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Are you tired of missed deliveries and lost packages? As a business owner, you know how frustrating it can be to deal with package delivery issues. But what if there was a way to streamline package management and ensure timely delivery? That’s where smart parcel lockers come in.

These innovative lockers are revolutionizing how we receive packages, providing a secure, flexible, and convenient solution for both customers and your team.

In this blog post, we will discuss in great detail how opting for smart parcel lockers makes the life of the customer easy while at the same time increasing business sales. You will also find how Linkitsoft can help you in this regard, as we are experienced in creating software for smart parcel lockers.


Key Takeaways on Smart Parcel Lockers:

  • Smart parcel lockers allow secure, self-service package pickup using an access code.
  • They provide convenience, flexibility for recipients, and delivery efficiency for carriers.
  • Lockers benefit property managers by improving package handling and enhancing services.
  • Major carriers and custom providers offer smart parcel locker networks, indicating a growing market with diverse service options.
  • The global smart locker industry is rapidly expanding, driven by the surge in parcel volumes and increasing demand for efficient delivery solutions.
  • Linkitsoft offers a comprehensive smart parcel locker software solution, ensuring seamless, secure package management for businesses and recipients.

Key Takeaways on Smart Parcel Lockers


How Do Parcel Lockers Work?

A smart locker system allows contactless package delivery and pickup. The lockers include electronic locks that can be opened via a unique access code. The steps are simple:

  1. The recipient places an order online and selects a locker location for delivery.
  2. The package is delivered to the smart locker by the carrier.
  3. The recipient receives a notification with their parcel’s locker number and access code.
  4. Using the code, the recipient can open the locker and retrieve their package at their convenience, 24/7.
  5. Some lockers also allow customers to return items or send out packages by dropping them off at the locker location.

Smart parcel lockers provide security, convenience, and flexibility for recipients. They also simplify delivery logistics for carriers and retailers.

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How Do Parcel Lockers Work


Benefits of Parcel Lockers

Parcel lockers offer numerous benefits, enhancing the experience for all involved parties. Their efficiency and security features allow streamlined operations and an enhanced sense of comfort. Their contributions to reducing delivery costs and increasing customer service satisfaction make them a worthy choice in today’s world. Some of these pros are categorized as:

Benefits of Parcel Lockers

For Recipients

For package recipients, parcel lockers provide unparalleled convenience and flexibility. They allow individuals to receive packages as per their schedule, improve delivery security, provide prompt notifications about package arrivals, and offer the much-needed respite of contactless pickups in these pandemic times.


According to a DHL Parcel survey, 67% of respondents expressed their willingness to utilize parcel lockers if available, indicating a clear preference for their convenience and accessibility. These lockers permit recipients to retrieve parcels at their chosen timing and location, effectively eliminating the need to wait at home for deliveries or manage post-office pick-ups. In fact, a Markets and Markets study affirmed this, revealing that 72% of consumers favor parcel lockers for their package pickups instead of home deliveries.


Apart from comfort, security is an essential benefit offered by smart parcel lockers. With packages stored safely within lockers, the risk of exposure to theft and inclement weather is significantly diminished as compared to parcels left outside residences. A report by Parcelforce elaborates on this, noting a staggering 90% reduction in package theft risks due to the installation of parcel lockers. Recipients no longer need to stress over missed deliveries, further highlighting the secure aspects of these systems.


When it comes to package arrivals, timely alerts are crucial in enhancing the recipient’s experience. Smart parcel lockers promptly dispatch notifications inclusive of the locker number and access codes as soon as the package reaches the locker location. A survey by Shorr Packaging identified that 85% of consumers prefer receiving these updates upon their package’s arrival at the parcel locker, underscoring the demand for this feature. This is a compelling reason to explore options like Linkitsoft for the development of a robust smart locker solution.


Another significant advantage of smart parcel lockers is the flexibility that they afford recipients. Survey data from UPS shows that 65% of respondents are inclined towards parcel lockers, which permit them to pick up their packages outside traditional business hours. Such lockers empower recipients to collect packages according to their schedules, adding an extra layer of convenience, especially for those with unconventional work hours.

Contactless Pickup:

In the current era marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of contactless pickup has gained immense popularity. Given the heightened importance of social distancing during these times, contactless package retrieval enabled by smart lockers offers an effective solution. A study by McKinsey & Company lends credibility to this trend by stating that the pandemic has expedited the adoption of contactless delivery solutions, with parcel lockers being a notable example.

For Carriers and Retailers

Parcel lockers can not only enhance delivery efficiency and reduce costs for carriers and retailers but also improve customer service and provide a competitive edge in the market. Moreover, their potential for wider placement predicts an optimistic growth in this approach in the years to come.

Delivery Efficiency:

Have you ever thought about the perks of a predictable locker drop-off? For carriers, it means they can streamline their routes and spend less time attempting repeated deliveries. Fascinatingly, a study by JDA pointed out that parcel lockers can trim down delivery times by as much as 30%. Not just that, a report by DHL Parcel found that these lockers could slice off up to 40% in delivery costs for the carriers.

