The Rise of Food Ordering Kiosks for Restaurants in 2023

Food ordering kiosks are revolutionizing the restaurant industry. Research shows kiosk users spend 10-30% more than those ordering from staff. According to one survey, about 65% of quick-service customers prefer kiosks for convenience. 

The global kiosk market will reach $43.65 billion by 2028, with self-order kiosks growing at 12.4% CAGR. Customers value kiosks for easy ordering and transparency in nutrition information. 

Linkitsoft offers the best food ordering kiosks with a focus on customer preferences. Shifting towards self-service technology, our kiosks provide a significant competitive advantage for restaurants through increased spending, order customization, and improved customer experience. Scroll below to understand how food ordering kiosks can help you increase your business sales and how Linkitsoft can help you achieve automation and become a must-have for quick-service and fast-casual restaurants.

Food Ordering Kiosk

Key Takeaways

  • Food ordering kiosks allow customers to order food quickly and easily without waiting in line. This improves customer experience and reduces wait times.
  • These kiosks boost sales by encouraging customers to customize orders, add sides and drinks, and order desserts. Upselling is easier through kiosks.
  • Kiosks integrate with food ordering systems to send orders directly to the kitchen. This improves order accuracy and kitchen workflow.
  • Restaurant kiosk software offers real-time sales and ordering data to help owners make better business decisions.
  • Mobile ordering and kiosks give customers more choices in how they order. Customers can order remotely or onsite through various self-service options.
Food Ordering Kiosk
Food Ordering Kiosk

What are Food ordering kiosks?

Food ordering kiosks first gained popularity in quick-service restaurants like McDonald’s. But they are now being rapidly adopted by fast casual and full-service restaurants, too. From large chains like Panera Bread to independent eateries, restaurants of all kinds are installing kiosks. 

Customers, especially millennials and Gen Zers, appreciate the convenience and customizability of kiosks. Self-ordering reduces wait times in line and gives customers control over how they order. Kiosks can also boost sales by making it easy for customers to add extras like desserts and sides.

While kiosks used to be an expensive investment, modern restaurant POS systems integrate kiosk capabilities for a reasonable price. Owners can now deploy self-ordering alongside mobile ordering and tableside POS systems. These options give customers a choice in how they order and pay.

Benefits of Food Ordering Kiosks for Restaurants

Food ordering kiosks are revolutionizing the restaurant industry. These kiosks allow customers to order food and customize purchases at their own pace. This self-service technology sends orders directly to the kitchen for faster service while providing upsell opportunities.

Ultimately, food ordering kiosks improve customer experience and restaurant sales. Some of the key benefits of food ordering kiosks are:

  • Kiosks reduce wait times by allowing customers to order themselves. This improves customer satisfaction scores.
  • They boost check sizes since it’s easy to customize orders and add sides, drinks and desserts when ordering.
  • Food ordering kiosks allow for easy upselling. Menu suggestions and custom combos prompt customers to purchase more.
  • Orders are sent directly to the kitchen printer or screen from the kiosk. This reduces mistakes and speeds up order prep.
  • Customers enjoy perusing menus and ordering at their own pace. The ordering experience feels more personalized.
  • More payment options like Apple Pay can be accepted since the customer completes the transaction.
  • Valuable customer data can be gathered, including order history and customized favorites.
  • Kiosks can reduce labor costs by automating part of the ordering process. More staff can be allocated to other tasks.
  • They allow customers to order and pay when convenient without waiting in line. This caters to customers’ preference for self-service.
  • Overall, Food ordering kiosks create a modern ordering experience customers love while optimizing operations and sales.

Features of Restaurant POS Systems with Kiosks

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the food service industry, integrating Food ordering kiosks into restaurant POS systems has become a game-changer for modern dining establishments. To truly maximize the benefits of technological advancement, you need a food ordering kiosk system that integrates with your traditional kiosk solution. The right software makes it easy to manage orders from kiosks alongside your traditional POS and other channels.

These kiosks offer many benefits, from streamlining the ordering process to enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency. Some of the benefits of food ordering kiosks for Restaurants

Food Ordering Kiosk
Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhanced Customer Experience

Food ordering kiosks allow customers to browse the menu at their own pace, customize their orders, and make payments conveniently, leading to a seamless and personalized experience.

Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

By enabling customers to place their orders directly through the kiosk, restaurants can streamline the ordering process, reduce wait times, and alleviate pressure on frontline staff during peak hours.

