Digital Whiteboards

Digital whiteboards are highly essential for any business. You can use it as a whiteboard on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or any suitable electronic device, to put it simply. Everything you say in a lecture or meeting can be seen live or afterward on the internet. The most sophisticated software can incorporate a wide variety of media, including films, interactive information, and 3D models, as well as graphic and annotation tools. 

In other words, a digital whiteboard is a constantly accessible interactive platform with a wealth of content. No, of where they are on the team, all students and team members feel like they are a part of the lesson at any stage of the project. You may finally say goodbye to notebooks, pencil sharpeners, and pens because everything that participants produce is simply unachievable. A digital whiteboard ensures that everyone is constantly ready.

Digital Whiteboards

How LinkitSoft Helps Businesses Maximize the Benefits of Digital Whiteboards

A Customizable Interactive Experience for Productive, Powerful Meetings

Using software, interactive screens serve as the hub of all your interactions and collaborations. Making it simpler to maintain meeting attendees. Up to 40 individuals can be in a meeting at once, handwritten notes can be converted using built-in text recognition. High-quality displays of movies or images can be annotated on, remote controls can be used, and there are many other features.

Easy Integration Across All Your Software, Operating Systems, and Hardware

No matter how helpful, if interactive screens aren’t compatible with your current technology. your company won’t benefit much from the investment. Digital whiteboards may be readily integrated with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Android.

We can resolve any hardware or software compatibility concerns (for example, with iOS and Chrome OS).

All Your Interactions in One Place: Record Meetings, Save Notes, and Survey Teams

Digital tool sprawl is one of the largest obstacles to adjusting to hybrid and remote work. For example, companies may use one system for chat, another for virtual meetings. Similarly, while using another for taking and sharing notes. You can access everything. LinkitSoft can help you take use of these features by offering document management services.

Reliable Support and Troubleshooting from Experts at LinkitSoft Systems

Your productivity can be significantly increased by storing all of your meeting notes, videos, and other documents. Screen Skills Gurus can assist you in getting up to speed more quickly. However, the loss of important data is a risk related to central data storage. Fortunately, LinkitSoft offers technical support, document management, and cloud backup services to shield your company from any threats.

Digital Whiteboards - Why you need them?

Traditional dry-erase marker boards are similar to interactive digital whiteboards, which also incorporate touch recognition technology. Users can use a stylus or even their fingers to interact with computer programs, documents, and photographs by touching the screen. Advance content interactivity, enhance audience involvement. Sharing and archiving of presentation events, and interaction with network computers and peripherals are all advantages for people giving commercial presentations or university lectures.

Digital whiteboards are instruments for collaboration, interaction, and presentation. However, they offer a wide range of features that encourage interaction and support preparation, in contrast to their analog counterparts. Let’s examine the most notable ones in more detail.

Digital Whiteboards

Access your files from anywhere

The greatest digital whiteboards can store anything that has been put on-screen to cloud storage. Online file access provides unmacho convenience and peace of mind for everyone. Business meetings, project updates, and online or hybrid learning are made easier by it.

Participants, trainees, or collaborators can use their extra time and energy to focus actively on the lesson or activity at hand because they aren’t under pressure to write everything down.

Digital Whiteboards

Engage, connect, and interact

Engaging visual content only strengthens how closely our lives are intertwine with the digital world. The tremendous potential of online visual displays can revolutionize the way we work, educate, and learn. Videos, images, 3D illustrations, or infographics boost performance while making the entire process more enjoyable for everyone involve.

Students pay more attention to the course material and recall more of its contents while they are having fun in class. Teachers, on the other hand, can easily access a wealth of content and plan engaging high-quality classes. 

best digital whiteboards

Collaborate remotely

You can also streamline your board in real-time and have everyone engage concurrently using a digital whiteboard. Meeting recordings and brainstorming sessions improve distance learning and teamwork. Students and coworkers can both participate in existing projects by adding annotations, uploading their homework, and repurposing visuals across platforms. Therefore, empowered cooperation fosters an inclusive ecology for people who instruct, learn, or conduct remote work.

best digital whiteboards

Use a variety of media formats

Users of digital whiteboards are encouraged to use a variety of multimedia. Teachers can explore online resources, search the content collection, and find information more quickly with a few clicks and an internet connection. Additionally, customers may easily drop animated widgets, 3D models, and sticky notes onto an infinite canvas.

Any collaborative experience is elevated to active engagement when there are so many interesting visual elements present. 

Benefits of Digital Whiteboard

Digital whiteboards are virtual learning environments that function as software, whereas interactive digital whiteboards are flat panel displays that function as real hardware. These resources enable instructors and students to generate ideas, discuss, and visualize data in novel and cutting-edge ways. Here are some of the top benefits of digital whiteboards

digital whiteboards for business

Screen Sharing

The screen-sharing function is essential to any interactive smartboard. Users of the function can distribute content from gadgets like laptops, PCs, and smartphones. Screen sharing supports by the majority of smartboards both wirelessly and with an HDMI cable. Some more best smartboards can even offer simultaneous screen sharing from up to four devices.

An interactive smartboard is a far more effective tool than other traditional displays because of the screen-sharing capability. A smartboard can display many displays at once in contrast to whiteboards and projector screens, which can only support one display at once.

digital whiteboards for business

Audience Engagement

The greatest method to hold an audience’s attention is to engage it, so stay away from lecturing-style presentations of static material. An interactive whiteboard in a classroom can allow students to engage actively with the material rather than passively read lecture notes. You, the teacher, can ask your class to annotate or highlight certain parts of a presentation on the screen. Additionally, without needing to stand at a podium or sit behind a computer, the instructor or student can run applications from the whiteboard to combine multiple multimedia technologies. Instead of passively receiving information, pupils, especially younger ones, prefer the tactile experience of physically interacting with the board.

