Best Home Repair Apps in 2024

home repair apps

Do you continue to use old-fashioned repair tricks to fix up your home, or are you having your own living space turned around in a blink of an eye by this year’s top home repair apps?

As of 2044, handyman apps have already become an indispensable tool helping to address the need for such matters as the repairing and maintenance of home. The sport of on-demand services, that is a platform, on which homeowners can anytime and anywhere hire well-qualified staff to meet their various needs, has become one of the most remarkable trends of the home service industry. The present article has the purpose of analyzing the growth of home repair apps and has the best handyman apps in it for the year 2024 based on their characteristics, functionality, and review of the users.

Key Takeaways:

  • Home repair apps allow instant access to screened handymen through mobile devices.
  • Top apps like Thumbtack and Urban Clap provide estimates, scheduling, and payments in one place.
  • Handymen can earn extra income, reduce marketing costs, and get paid quickly through apps..
  • Homeowners benefit from reading reviews, comparing rates, and easily booking appointments..
  • Leveraging home service apps provides convenience and reliability for home repairs in 2024.

The Evolution of Home Repair Apps

In a previous decade, finding a professional, qualified contractor who could be relied upon for getting the job done just required going through the phonebook listings, asking neighbors, and crossing your fingers that only a professional would be able to arrive. Fast forward to 2024 and now there are a bunch of apps that supply you with handymen who have already been prescreened for anything and everything related to DIY home improvement with a single press on your phone.

These on-demand home service apps were always an idea of a young entrepreneur, yet it gained in popularity in the early 2010s, especially when it comes to how homeowners can connect with professional service providers readily available. The growing development of mobile technology made possible, and together with it, new handyman apps appeared. Today, you can not only view the profiles and read reviews, but you can also book an appointment and make the payments via simple and user-friendly apps.


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By the year 2020 there has been a substantial increase in the need for fast and comfortable apartment services. And we have got the perfect app that matches this requirement. As technology is still developing, in 2024, there will be more solution than ever to fil the chosen application for your home repair or maintenance.


The Evolution of Home Repair Apps


Top Handyman Apps of 2024

With a home repair app, you can experience the convenience of having professionals for home services a click away. With home repair apps, you can make informed decisions to ensure top-quality home improvements. These apps align perfectly with the modern need for on-demand handyman services. So, if you ever find yourself pondering, “do I need a handyman?” remember, handyman apps often provide a solution at your convenience.

After researching the top-rated apps this year based on Google Play and App Store reviews, here are the top handyman apps to use in 2024:


Top Handyman Apps of 2024



Thumbtack stands out as a leading mobile app in the handyman service app market. As the best on-demand handyman platform, Thumbtack has revolutionized the way we address home maintenance and repair. Imagine having a variety of home service needs – from fixing a leaking tap to grooming your garden. Thumbtack, an app for home services, has got you covered. For homeowner we can’t stress enough the importance of this handyman app development.


  • Offers a wide range of services, which includes over 1000 different options for every possible home task.
  • User-friendly interface on both the mobile app and website, simplifying the process of booking home services.
  • Highly transparent with detailed customer reviews, aiding you to pick the right handyman confidently.


  • Personal information shared during sign-up could lead to unwanted contact from third parties if not handled properly.
  • The choice of service provider can be overwhelming due to the wide variety available.
  • Reliance on the app’s ratings may not always reflect the actual quality of the handyman professionals.

Thumbtack is not merely an app for handyman services; it’s also among the best handyman apps to make your life easier. In 2024, it’s essential to have reliable home assistance at your fingertips, and Thumbtack fits the bill perfectly. It’s a top home service application that allows you to hire experienced handyman professionals smoothly.

Using Thumbtack’s wide range of home services can ease your worries. It’s refreshing to have an app available that is considered the best app for handyman services. You can manage home cleaning tasks, renovations, and even hiring a DJ with ease. Apps like Thumbtack are increasingly becoming essential tools in our day-to-day lives, especially for those of us who prioritize time and quality.

Urban clap

Finding the right handyman services can be a chore, but with the Urban Company app, formerly known as UrbanClap, this task becomes a breeze. As one of the best handyman apps of 2024, it stands out in the handyman app market, offering a wide range of services for various home needs, from appliance repairs to pest control. Urban Company stays ahead by offering top-quality home services. With over 5 million customers and 32,000 pros, choosing the best app for handyman services is simpler than ever. Here’s what makes Urban Company the go-to app for home services, simplifying your home maintenance and repair needs:


  • Transparent Pricing: Urban Company presents clear costs for services, so you’ll know the price before booking. No hidden fees mean surprises are off the table.
  • Skilled Professionals: Book home services with confidence, as all service providers are thoroughly vetted and well-trained in their respective fields.
  • Accessibility: The app is available on both Android and iOS. With Urban Company, booking a trusted handyman is at your fingertips, regardless of your device.


  • Customer Feedback: Despite its strengths, some users have noted the app lacks positive reviews.
  • Service Issues: There have been instances of customer service complaints, highlighting a need for improvement.
  • Limited Reach: While its presence is growing, in some areas it may still be hard to find available professionals.

Urban Company revolutionizes the home repair and maintenance services industry. It provides seamless on-demand services, ensuring the right handyman is available for your home repair apps needs. Discover the top handyman apps like Urban Company, which are revolutionizing the way we think about and book handyman business services. As you explore apps for home services, you’ll see why Urban Company is a top choice.

The app’s match-making algorithm efficiently links you to experienced handyman professionals. These skilled handymen can tackle your home improvement project with ease. Apps generally offer flexibility, but Urban Company goes above and beyond, giving you a reliable home service experience.


