slow down, your business primarily determines the process.
It enables you to use resources efficiently at various stages throughout the project. Depending on the needs of your project, select a varied combination of designers, developers, business analysts, product managers, and QA specialists.

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dedicated team members

Reliable solutions

The final point on this list is one of the most important reasons to hire a professional, dedicated team. Quality is the most important factor in the success of any endeavor.
A team that delivers a quality solution is required while developing an application or program. Saving a team money or any other element is only worthwhile if the software solution is high-quality.
When you obtain a good solution, your data and project are safe and completed on time and within budget.
Also, you may believe that a lower hourly fee equates to poor-quality labor. Many countries provide a high-quality solution at a cheap cost.

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