Digital Event Management

Digital event management enables and augments events using advance digital tools to interact and communicate with the audience.

With digital event management, events can reach a larger audience, including live conferences, musical performances, and hybrid product launches that can be stream live.

Linkitsoft offers user-friendly virtual event management systems that efficiently manage events while maintaining high-quality standards.

In addition, Linkitsoft ensures that all modern components are integrated into the virtual event, making it easy to plan and execute the event from start to finish.

Digital event management

Benefits of Digital Event Management

Digital event management

Keep everyone up to date

You may inform your attendees by displaying session details, schedules, and speaker biographies using our event management software system.

Immediately receive feedback

With opulent polling options, you can quickly learn about the preferences of your participants.

Digital event management

Make spectators become participants

Using real-time messaging, pre-event advertising, and higher evaluations and ratings on our event management platform, you can turn visitors into participants.

Increase your network marketing activities before events.

Digital event management

Prepare your audience.

Maintain contact with everyone and keep them updated on your progress, even if it’s just a single like, follow, or comment.

Encourage and value consumer feedback.

Use post- and live polls to better understand your readers’ motivations.

Immediate communication

You may enhance attendance by giving timely updates and push alerts and distributing relevant event information and news.

You can boost your game and start proactive communication by spreading sponsor information, information about relevant sources, party information, and so on.

A digital event planner uses tools such as a meeting scheduler, online chat, visitor profiles, and more to digitalize your event.

Digital event management
Digital event management

Make your audience happy

You can give participants an excellent experience and maintain their interest in your event by using our event management software solution.

Digital event solution

Increase networking among participants

You can promote engagement among your participants by turning on the options in Digital Event Planner such as like remark, share, and others.

Digital event management services

Suggestions and ideas from speakers

With the assistance of intelligent coaching, participants can select the most relevant programs and contacts.

Increase the effectiveness and ROI of your events.

You can create discussion forums where users can express their thoughts and discuss common interests.

Your post-event toolbox for calculating the success rate of the event helps you gauge the effectiveness of your digital event management.

Digital event management
Digital event

Visitor profile digitization

Promote networking base on hobbies and jobs to aid your members in establishing relevant conversations.

Digital event management

Meetings are easily scheduled.

Meetings can be set up in a matter of clicks by permitting the detection of relationships between participants and selecting a time that exposes the shared availability of people.

Digital event

Control through mouse clicks

One click is use to control each action. As you go, make quick changes and tweaks to the content.

What practices you should consider in Digital event management


Q&A session

Every event should have a Q&A portion, whether it takes place in person, in a chat room, or based on questions provide in advance by the audience. Attendance is recommend by asking questions in the platform’s private chat room. More voices can be heard through public interaction.



A light heart quiz at the start of an event may be enjoyable for smaller audiences. You may even organize a quiz contest with a prize after the final speaker. 

As a result, players will be more likely to stick around until the end to find out who won, increasing the value of the reward in their eyes.

Live poll

Live poll

A live poll at the start of your event is a terrific approach to breaking the ice because it will involve everyone in attendance. Your audience will get the impression that you value their ideas and are interested in learning about their challenges and potential solutions. Poll frequently and early to make your audience feel like they are part of a community.



Including video in your webinar, regardless of the size of your audience, is an excellent method to keep attendees engaged.

Because music and moving visuals have different effects on our brains, watching a movie can help with memory retention by stimulating specific areas of the brain. Using pre-record videos can assist you in explaining new topics and engaging visual learners.

Digital event management


Surveys are an excellent method to get feedback from your attendees after the event, while everyone’s recollections are fresh. 

You can launch a poll at any moment during your event to enhance response rates and encourage participation. 

What we offer

Virtual, hybrid, and in-person events are expected to play important roles in virtually every industry sector. A fully integrated event management software platform that can handle events of all types. With only one license, one login, and one support staff, you have freedom, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness. 

Keeping in view the importance of digital event management we offer the following features to our clients.

Digital event management

Deliver Engaging Virtual and Hybrid Events

Hybrid events present greater options when businesses resume in-person operations. With digital event management software, you can manage both online and offline events like conferences and trade shows without having to manage two different businesses. Virtual events are extremely inexpensive, making them critical in the age of global trade.

By offering Digital event management we offer complete management solutions to cater to all your meeting needs and requirements.

Garner Participants' Valuable Perspectives

Virtual events leave a data trail that can be mine for important information. This gives event planners a clear picture of their attendees’ demographics as well as the economic impact of their activities. In addition, the strategic meetings management process delivers real-time data, which reduces expenses and risks.

Our digital event management dashboard allows you can set goals and monitor vital information such as the number of leads you want the event to generate. You’ll always have the data you need through visible dashboards to optimize your events as they happen.

Marketing tools

Integrate Your Marketing Tools and Processes

If you’re hosting an event to draw prospects or customers, for instance, you’ll need a mechanism to gather their comments and contact information. If you employ a digital event management solution connected to your CRM program, this will be much simpler.

This type of link also makes it easier to manage comprehensive client profiles and assemble attendee information for physical events in one area.

A digital event management platform should be able to handle every scenario due to its inherent features and seamless connection with critical corporate technology.

Visitors will find it easier to register and make payments if online payment processors such as Stripe and PayPal are used. Such linkages can aid in a range of tasks, such as trip planning, identity management, and so on.

Benefit from a Professional and Managed Services Team

If you’re new to event planning or having problems modifying your strategy to better suit virtual and hybrid events, choosing digital event management solutions that offer continuous support and open licensing is critical. 

One of the primary advantages of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model is that it covers expenses for platform maintenance and customer support in addition to the platform itself.

Working with a professional services team can help you gain the expertise you need to achieve your objectives. Successful event preparation and presentation are almost guaranteed if you have someone to help you at each stage.


Why Linkitsoft?

Linkitsoft provides customers with experienced digital event planning and management to meet and exceed expectations for both clients and their attendees through crowd-pleasing virtual experiences on interactive platforms.

Linkitsoft can meet your virtual event needs whether your event has 20 or 20,000 participants. As a full-service agency we are dedicate to assisting you in conveying your message in a meaningful way, to the right people—and at the right time—in today’s digital world.

Linkitsoft is your go-to virtual event planning partner, specializing in digital event management, so we can assist with whatever your question or need is.

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