Kitchen Display System

A kitchen display system (KDS) is a technology that replaces traditional paper tickets with digital screens like kiosk display. Also, allowing restaurant staff to manage and streamline kitchen operations. Moreover, when a customer places an order, the information is sent into the restaurant’s POS system and the KDS displays it in real-time. The system organizes orders into logical queues and highlights urgent orders, special requests, menu customizations, and dietary requirements. Kitchen staff can see which station is responsible for each item, prioritize work, and track modifications. KDS can benefit most restaurants, including small ones like coffee shops and cafes.

Kitchen Display System

How Kitchen display system Works

The kitchen display system streamlines order management for food service businesses. Traditionally, much of this process has been manual. Here’s how a kitchen display system typically automates things.

Kitchen Display System

Easily Accessible to Staff

The screen may display photographs and recipe details. Instead of depending on a whiteboard that shows handwritten information like dishes or materials that have run out, for example, the kitchen display system can track inventory.

Kitchen Display System

Data Analysis

Reports are created by the system after it gathers and compiles data like average cook time. Order in queue or total number of items.

Kitchen Display System

Automatic Prioritization of Dishes

A kitchen display system can also properly pace the start time for each dish on an order base on the chosen prep time. If the prompts are followed, the various dishes on an order can be complete at the right time.

Kitchen Display System

Automatic Order Routing

To make sure that every order for a table is ready at once when restaurants use paper tickets, they must designate someone to physically sort and order the orders. A kitchen display system, however, can automatically direct various sections of an order to the proper preparation station. Such as the grill or fry station, when a restaurant has many display panels.

Kitchen Display System

Electronic Order Placement

An order enter by a server is forward to a digital display in the kitchen. Inputting a customer order without a kitchen display system would probably result in the point-of-sale system issuing a little ticket that looked like a receipt in the kitchen.

Kitchen Display System

Automatically Send Notifications

With a ticket system, updated or modified orders may require a new ticket or a manager. Also, cook or chef to manually change the present one. Staff receives a notification if an order changes or is running behind schedule with a kitchen display system. When food is ready, staff and occasionally customers may also be notified.

Features of the Kitchen display system

A kitchen display system does more than just display orders from the front of the restaurant. It is an order management system that can help a restaurant improve its profitability by ensuring that food is ready on time and of high quality. This system can also assist in maintaining high standards during busy periods, resulting in increase turnover.

Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Monitor Integrations

A kitchen display system should integrate seamlessly with your point of sale and kitchen management system. In addition, full integration allows online orders to be automatically direct to your kitchen monitor.

Kitchen Display System

Hardware That Resists Heat

Kitchens can get very hot, and this can damage regular computer hardware. To ensure longevity and durability, specific components like kitchen printers should be heat resistant.

Kitchen Display System

Order Ready Display

Slow service is one of the main reasons why restaurants receive bad reviews, and it almost always results from a busy kitchen. Utilizing order-ready screens to inform diners of the status of their orders is one way to counteract this.

A Robust Kitchen Order Ticket System

To effectively manage food orders, restaurant staff require a robust and adaptable system for ticketing and ordering. Including a timer on orders can notify the kitchen staff when food is taking too long to prepare. For bigger kitchens, it’s advantageous for the system to send the ticket directly to the appropriate prep station, resulting in faster execution and fewer lost orders. Additionally, prioritizing certain orders, such as for VIPs, provides greater flexibility for the system in any circumstance.

Order Ticket System

Benefits of a Kitchen display system

Whether your business is big or small, here are eight reasons why you should consider introducing a kitchen display system to your restaurant kitchen operation:

Digital kitchen

Every Dish is Prepared Accordingly, at the Right Time

A kitchen display system also allows for special requests, menu customizations, dietary requirements. Also, allergy information to be flag to kitchen staff in real time. Allowing them to accommodate changes and avoid food waste while ensuring the entire order arrives at the table simultaneously. Overall, the system helps to create an organize operation where kitchen staff can see exactly what needs to be done and when.

