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BVEND Our Smart Vending Machine Application

Our project revolves around developing BVEND, a smart vending machine
application. BVEND aims to provide an intuitive and efficient user experience for managing vending machines and optimizing sales performance. With various plugins, product pricing management, image updates, sales reporting, inventory health checks, and multiple customization options, BVEND offers a comprehensive solution to vending machine operators

The Problem

The core problem vending machine operators encounter is the need for more efficient management tools. Traditional vending machines often require manual intervention for product pricing, image updates, sales tracking, and inventory management. 

This manual process is time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to inefficiencies in operations and decreased profitability. Bvend, our remarkable vending machine software, is created based on solving the traditional problems of clients.

The Goal

Our goal was to create a vending machine that aims to solve create a user-centric design solution that addresses the pain points of traditional vending machine operators by focusing highly on user accessibility and providing interactive design that focuses on providing ease to both its use and business owner by providing an interactive admin portal.

By developing BVEND with a focus on intuitive usability and comprehensive management features, we aim to enhance the overall user experience, improve operational efficiency, and boost profitability for operators.

Project Duration

BVEND's UX structure is designed to provide operators with a seamless and intuitive experience. The critical sections of the application are divided into the web-based interface and an Android application.

The web-based app is divided into two sections according to accessing privilege.
1. Super Admin
2. Outlet admin
The Super Admin and Outlet Admin have various accessibility options, including a dashboard for sales performance, machine management, pricing and product management, sales reporting, inventory management, and customization.

User Research

To understand the needs and preferences of vending machine operators, we employed the following user research methods: 

1. Surveys: Conduct online surveys to gather insights on pain points, preferences, and desired features. 
2. Interviews: Conduct in-depth interviews with vending machine operators to better understand their daily challenges and workflow. 
3. Observations: Observe operators while interacting with traditional vending machines to identify pain points and areas for improvement. 
4. Competitive Analysis: Analyze existing vending machine applications to identify gaps in functionality and design.

Donut Trap Case Study

Product Description

BVend offers two modes, a web-based portal, and an Android app. This portal provides access to multiple options, including a dashboard, assigned vending, transaction history, top-up history, and the ability to add students, change passwords, and log out. The portal caters to two user categories: Super Admin and Outlet Admin.

Super admin

The super admin section of the vending application offers a comprehensive set of features and functionalities to manage and oversee the entire system. It includes: 

1. Dashboard: Provides an overview of system statistics, transaction history, and alerts. 

2. Transaction History: Allows viewing and analyzing detailed vending transaction records for auditing and analysis. 

3. Setup a New Client: This enables creating and configuring new client accounts within the system. 

4. Add Region: Allows defining and managing geographical regions for organizing vending clients and outlets. 

5. Add Area: Provides the ability to create and manage specific regional areas. 

6. Outlet Admin: Allows assigning and managing admin roles for individual outlets. 

7. School: Enables the management and configuration of schools within the system. 

8. Vending Machines: Provides tools to add, manage, and monitor vending machines across the network. 

9. Products: Allows managing the product inventory, including adding, updating, and removing products. 

10. Create NFC Cards: Provides functionality to create NFC cards for individual users to interact with the vending machines. 

11. Advertisement: Enables the management and scheduling of advertisements to be displayed on vending machines. 

12. Logs: Provides access to system logs for troubleshooting and monitoring purposes. 

13. Logout: Allows the super admin to log out of the application securely.

Outlet Admin

The outlet administration section of the vending application provides a limited and necessary range of features and functionalities. Its purpose is to offer convenience to retail managers in restocking products, assigning cards to students, and topping up

1. Assigned vending: This section streamlines machine management, ensuring secure access with Vending IDs and login
credentials. Operators can associate machines with usernames and passwords, enabling efficient operation. It also includes
features for educational institutions, allowing remote monitoring, updates, and data analysis for improved performance and

2. Transaction history: Bvend offers a seamless and convenient experience for users with features like Transaction History, Total
Cards, Assigned Cards, Balance Available in Cards, Search Card Number/Contact Number, and Top-up. Managing and using the
vending machine becomes effortless. 

3. Transaction History: Users can conveniently track purchase history, monitor spending, and check available card balances. The
Total Cards section shows the overall card count, while the Assigned Cards section displays their allocated cards. The Search
Card/Contact feature enables quick retrieval of specific information. 

4. Top-up: The Bvend web application offers a convenient Top-up feature, allowing users to add funds to their cards for uninterrupted vending machine usage. The Outlet Admin session includes a top-up History feature, enabling users to track their
transactions and monitor their account balance easily. 

5. Add Students: With the “Add Students” feature, the outlet admin can easily add new students to the vending machine system.
This simplifies the onboarding process for new students, ensuring seamless access to vending machine services. 

