Kiosk Retail Software

Have you ever been stuck in a long queue waiting to place your order? And the queue made you freak out because of the butterflies in your stomach. This was mostly the situation many years ago. Nowadays, there are kiosks that can help you without any human assistance, forget the queues. You can use kiosk machines if you want to buy a ticket but want to avoid lines. These smart machines have kiosk retail software installed that you operate through a touch screen. You can find kiosks everywhere, for example, at malls, stadiums, cinemas, hospitals, banks, restaurants, etc. 

The retail kiosk software makes the physical structure of the kiosk useful. With the kiosk software, the public would be able to reap the benefits of the skeleton of the kiosk. This is why self-service kiosk management is necessary. Like Windows, which is an operating system for computers, kiosk software drives kiosks, whether they be patient check in kiosk, or any other type of kiosk.

Kiosk Retail Software

Features of Kiosk Retail Software

Some features of kiosk retail software are mentioned below:

Kiosk Retail Software

Touch Screen Input

You can operate a kiosk like your smartphone – through a touch screen. Yes, your finger is the ‘device’ which decides what you want from the kiosk. On-screen UI elements make it easier for you to understand what you want from the machine. You can do e-signatures where required, for example, in the case of payments and other stuff in banks. The kiosk display is the best thing to instruct the machine.

Display of Information

Restaurant kiosks can be used to advertise and provide information. Kiosks are even installed at airports where flight information is displayed, helping passengers with their air journeys.

Auto Printing

If the kiosk provides service information, then tickets and other types of receipts can be printed automatically. Printing is also a key feature of kiosk retail software.

Media Playback

A picture speaks a thousand words. A video speaks ten thousand words! Yes, kiosk retail software also supports audio-video playback so that a satisfying experience is provided to the users. This is the best feature when talking about retail kiosks.

Physical Keyboard

Some kiosks even have physical keyboards. But we don’t mean a whole QWERTY keyboard is attached to a kiosk. Only basic buttons such as ‘Accept,’ ‘Cancel,’ etc. are in kiosks. So, basically, a kiosk can accept signals from both a physical keyboard and a touch screen.


Even debit and credit cards can be read by kiosks, and payments can be made without cash electronically. These situations mostly occur in banks where kiosks are installed for banking purposes. For example, kiosks are used in hospitals where patient check in kiosk are present to electronically make note of new patients admitted.

Cash Disbursement

Issuance of money is another important feature of kiosks. Whether a cash withdrawal or a paid purchase change, kiosk retail software can help with both.


Travel tickets and hotel bookings can be done through kiosks. Mostly, train stations and airports have such kiosks. Check in kiosk software comes in to play when you are staying in hotels and similar types of areas.

Uses of Kiosks

Kiosk Retail Software

Benefits of Retail Kiosk Software

Benefits of Retail Kiosk Software​


If you don’t want too much information on display or want to limit the features for a particular location, then the software can be locked easily, and that too from a remote position. This way, you can decide what you want to offer the users.

Limited Web Browsing

In kiosks where there is internet available, you can restrict its usage so that only that information is offered that is useful.

History Reset

Every customer doesn’t want the same thing, and every customer’s information needs to be confidential. That is not a problem for kiosks because there is a thing called automatic reset. The user’s session with the kiosk is erased to create a new experience for every customer.

Cloud Database

Customers' session information can be automatically uploaded to a cloud so that the kiosk administrators can see what is happening in the customers' minds.

Remote Maintenance

Maintenance can be a headache. But this is not the case with kiosks. Because these magical machines can be maintained remotely. Yes, you can manage your kiosk software easily from the comfort of your couch.

Why Choose Linkitsoft?​

Why Choose Linkitsoft?

Linkitsoft specializes in the development of kiosk retail software. We have been in this field for the past decade. After successfully helping out over a hundred customers with their kiosk software, we have managed to climb the rungs of the retail kiosk software ladder and reached the top.

We have created some of the best self ordering kiosk system since our inception. With our super-duper, on-time, instant customer support through chat, voice calls, and emails, we are always ready to solve your kiosk issues, whether they be related to maintenance, connectivity, or something else. 

Linkitsoft can create staggering Android kiosk software. But there are not only Android users out there. Luckily for you, we have got you covered in all platforms because we create ipad kiosk software as well.

We are one of the few Self-service kiosk companies that provide up-to-date, effective, and quality self service kiosk management. So contact us now and get your very own kiosk management software.

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