Digital kitchen

Better Communication With Kitchen Staff

A kitchen display system can prevent mistakes in restaurant orders cause by handwritten notes that can be lost. By updating orders in real-time and providing a clear communication channel between the front-of-house and kitchen staff, the system ensures that no menu request. This results in happier customers, fewer mistakes, and less food waste. 

Clearer workflows in the kitchen

Clearer workflows in the kitchen

A kitchen display system can increase efficiency in a busy restaurant kitchen by sending orders to the right workstations. Further, eliminating the need for staff to shout instructions or move around to look at paper tickets. Importantly, the system assigns work automatically, allowing staff to complete more orders quickly. The system also allows for easy movement, prioritization, and rerouting of orders to different prep stations. Moreover, simplification of orders for staff to handle. The kitchen display system communicates information clearly. The staff to focus on preparing food and helping chefs keep track of modifications and prepare each menu item accurately.

Superior food when it arrives at the table

Superior food when it arrives at the table

Nothing is worse than food arriving at your table cold when you’re paying to eat a meal out unless that is exactly what the chef intend. Chips left out on a plate can quickly cool, which is why kitchen and waiting staff need to be able to move swiftly as soon as order items are ready.

The kitchen display system makes sure that all orders are in coordination per table. So, that meals are serve at the same time and temperature. To give front-of-house staff time to collect orders as they are being serve, it can be configure so that items that are likely to quickly become cold are flagged up before they are ready.

Better organize, quicker service

Using a kitchen display system, orders can be sent to the kitchen immediately, reducing delays and minimizing the chances of miscommunication. The system also allows for orders to be organize by seat, ensuring that the correct dish is given to each customer. By implementing this system, restaurant staff can provide a more professional service.

Better organize quicker service
No More Lost Orders

No More Lost Orders

It’s easily done. Your waiters have taken an order, it’s come through on the kitchen printer and been added to the ticket rack, but amongst the hustle and bustle of a busy service, the ticket falls off and gets lost, or maybe it accidentally gets taken off the rack too soon. 

This simple mistake can put your service in disarray. Kitchen staff end up rushing to get the missed order out – or worse, they may not even realize what’s happened until the customer complains about slow service.

Environmentally Friendly Business

Environmentally Friendly Business

A business that is more sustainable and friendly to the environment. It makes business sense to run a more environmentally friendly kitchen operation in addition to reducing your impact on the environment. Restaurants can save money and win over customers who care about the environment by reducing food waste and improving every aspect of their planning for customers.

You can significantly lower food waste in your restaurant by reducing the likelihood of any discrepancies or errors in your orders.

Cost Saving

Cost Saving

Although it may seem like a minor expense or waste, printing out daily orders can quickly become costly. A standard roll of printer paper, which costs about US$5, covers approximately 450 orders. This means that each paper ticket costs just over one cent, without taking into account the higher cost of printer ink. Consider the number of orders your kitchen receives daily, and you will realize the savings, as well as the positive environmental impact, that could be achieve by eliminating paper tickets.

Kitchen display system

Handle Takeaway Orders Easily

The use of a kitchen display system can help restaurants handle the impact of online and takeaway orders on their kitchen operation. This system routes orders from the online ordering system directly to the kitchen, ensuring that online and takeaway orders are fully integrate into the kitchen operation. Additionally, the system can be set up to require manager approval before online orders are sent to the kitchen. The KDS can also distinguish take-out orders from dine-in orders, helping kitchen staff prepare and pack orders appropriately.

Why Choose Linkitsoft​

A kitchen display system isn’t just for larger establishments. Whether your business has a single food prep station or a network of kitchen team members preparing multiple orders. Linkitsoft’s kitchen display system stations can be tailor to suit your individual business needs.

A kitchen display system is vital for your bottom line. It expedites service, ensures consistency in food quality, raises turnover rates, and improves your business. Not to mention that satisfied customers will be gained as a result.

Would better organization and flow in your kitchen be beneficial? Please get in contact with our team of specialists to learn more about how you can use a KDS to optimize your restaurant business and eliminate risky manual operations.





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