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As we know very well first impression matters, we are all aware that success depends on how well we represent ourselves, whether it is on our storefronts or our social media profiles.

The moment a person enters the lobby of your office building, they begin their interaction with your business. Their initial impressions of your business and how they will perceive it in the future may be greatly influence by what they see, from the reception area to the office signs. Explore our digital whiteboards service.

A pleasant lobby setting can help employees start the day off correctly and inspire them to report for duty. It may influence whether clients or investors decide to complete the transaction with you. Hence the significance of using digital lobby signage to create a lasting first impression. 

digital lobby signage
digital lobby signage

Why do you need Digital Signage?

The dynamic display of websites, videos, directions, restaurant menus, marketing messages, or digital graphics utilizing display technologies such as LED walls (or "video walls"), projection, and LCDs is refer to as digital signage.

Wayfinding, messaging, marketing, and outdoor advertising are all provided via digital signage in a variety of venues. Including public areas, museums, athletic arenas, churches, academic buildings, retail stores, corporate facilities, and restaurants. By investing in digital lobby signs, you'll not only improve the perception of your brand but also leave a lasting impression that distinguishes your company from the competition.

Things to Consider When Setting Up Digital Lobby Signage

You need to consider these key elements before purchasing the three components that will make up your digital signage.

digital lobby signage


The kind of content you intend to display is a crucial issue to take into account before purchasing your digital signage. This will enable you to make the best use possible of the digital lobby signage in addition to assisting you in selecting the elements that will best support your content. 

Making a content plan that is in line with your aims should be your first step. Do you want to advertise your company or a new good or service? Is the purpose of your digital signage to educate and motivate employees? Or simply to amuse visitors? 

You can create and implement a content plan for your digital signage with the help of the answers to these questions. You are not restricted to static information. Keep that in mind. You can produce and show movies, live streams, social media feeds, and more with the majority of content management systems. 

You may even arrange information to appear at various times throughout the day, display numerous transitions on a single screen, or switch between displays anytime you need to.

digital lobby signage


The most cost-effective option to improve your marketing and communication efforts is using digital signage. Although it has a higher initial investment, it is less expensive to maintain than conventional signage options like printouts or posters. 

Even if you only want to use it in the foyer of your building, you can make it more affordable by turning an old TV into a digital display screen. 

Most likely, you don't require state-of-the-art setups or ten screens that show content at once. Two or three TV screens that can adequately support and distribute your content would be plenty for a lobby. 

Make sure you're not buying more than you need. This is related to being aware of the objectives and use of your digital lobby sign so that you may select elements that contribute to those objectives without going overboard.

digital lobby signage


If you don't maximize the location of your digital sign, it will be useless. Generally speaking, choose a location for your digital sign that is most visible. Even though a lobby gets a lot of foot traffic by itself, think about which wall or feature will draw visitors' attention. 

When deciding on the best location for your digital lobby signage, bear the following in mind: 

The background will draw attention away from your digital sign if it is a loud, visually distracting wall. Make sure the background is uncluttered enough to let the sign stand out. 

Watch out for light sources that can reflect off your screen. 

Stands or wall mounts: 
You can put digital lobby signage on the walls or on top of your reception desk. Make sure you have the appropriate accessories to support your planned use in either case. 

Power sources:
You might want to place your digital sign close to a power supply to reduce the amount of visible and unsightly wire. Even better, think about hiding cables from view by running them behind a wall. 

digital lobby signage


The people you want to reach with digital signage in your foyer are either your staff or visitors, who may be customers, clients, investors, etc. You must decide whom your signage is to provide content that is pertinent to and appealing to them. 

The content of your digital signage will probably include information about future events or meetings, company updates, general announcements. And specific business and project details if they are intended to enhance internal communications with your personnel. 

Additionally, you may use your digital lobby signs to promote your business by highlighting top performers, expressing birthday wishes, presenting the company's mission, vision, and objectives, or announcing promotions. 