Order Accuracy

Food ordering kiosks reduce the likelihood of order errors due to miscommunication between customers and staff, improving order accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Upselling Opportunities

Upselling Opportunities

Restaurant POS systems with kiosks can prompt customers with upsell suggestions and recommendations, effectively driving revenue through suggestive selling techniques.

Operational Insights

Kiosk-enabled POS systems provide real-time data on kiosk sales, popular menu items, and customer preferences, empowering restaurant owners to make informed business decisions.

Custom Menu Layouts

Custom Menu Layouts

Food ordering kiosk software offers customizable menu layouts with options for combos, modifiers, and upsell prompts, allowing patrons a tailored ordering experience.

Real-Time Sales Tracking

Restaurant POS with food ordering kiosks enables real-time tracking of kiosk sales versus other order channels, providing valuable insights into ordering trends.

Kitchen Display Integration

Kitchen Display Integration

Food ordering kiosk software can be seamlessly connected to kitchen display systems, ensuring that orders placed through the kiosk are promptly transmitted to the kitchen for preparation.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

These kiosk systems generate reports on popular kiosk menu items, bestselling combos, and customer favorites, aiding in menu optimization and marketing strategies.

Integration with Other Systems

Integration with Other Systems

Integration with online ordering, reservations, customer databases, and loyalty programs ensures a cohesive and interconnected operational ecosystem.

Seamless Updates

Seamless Updates

Easy menu, tax, and pricing updates across kiosks, POS software, and displays facilitate efficient pricing and menu change management.

Secure Payment Processing

Secure Payment Processing

A food ordering kiosk offers secure credit card processing and PCI compliance specifically tailored for self-order kiosks, ensuring the safety of customer transactions.

With built-in self-check-in kiosk capabilities, restaurants can enhance customer experience through flexible self-service options. Let Linkitsoft kiosk software restaurant system power a mix of food ordering kiosks, mobile POS, online ordering, and dine-in checkout. Our kiosk software gives customers more choices in how they order and pay.

How to Implementing Food Ordering Kiosks in Your Restaurant

The self-ordering kiosk, designed as an integral feature of the restaurant’s point of sale system, revolutionizes the customer experience by integrating with the restaurant software to streamline the ordering process. To implement a reliable food ordering kiosk in your restaurant, follow these best practices when deploying kiosks in your restaurant:

How to Implementing Food Ordering Kiosks in Your Restaurant​

With the right preparation, your restaurant can deploy kiosks smoothly and see the benefits. Customers will appreciate the innovation.

Choosing a POS System and Kiosk Software

Compare multiple POS systems to find software with an easy kiosk setup. Look for menu design features, order routing, and integrations with other restaurant systems.

Picking the Right Kiosk Hardware

Select durable and easy-to-clean kiosk stands, enclosures, and receipt printers. iPads or Android tablets make great kiosk devices. Place them strategically in high-traffic areas.

Staff Training and Support for Self-Order Kiosks

Train staff to support customers using the kiosks and leverage their benefits. Have an attendant nearby to assist customers and answer questions as needed.

Marketing Your Restaurant’s New Kiosk Experience

Promote the kiosks on social media and with in-store signage. Highlight the convenience, ease of ordering, and ability to earn and redeem rewards.

Why Linkitsoft?

Food ordering kiosks are revolutionizing the restaurant industry with their ability to streamline the ordering process, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue. By choosing the right POS system and kiosk software, such as form Linkitsoft, you can implement a reliable food ordering kiosk system in your restaurant that will keep your business running smoothly and efficiently in 2023 and beyond.

Are you looking for the best food ordering kiosk software company? Linkitsoft is the industry leader in food ordering kiosk systems. Contact us today to learn more about how our food ordering can help your business grow.

Let us help you power your restaurant with the best food ordering kiosk software. Contact us now to get started!

Why Linkitsoft

Frequently Asked Questions

Kiosks allow customers to order themselves, reducing wait times and improving satisfaction. Kiosks also boost sales through customization and easy upselling. Orders go directly to the kitchen, improving speed and accuracy.

Many modern POS systems like Clover have kiosk modes to transform tablets into self-ordering stations. The kiosk software integrates with the POS to send orders to the kitchen and process payments.

An iPad or Android tablet, secure stand, and receipt printer make an ideal kiosk station. For payment processing, use a card reader that attaches to the tablet. POS stands to keep the hardware secure and organized.

Train staff to direct customers to kiosks upon entering. Have signage promoting self-ordering and its benefits. Offer an incentive like a free side or dessert for first-time kiosk users.

Kiosks automate part of the ordering process, allowing staff to be allocated to other tasks. Have an attendant nearby to help guide kiosk users. Overall, kiosks optimize your workforce.

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