Web Browsing

The potential of a smartboard to facilitate active dialogue among participants is its biggest advantage. An active discussion is one in which each member is allow to express all of his or her opinions freely. Ideas can be express in a variety of ways, including drawings, photos, writings, and films.

An interactive smartboard is more than just a display, in contrast to more conventional displays like whiteboards and projection screens. Users can access a resource library with a variety of information using this technology as well. Users of an interactive smartboard can always look for information or resources online during a debate thanks to the built-in internet browser.

When a concept or piece of information is available, a conversation or classroom activity can proceed smoothly and without interruption.

digital whiteboards for business
digital whiteboards for students

Saving and Printing

You can save and print any annotations that are created on the whiteboard to your papers using interactive whiteboard technology. For instance, you can retain any markings or writings you make on documents that were projected, including highlights and drawings, by using whiteboard software. Sharing these annotations is simple, either by emailing the file or printing a copy. In this way, you can document a presentation or lecture and share the happenings with those present as well as with anyone unable to attend.

digital whiteboards for students

Peripheral Devices and Interconnectivity

To interact with audiences, including those who might not be in attendance, you can also connect additional technologies. You can mark and annotate photographs on a screen by drawing on images from digital cameras that are connect to your computer. 

Furthermore, whiteboards can be attach to network computers, allowing viewers in one location to speak with a whiteboard linked to a computer in another location, allowing remote document and picture interaction.

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation, one of the most popular presentation tools, supports the delivery of an engaging and effective presentation in both corporate and educational settings. The effectiveness of a classroom or corporate discussion can impact by the presentation’s quality.

PPT can be seen and display immediately on the screen by the majority of interactive smartboards on the market. A PPT file creation and manipulation program is even incorporate into some smartboards.

digital whiteboards for students
digital whiteboards for students

Content Interaction

The ability to interact with display content is the central and most obvious feature of an interactive whiteboard. You may highlight text, draw lines, and click on buttons and hyperlinks with the accompanying stylus pens or, in certain situations, your finger. With the use of this interactivity, a teacher or presenter can highlight certain sections of a lesson or presentation in real-time.

digital whiteboards atlanta

Document Viewer

The capacity to accommodate a variety of digital file formats, including Word documents, PPTs, PDFs, pictures, and videos, is a requirement for a fantastic interactive smartboard. Wide compatibility is crucial. Users want to quickly and simply show any content they choose so they may concentrate on more crucial activities, like deliberation and decision-making.

multi writing

Multi Writing

Because interactive smart boards may offer an interactive experience that changes a passive audience into an engaged audience, this is one of the key reasons why people utilize them. The simultaneous writing on the screen by numerous users is made possible by the multi-writing capability. It is a minor but important feature, especially for applications in the classroom.

Students can write, draw, or sketch straight on the computer screen with the help of their teacher. Two or three students can learn to collaborate when presenting their thoughts on the same panel when the multi-writing mode supports.

image edit

Image Edit

Since a picture is always worth a thousand words, images and photographs play a significant part in information dissemination. PNG, JPEG, and GIF are just a few of the image formats that can be displayed on interactive smartboards.

One of the most fundamental functions is the ability to display an image file, and the user experience can be further enhanced if users have the option to resize, rotate, crop, or even alter the image display. When presenters may fiddle with the display image to better tell a tale, the image editing function can improve interactivity.


Annotation is the act of describing anything by directly writing comments or notes on a document or display image. You can take notes by writing directly on the screen, for instance, when a PDF document is being shown on the smart board.

Your audience may comprehend the presentation of information more fully if you have the option to annotate, sketch, or write comments directly on the page being present. Since humans are visual beings, having visual clues makes it easier for them to recall information.

Annotations can also be a time-saving tool. The document with the annotations can be export. The participants can then access the exported document. Because they won’t have to spend time taking notes during the presentation, participants may focus more on the speaker.

Video conferencing

Video Conferencing

These days, remote meetings and video conferences are popular. The recent worldwide epidemic is another factor in the explosion of video conferencing. Both for educating and for conducting meetings, video conferencing is crucial. As a result, customers are continuously searching for a product or service that will enable them to interact without having to travel.

A few years ago, smartboard manufacturers did not give video conferencing much thought. But today, things are different. The majority of interactive smartboards on the market now include front cameras and video conferencing software built in. Some even support well-known programs like Zoom and Google Meet. Additionally, manufacturers have begun to focus more on enhancing the built-in speakers and microphones. The crucial component of video conferencing should never be overlook.

File Saving & Transfer​

File Saving & Transfer

The capabilities of an interactive smartboard in file saving and transferring are crucial because it is a highly collaborative digital display. If importing or exporting files is difficult, an interactive smartboard is no different from a traditional whiteboard.

Users can always upload files from their cellphones or other devices to the interactive smartboard. Any document that has been commented on can then be store and transmit to participants’ devices using the wireless connection or by scanning the QR code. 

Additionally, the majority of interactive smartboards feature USB ports. Users can transfer files at any moment by plugging in USB drives.

Why Linkitsoft?

Modern work environments, learning environments, and collaboration spaces are made possible by digital whiteboards.

Linkitsoft, a market-leading digital whiteboard solution provider, has the experience to deliver you the best whiteboarding experience. Whether you’re looking to include a digital whiteboard in your educational institute or want to install it in your office environment, we have a complete solution to offer with the best digital whiteboarding solution.

Our whiteboard solution makes learning exciting, more effective, enjoyable, and practical. Thanks to our expertise, we offer reliable and innovative digital whiteboarding solutions for all your business requirements.

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