Lower Costs:

With fewer redelivery attempts and fewer calls to customer service, carriers and retailers can significantly cut costs. This fact is backed by a study from Pitney Bowes, emphasizing that parcel lockers could save carriers up to $2.50 per package in delivery costs. Additionally, a report by Parcelforce showed that with parcel lockers, the number of redelivery attempts could plummet by up to 80%.

Improved Customer Service:

By providing customers with more control over shipping options and deliveries, parcel lockers can significantly enhance their shopping experience. Supporting this, a survey by UPS uncovered that about 82% of customers are likely to choose a retailer that offers parcel lockers. Likewise, a study conducted by FedEx found an increase in customer satisfaction by up to 15% from adopting parcel lockers.

Competitive Advantage:

Are you interested in gaining a competitive advantage? Offering innovative solutions like parcel lockers can do just that for carriers and retailers. A report by McKinsey & Company found that retailers offering parcel lockers are viewed as more innovative and customer-centric. Corroborating this, a survey by JDA highlighted that a sweeping majority of 74% of consumers believe parcel lockers to be a valuable delivery option.

Additional Locations:

Consider having smart lockers stationed in areas where customers live, work, and commute; it expands the reach of delivery access and adds to the convenience for customers. A promising study by MarketsandMarkets predicts the number of parcel locker locations will grow annually by 20% over the next five years.

For Property Managers

Property managers see substantial benefits from smart parcel lockers. These lockers upgrade residential services and redefine security standards. Additionally, they significantly improve operational efficiency and save space, which can be repurposed for various other uses. The introduction of smart parcel lockers can hence transform property management operations for the better.

Enhanced Services

According to a survey by ButterflyMX, it was found that a whopping 92% of the residents prefer smart parcel lockers over traditional ones. Why is that? Well, these lockers enhance package management systems and are considered an asset that adds value for residents. In fact, Parcel Pending, another company, conducted a study that revealed 84% of residents see smart parcel lockers as a must-have amenity.


Smart parcel lockers aren’t just useful; they’re safe, too. Quadient, in their report, highlighted how smart parcel lockers can diminish the risk of package theft by a significant 95%. These lockers aim to hinder package theft and minimize the chance of non-residents entering buildings. Adding to their advanced security, these lockers come equipped with features like access control systems, cameras, and motion sensors, making them more secure compared to the traditional ones.


Not just security but efficiency gets a boost, too, with smart parcel lockers. Another report by ButterflyMX confirmed that these lockers can lessen package-related complaints by a staggering 90%. Leave behind the days when property managers had to spend precious time accepting, sorting, and distributing residential packages. A study by Parcel Pending came forward with a finding that smart parcel lockers could save property managers up to 12 hours per week in package management time; quite efficient, isn’t it?

Space Savings:

And that’s not all. Smart parcel lockers can be a great space saver. Without the heaps of packages lying around, the lobby space can be put to other uses. Acknowledging this, a survey by Quadient found that a striking 88% of property managers believe that smart parcel lockers indeed help to save valuable lobby space. To top it all, a study by Parcel Pending revealed that smart parcel lockers could reduce the area required for package storage by a significant 60%.

Kiosk Software That Speaks Convenience, Efficiency, and Excellence.


Types of Smart Parcel Lockers

Smart package lockers offer an innovative solution for efficient and secure package management. With various smart package locker solutions available, businesses can automate the delivery and pick-up process while customizing the experience to meet their specific needs. There are a few different types and sizes of smart lockers to support various needs:

Types of Smart Parcel Lockers


Indoor Lockers:

These automated, smart electronic lockers are designed for indoor use, providing secure and convenient package management solutions within offices, apartment buildings, and retail stores.

Outdoor Lockers:

Ideal for last-mile delivery and storage, outdoor lockers automate secure and convenient courier deliveries in exterior locations such as parking garages and lots.

Cooling Lockers:

Smart parcel locker providers offer temperature-controlled storage lockers for groceries and medications, ensuring the integrity of sensitive deliveries.

Oversized Lockers:

These intelligent locker systems accommodate large or irregularly shaped packages, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of package delivery and storage.

Smartpost Lockers:

These intelligent lockers can accept packages from various couriers and are designed to integrate directly with major shipping services, offering an effective package management solution.

Mailbox Lockers:

These indoor and outdoor lockers are great for residential complexes and are installed next to traditional mailboxes. They automate USPS parcel delivery, making package receipts secure and convenient.

Custom Lockers:

This variety of smart locker systems is customized with distinctive features and branding to match individual businesses’ unique needs. As an automated smart solution, these lockers represent the future of package locker solutions.

How to Choose a Smart Locker Provider

When selecting a smart locker system, it’s important to consider:


How to Choose a Smart Locker Provider


Range of Locker Types and Sizes

Choose a provider offering a variety of smart locker types and sizes to support all package needs, with customizable options to automate package pick-up.

Modular Units and Reconfiguration

Look for providers offering modular units that maximize space and can be reconfigure for efficient smart package management.

