Tableside Ordering

Online food ordering has grown 300% faster than dine-in since 2014, now accounting for 40% of restaurant sales. Yet the in-person dining experience remains vitally important. At Linkitsoft, we believe technology should enhance hospitality, not replace it. 

That’s why we developed an innovative tableside ordering system that allows guests to browse menus, customize orders, and pay right from their table. This empowers exceptional service while increasing order sizes and margins. No more waiting for servers or decoding complex menus – just an intuitive, engaging ordering experience.

Step into the future of dining with Linkitsoft. Contact us today to implement tableside ordering and revolutionize how your guests experience restaurants. Take hospitality to the next level while boosting revenue. The future is ordering.

Tableside Ordering

Restaurant Benefits of Tableside Ordering

With all these considerations, it’s simple to understand why investing in a tableside ordering system is one of the most effective methods for restaurants to boost productivity and grow their bottom line. This post will go over ten advantages of tableside ordering systems.

Tableside Ordering

Enhanced Security

With table ordering tablets, customers benefit from a heightened level of security, primarily through contactless payment methods. This enhances the overall trustworthiness of the dining experience, safeguarding sensitive financial information.

Tableside Ordering

Increased Table Turns and Service Speed

Streamlining the dining experience, tableside ordering tablet solutions expedite ordering, allowing patrons to place their orders promptly. By enabling contactless payments and minimizing wait times, restaurants can enhance customer satisfaction and expedite table turnover.

Tableside Ordering

Reduction of Paper and Receipt Usage

By transitioning to a table ordering system, restaurants contribute to a greener environment by reducing paper usage associated with traditional receipt printers. This shift also entails cost savings related to hardware and paper expenditures.

Tableside Ordering

Improved Order Accuracy

Introducing a restaurant tableside ordering system ensures direct interaction between waitstaff and customers during the ordering phase. This personal touch minimizes the risk of erroneous orders and eliminates the need for intermediaries, resulting in precise and error-free submissions.

Tableside Ordering

Enhanced server expertise

A comprehensive tableside service solution equips servers with instant access to menu details, pricing, and inventory information. This empowers servers to respond promptly to customer queries and capitalize on upselling opportunities, thus enhancing the overall dining experience.

Show clients how restaurants can change

Embrace Change in Restaurants

Adopting a forward-thinking approach, restaurants implementing table ordering systems demonstrate their adaptability and willingness to embrace innovative technologies. This showcases the establishment’s commitment to staying current and resonating with modern consumer preferences.

Eliminate handwriting errors

Elimination of Handwriting Errors

The transition from handwritten orders to tableside ordering tablets eliminates the potential for errors arising from illegible handwriting. This leads to a more satisfying customer experience and reduced food wastage.

Boost operational effectiveness

Boost in Operational Effectiveness

Implementing a table ordering system optimizes operational efficiency by freeing up waitstaff from constant order status checks. This allows them to dedicate more time to other essential tasks, enhancing the overall service quality.

Enhance the client experience

Enhanced Customer Experience

Incorporating a restaurant ordering tablet system elevates the overall dining experience, offering patrons a user-friendly and customized ordering process. This elevated experience fosters customer loyalty and encourages repeat visits.

Better Reviews, Better Tips

Better Reviews, Better Tips

Integrating restaurant tablet ordering translates to efficient service delivery, enabling servers to attend to more customers. This increased efficiency and improved order accuracy contribute to higher tips and positive online reviews.

Improve service speed and table turnover

Improved Service Speed and Table Turnover

The introduction of tableside service enables customers to place orders directly at their tables, minimizing queue wait times and expediting the entire ordering process. This seamless experience enhances customer satisfaction and generates higher revenue through increased table turnover.

Obtain more data

Acquisition of Valuable Data

A table ordering tablet system facilitates the collection of valuable consumer data, offering insights into ordering patterns and preferences. Leveraging this data enhances marketing strategies, operational decisions, and loyalty programs, ultimately enhancing revenue streams.

What is a Tableside ordering system?

The tableside ordering system is an innovative restaurant technology redefining the dining experience. This cutting-edge solution seamlessly integrates with portable POS and QR code ordering, allowing patrons and servers to engage effortlessly when placing orders. As part of the New Steps of Service, it addresses evolving needs of diners and establishments. 

With a dedicated tablet at each table, orders journey directly from the customer to the bar and kitchen, integrated with the restaurant’s POS system for streamlined operations. This reduces back-and-forth between tables and the POS terminal. Furthermore, the shared back-office infrastructure minimizes administrative burdens when updating menus. In essence, the tableside ordering system ushers in an era of efficiency and elevated hospitality.

Tableside Ordering

Types of the Tableside ordering system

In the realm of modern dining, the incorporation of tableside ordering systems has emerged as a transformative trend. This innovative approach enhances customer satisfaction, streamlines service efficiency, and accelerates table turnover. Various formats of tableside ordering systems exist, all converging towards the same outcome: seamless and expedited order processing. This article delves into the distinct modalities of such systems, elucidating their benefits and impact on the dining landscape.

Tableside Ordering

Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Systems

One of the pioneering advancements in tableside ordering systems is the Mobile Point of Sale (POS). This technology allows for deploying handheld POS devices, affording servers the flexibility to traverse the entire restaurant. The obsolescence of tethering to central POS units reduces the need for servers to undertake frequent trips, optimizing their efficiency. This dynamic mobility expedites order placement and facilitates a more personalized interaction between servers and patrons.

Tableside Ordering

Self-Service Kiosks

Another facet of the tableside ordering paradigm is the utilization of self-service kiosks. These interactive stations empower customers to place orders and settle payments independently. This autonomy fosters a sense of control over the dining experience, as patrons can customize their orders using the intuitive interface. Detailed descriptions of menu items further enhance the decision-making process, ensuring that customers make informed selections that cater to their preferences.

Tableside Ordering

QR Code Ordering

In the digital age, QR codes have emerged as an ingenious tool for streamlined tableside ordering. Customers can seamlessly place orders using their smartphones by scanning QR codes linked to the restaurant’s online menu. This process eliminates the need for physical menus, reducing clutter and enhancing hygiene, a crucial consideration today. QR code ordering epitomizes the convergence of technology and convenience by allowing patrons to order and make payments through their mobile devices.

What We Offer

Staff members at the table can input orders into the kitchen using iPads thanks to Linkitsoft tableside ordering. After jotting down an order, there’s no need to waste time entering it. 

The Linkitsoft tableside ordering avoids the difficulty of maintaining multi-revenue centers, so your menu items only need to be added into the system once. This includes Point of Sale, Mobile App Ordering, Online Ordering, Kiosk Ordering, and Online Ordering.

Anywhere, anytime, from Any Device, you may add a new menu item or adjust a price, and it will appear immediately wherever you need it to. Refreshing data on legacy point-of-sale systems used to cause the system to crash while everyone waited for the terminals to restart.

Linkitsoft tableside ordering significantly improves the customer’s experience during the transaction. The app can provide suggested tip amounts for your guests to choose from. With the help of the software, visitors may sign fast on an iPad, and they can request to receive receipts via email.

What We Offer

Why Linkitsoft?

Tableside ordering can revolutionize the dining experience and help restaurants streamline operations, support personnel, and enhance customer experiences.

With the help of our innovative platform, restaurants and retailers can achieve mobility with their current systems and boost sales while digitizing the guest experience and responding to evolving customer needs.

Linkitsoft offers market-leading tableside ordering. Ask a product expert to give you a demo so they can demonstrate how the best restaurants have incorporated Linkitsoft tableside ordering into their current systems.

Contact us now.

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