TaskRabbit shines as one of the best on-demand handyman apps, offering quick and reliable access to a variety of home service tasks. In operation since 2008, this handyman app has expanded its reach to over 45 cities worldwide, including in the US, Canada, and Britain. Finding a local handyman to tackle anything from furniture assembly to plumbing is straightforward with TaskRabbit. Just outline your job, look through the roster of skilled Taskers, and select the best one for your needs. In 2022, this standout performer reported over 140,000 users, pulled in revenues topping $81.5 million, and celebrated north of a million downloads from the Google Play Store.


  • Access to a wide variety of home services, from repair and maintenance to gardening.
  • The app provides real-time connections to skilled professionals in your local area.
  • TaskRabbit allows you to book and receive services on the same day, catering to urgent needs.


  • Service availability is limited in less populated or remote areas.
  • Tasker skills and ratings vary, which can impact consistency in service quality.
  • The app’s focus on a wide service range might dilute specialization in any one area.

TaskRabbit has indeed revolutionized home services, ensuring you can hire a handyman directly through the app for your various handyman tasks. As we look towards apps for 2024, the convenience of TaskRabbit remains unbeatable for busy homeowners. However, for those living off the beaten path, securing a handyman through the app could be challenging.

The platform, aside from offering standard handyman applications, is also a gateway for professionals looking to make money through freelance gigs. While handyman apps like TaskRabbit provide immense value, the varying skill levels of contractors mean you have to select whom you hire carefully.

Whether you’re building apps or seeking someone to fix a leak, TaskRabbit’s promise holds strong – delivering a rich array of services that continue to transform the home through innovative, on-demand solutions.

Making Money with Handyman Apps

In addition to making home repairs and maintenance more accessible, handyman apps also provide opportunities for professionals to earn extra income. Here are some of the top benefits handymen get from working through on-demand apps:


Making Money with Handyman Apps


Fill Schedule Gaps with Handyman Apps

Are you looking for new clients? Handyman apps can provide just that. In the bustling year of 2024, these popular apps are a game-changer. They help to fill any slow periods with odd jobs from an array of customers. As a professional, you realize that gaps in your schedule mean missed opportunities. Not anymore. With the best handyman services apps, finding different service requests becomes a breeze. You will connect with homeowners in need, which means your days stay busy.

Earn Additional Income Through Flexibility

We all want to boost our earnings, don’t we? Home repair apps make this possible. They offer flexible side gigs that fit around your schedule. This adaptability allows you to work more hours, but only when it suits you. The apps 2024 homeowners use are designed to make it simple for you to find work and increase your income. It’s that straightforward. And as you take on more jobs, your bank balance will thank you.

Reduce Marketing Costs Efficiently

Traditionally, marketing can eat into your profits. It’s a necessary evil. But what if apps could change that? Handyman apps use targeted exposure to connect you with those needing home repairs. This means no more costly ads or campaigns. The popular apps act as a marketplace brimming with potential clients. Think of it: less spending, more earning. Plus, you’re seen by the right audience—homeowners looking for the exact services you offer.

Speed Up Payment Collection

Let’s talk about getting paid. In the past, it could be a headache. Chasing payments is no one’s favorite task, right? Here’s where home repair apps truly shine. These apps incorporate seamless online payment systems. That means you get paid quickly and without hassle. The best part is the simplicity. Once the job is done, the payment process takes care of itself. It’s a secure, fast way to manage your finances.

Handyman apps are not just about convenience; they’re a smart business move. They fill your schedule, increase your income, cut down on marketing costs, and ensure payments come through swiftly. For professionals like us, this is how we stay ahead. Join the revolution, use these apps, and take control of your business in 2024.


As this overview of the top home repair apps demonstrates, homeowners have more options than ever when it comes to finding skilled handymen on-demand. Top-rated apps allow you to read reviews, get project estimates, book appointments, and make payments from your smartphone instantly.

With the tap of a button, you can now hire a trusted professional for practically any home maintenance or repair project. In 2024 and the years ahead, leveraging the convenience of home service apps can save you time, provide peace of mind knowing you hired a qualified pro, and get home improvement projects handled reliably.

Looking to craft a handyman app for your business that allows service professionals to thrive and homeowners to discover the best apps for all their home needs? Contact Linkitsoft and join the revolution of handyman apps providing avenues to make money and connect with home service professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I choose the best handyman app?

A: Look for apps that provide robust screening, reviews, appointment scheduling, and secure payment features. Focus on apps with plenty of active users and high ratings like HomeAdvisor and Handy. Checking Google Play or App Store ratings can help identify the most recommended platforms.

Q: Can I trust handymen from these on-demand apps?

A: The top handyman apps thoroughly vet professionals before allowing them to offer services. This includes background checks, skill assessments, and license/insurance verification. User ratings and reviews provide transparency. Many apps also back jobs with guarantees.

Q: What kind of home services can I hire through handyman apps?

A: Handyman apps today provide access to professionals for all kinds of home repair, maintenance, and improvement projects – from appliance repair to landscaping. Popular services include plumbing, electrical, HVAC, painting, cleaning, assembly, TV mounting, and more.

Q: How much do handyman apps cost to use?

A: Many of the top apps allow you to download and browse for free. You only pay when you book a handyman for a project. Pricing is usually clearly listed upfront or obtained through a personalized quote. Payment is securely processed through the app.

Q: Can I use handyman apps for small jobs or emergencies?

A: Yes, most apps are designed for booking both small handyman jobs like appliance repairs and faucet replacements as well as larger projects. Many connect you quickly with a pro available for small repairs or last-minute needs.

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