Indoor and Outdoor Options

Seek providers with indoor and outdoor smart package locker solutions for flexible locations, compatible with outdoor locker placement and postal requirements.

Custom Branding and Wraps

Select a provider that offers custom branding and wraps to align with business aesthetics, notifications, and tracking through mobile apps and websites.

Usage Data and Analytics

Ensure the provider offers usage data and analytics for monitoring operations and usage, paired with robust locker hardware resistant to damage and weather.

Responsive Customer Service

Look for a provider that offers responsive customer service for troubleshooting and maintenance alongside a flexible delivery network that coordinates parcel drop-offs.

Affordability and Scalability

Consider a provider offering affordable smart parcel locker solutions considering setup costs and maintenance, with the ability to scale by adding more lockers across multiple sites.

Convenience of Delivery and Access

Evaluate the provider regarding the convenience of locker locations and ease of access, ensuring secure and convenient smart storage and delivery lockers.

By considering these factors, businesses can identify the best smart parcel locker provider to meet their package management needs efficiently and effectively.

Leading smart locker providers offer wireless network connectivity, real-time monitoring, and options like refrigeration and touchscreen kiosks. Comparing features and services can help identify the best partner for a property or organization’s needs.


The Future of Smart Parcel Lockers

The global smart parcel locker market seems to reach $2.07 billion by 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 12.6% as parcel volumes rise and online shopping grows (Fortune Business Insights). Driven by urbanization and e-commerce growth, Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing regional market (MarketsandMarkets).

Major carriers like UPS and FedEx are expanding locker networks, with 75% planning increased investment (MarketsandMarkets). Retailers increasingly adopt lockers for click-and-collect and contactless commerce, with 68% viewing lockers as essential in 5 years (JDA). Property managers are installing lockers, with 82% planning adoption in 2 years (Parcel Pending).

Consumers prefer lockers, with 67% willing to use them (DHL). AI, IoT, and access control advancements make lockers more efficient and user-friendly. Given the demand for secure e-commerce deliveries, smart parcel lockers will become pivotal in optimizing modern package distribution.

The Future of Smart Parcel Lockers-04


Why Linkitsoft?

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient smart parcel locker software solution? Look no further than Linkitsoft! Our cutting-edge software provides a seamless and secure package delivery experience for both residents and carriers.

Linkitsoft’s smart parcel locker solutions are design to work with major carriers like UPS and FedEx, offering a comprehensive network of parcel lockers. But that’s not all – our customizable smart parcel locker software solution can be easily integrate into existing delivery operations, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing efficiency.

Our smart parcel locker software solutions offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Complete automation for property managers and recipients
  • Improved carrier delivery management
  • Enhanced security for packages
  • A seamless customer experience

At Linkitsoft, we understand the importance of scalability and flexibility in our smart parcel locker software solutions. That’s why we offer a scalable locker software solutions ensuring that your package delivery operations can grow and evolve with your business.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose Linkitsoft for your smart parcel locker software solutions. Contact us today to learn more!


Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Parcel Lockers
What are smart parcel lockers?

Smart parcel lockers are self-service kiosks that allow contactless package pickup for recipients. They are usually located in common areas like apartment lobbies, offices, retail stores, or outside at stand-alone units. The lockers include interactive features like touchscreens and electronic locks that open via access codes.

How do recipients get packages from lockers?

When an order is deliver to a locker, the recipient gets a notification by email or text. This contains the locker number and a single-use access code. The recipient enters the code on the locker’s interface to open the door and retrieve their package.

Can anyone access the lockers?

No, only the intended recipient has the access code to open the locker containing their delivery. This prevents unauthorized people from taking packages from the lockers.

What are the benefits of parcel lockers?

Parcel lockers provide flexibility, security, tracking, and efficiency. Recipients can pick up packages anytime. Packages are save from theft. Locker networks streamline delivery logistics.

Do parcel lockers accommodate all package sizes?

There are big smart lockers made to accommodate large or oddly shape packages. However, each locker station has size limitations based on the compartment dimensions. Shippers should verify that lockers can fit their packages.

Where are smart parcel lockers located?

Lockers can be install indoors and outdoors. Indoor units are usually in common areas of commercial buildings, apartments, condos, offices, universities, stores, etc. Outdoor units are place in parking garages, lots, and shopping centers.

How much does it cost to use smart lockers?

In most cases, recipients do not need to retrieve packages from a smart locker. Some businesses may charge a fee for locker pickup as part of a delivery service. Carriers pay locker providers to have access to the locker network.

Are smart lockers accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, most smart locker systems comply with ADA regulations. The locker interface has accessible features, and units can be install at heights for people using wheelchairs.

Can parcels be return via smart lockers?

Some smart lockers have designated compartments to accept package returns. To use these, the customer gets a return code and places the item in the return locker for the carrier to collect later. Not all lockers accommodate returns.

Are smart lockers available 24/7?

Most smart lockers allow package retrieval 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A few locker locations may have limitations on overnight access, depending on the facility or neighborhood. But the majority offer access at all times.

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