On the other hand, digital signage that is intended to serve customers should concentrate on educating or entertaining visitors. Several excellent topics include: 

1. Office map or employee directory 
2. Educational content about the company, the industry, products, or services 
3. Customer reviews or the company's social media feed
4. Engaging live streams


digital signage for lobby

Boost visitor satisfaction

The appropriate guest communications, delivered at precisely the right time, can raise brand loyalty, boost GSS scores, and encourage repeat business.

lobby digital signage

Generate More Revenue

To advertise discounts, highlight on-site facilities, and upsell branded advertising space, use digital lobby signs and other screens throughout your property.


Update your lobby

Businesses having a reputation for being cutting-edge and technologically astute are frequently seen as effective and efficient. Digital lobby signage gives your entire space a contemporary, attractive, and useful look.

lobby system

Connect to Your Systems

Your event management system, now in use, along with other back-end systems, is effortlessly integrate with the latest app and system integration. You can dynamically display event details as well as current weather and traffic data, as well as almost real-time flight status.

digital lobby

Gain Access to More Lucrative Event Business

Show event planners how your venue may provide a more individualize experience for their attendees by quickly converting your space into one of their spaces.

digital signage for lobby

An All-Inclusive Approach for Your Property

Give your visitors up-to-date, factual information about your property so they can take full advantage of their time with you.

hotel lobby digital signage

Make a Difference

You have the chance to make an impression on a visitor as soon as they step foot on your premises. Utilize that chance. Make a statement with digital signage. Make a statement with a strong video wall, a reader board solution, and current event information. You may also enable on-demand customization of on-screen content.

employee experience

Aligning the Customer and Employee Experience

The consumer experience is influence by the employee experience. Deliver pertinent information to staff members across a variety of channels to enhance both the customer and employee experience. The content can be deliver by email, mobile, and digital signage. Back-of-house employees should be inform and motivated, and communication performance across channels should be check.

What you can share with your Digital signage?

To interact with visitors like customers and guests, digital lobby screens can be use. They can be used to provide information to staff, residents, and employees. There are numerous content possibilities to keep your audience interested, whether they visit your location daily or annually.

digital way finder

As a digital Way, finder help customers

Customers and visitors may find their way without asking for directions at the front desk thanks to lobby screens that include a building map or directory. It is especially useful for controlling foot traffic and facilitating flow from parking lots and entrances. 

Hotel lobby directories, business properties, and school campuses are perfect places for this type of signage.

entertainment and news

Waiting is easier thanks to entertainment and news material.

How often do you look down at your smartphone when waiting in a lobby? Customers are given more than just another activity to pass the time through entertaining digital signage content. 

Nobody enjoys sitting in the waiting room of a bank or doctor's office. However, by including pertinent information like financial and health advice, you may enhance the experience and even make it useful.

Display and news

Display Business reviews to increase awareness and trust

A good review can go a long way, especially if it's a visitor's first time in your lobby. Reviews immediately build trust and may even encourage more purchasing. Additionally, it creates the foundation for a satisfying customer experience when customers see 5-star evaluations on websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. 

Don't forget to include a request for new reviews in your call to action. Visitors will be inspired to write favorable reviews as a result, further spreading your message.

visitor experience

Concierge apps improve the visitor experience

Technology that provides a customize and on-demand guest experience 24 hours a day is being adopt by more and more hotels. Today's visitors anticipate interactive TVs in their rooms as well as apps that let them check-in, order room service or buy tickets to a nearby event. 

Similar to an app download, digital signage can serve as a digital concierge as soon as your clients arrive. Maps of nearby eateries, stores, and other attractions should be displayed to visitors. To assist them in planning their trip, show a local weather feed. Even simply trying to promote nearby businesses in exchange for a referral fee, you may make money off your signs.

digital signboard

Content of internal communications raises employee satisfaction

The office lobby is typically the first space your staff members encounter when they arrive for work. Digital office lobby signage is a perfect internal communication tool because of this.  News and announcements, staff successes, KPI dashboards, or company social media feeds can all be shown by businesses of any size. Effective internal communications have been shown to increase employee engagement and productivity, so it's worth the effort. A news feed is displayed on a digital signage screen in a contemporary business foyer. You can share the most recent business and technology news in your lobby to inform and delight guests.

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