6. Change Password: We take security very seriously, so the Outlet Admin possesses the Change Password option, prioritizing the
protection of user accounts. The “Change Password” feature allows users to update their passwords regularly, enhancing account
security and safeguarding their personal information. 

7. Logout: A “Logout” feature has been implemented to ensure user privacy and account security. Admin can easily log out of
their accounts with a single click.

These features collectively contribute to a user-friendly and secure vending machine experience. By prioritizing top-up history,
student-focused features, password management, and account security, our application offers a comprehensive solution that
meets users’ unique needs in various environments.

What advantages does Bvend offer?

What advantages does Bvend offer?
Introducing BVEND, an innovative, intelligent vending machine application that completely transforms how customers accessand purchase goods and services. Here are ten extraordinary advantages of BVEND’s cutting-edge smart vending machine technology:

1. Unparalleled Convenience: BVEND’s vending machines application offers unmatched convenience, enabling customers to
effortlessly acquire products and services anytime, eliminating the need for human interaction or restricted store hours.

2. Optimal Accessibility: Through BVEND, strategically positioned smart vending machines can be found in various locations
such as corporate buildings, airports, medical facilities, and shopping centers, ensuring easy access to a diverse range of
products for busy customers on the move.

3. Time-Efficient Operations: BVEND’s smart vending machines streamline the purchasing process, enabling customers to
conduct quick transactions without enduring queues or dealing with sales personnel, thus saving valuable time in their hectic

4. Extensive Product Variety: Our smart vending machines can accommodate an extensive range of products, encompassing
everything from snacks and beverages to electronics and cosmetics. Customers can relish a vast selection of items, all conveniently accessible in one location.

5. Real-Time Inventory Management: BVEND’s smart vending machines employ advanced technology for real-time inventory
tracking, ensuring consistent availability of products. This minimizes the likelihood of encountering empty or out-of-stock

6. Seamless Cashless Transactions: BVEND’s vending machines application enables hassle-free cashless payment options,
seamlessly integrating popular mobile payment systems and card readers. Customers can securely make transactions without
relying on physical currency, facilitating faster and more efficient purchases.

7. Personalized Experiences and Targeted Marketing: With BVEND’s smart vending machines application, Leveraging data
analytics and customer preferences is now possible. With easy to access admin portal, BVEND can deliver tailored vending
experiences customized to their need. Customers receive targeted advertisements, customized recommendations, and
personalized product offerings based on their unique preferences.

8. Reduced Operational Expenses: BVEND’s smart vending machines substantially diminish operational costs compared to
traditional retail stores. With minimal human resources and lower
overhead expenses, these machines can operate 24/7 with minimal maintenance, resulting in substantial savings.

9. Environmentally Conscious Design: BVEND’s intelligent vending machines prioritize environmental sustainability by incorporating energy-efficient components and promoting recycling practices. They also contribute to reducing single-use packaging
and transportation, aligning with conservation efforts.

10. Data-Driven Insights: BVEND’s smart vending machines collect valuable data on customer purchase history, transaction
detail, and product preferences. Through in-depth analysis, this data yields actionable insights into consumer trends, optimizing product placement and enhancing overall business operations.


BVEND, designed based on user research, addresses vending machine operators’ challenges. Managing cards and purchases becomes effortless with features like Transaction History, Total Cards, and Assigned Cards. Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive features streamline operations, improve sales tracking, and optimize inventory management. BVEND aims to make vending machine management more efficient, profitable, and enjoyable for operators. This case study has taught us the significance of user-centric design, comprehensive management features, and intuitive usability in creating successful applications.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a hassle-free vending machine experience!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The BVEND case study addresses inefficiencies in traditional vending machine management. Manual interventions for pricing, inventory, and sales tracking are time-consuming. They are also prone to errors. BVEND offers a comprehensive, automated solution. This results in enhanced operational efficiency and profitability.
    BVEND simplifies vending operations through intuitive design and comprehensive features. Unlike traditional systems, it automates product pricing, inventory checks, and sales reporting. Hence, it reduces manual errors. As shown in the BVEND case study, this results in smoother, more efficient operations.
    BVEND includes real-time inventory tracking and an intuitive dashboard. It also offers comprehensive transaction histories. Furthermore, it supports both super and outlet admins. These features, highlighted in the BVEND case study, ensure seamless vending machine management.
    The BVEND case study underscores user research’s importance. Surveys, interviews, and observations shaped BVEND’s user-centric design. This focused approach ensures the application meets operators’ needs, enhancing usability and satisfaction.
    Businesses can expect improved efficiency and higher profitability. BVEND offers features like hassle-free inventory management and detailed sales reporting. The BVEND case study highlights reduced operational costs and enhanced customer satisfaction. This results in a more streamlined vending experience.
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