Interactive whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard is a digital display that responds to user input or information from other digital devices. Different technologies, including large panels with standalone systems or combinations of projectors and tablets, can power it. It allows users to project and interact with files on its surface. It can only be use when it connects to a computer, projector, and LCD. When click, it transforms into a touch-sensitive version of the user’s screen, allowing interaction without a mouse. 

The software for interactive whiteboards offers a range of valuable tools, such as easy-to-understand graphs, charts, polls, and virtual classroom features. It also supports various media formats for interactive lessons. To use an interactive whiteboard, you need to connect it to a computer and a digital projector, which displays the image on the board. The projector detects any contact with the board’s surface, which is then transmit to the connected computer via an installed application.

Interactive Whiteboard

Benefits of Interactive whiteboard

Users of interactive whiteboards can make real-time annotations on documents. Moreover, photographs, and other content as they offer multiple benefits. In addition, to being use to exhibit information, communicate during brainstorming sessions, and digitalize activities and processes.

Interactive Whiteboard

Enhancing Presentations

Digital whiteboards can improve presentations by providing a beautiful 4K quality display and playback that supports a variety of multimedia materials such as images, movies, and charts. This makes them more interesting and visually appealing. 

Furthermore, interactive whiteboards enable real-time sharing of presentations with coworkers or clients, enabling greater cooperation and seeking feedback from the audience via polls and surveys.

Interactive whiteboards enable the audience and the display material to come into focus instead of the presenter. Writing or drawing on the interactive whiteboard is a fantastic way to turn a one-sided presentation into a real engagement.

Interactive Whiteboard

Your meeting should begin promptly

Interactive whiteboards from Linkitsoft are made to be simple and quick to set up. It offers a one-stop shop with everything you require already in place for collaboration and interaction. There is pre-install software, a solid interaction platform, and straightforward video conferencing using Zoom® software and an integrated web browser.

Our whiteboards are design to help meeting hosts start every session on time. High-performance software integration and other productivity solutions are available. Because everything they need is pre-built and simple to use, hosts no longer need to frequently contact IT teams.

Interactive Whiteboard

Better Training

Employees can learn new skills more quickly and efficiently by creating or modifying interactive training materials on interactive whiteboards. 

Sharing interactive training materials with other members of staff or clients also helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Interactive Whiteboard

Increased Interaction

The use of interactive whiteboards in the workplace can improve teamwork. The boards allow for in-person employee communication, which reduces misunderstandings and errors. 

The boards can also be use to convey information quickly and easily, which can speed up decision-making.

Interactive Whiteboard

Increased Versatility

The usage of interactive whiteboards facilitates remote meetings, which can cut travel costs and save time. 

Because virtual meetings can be record and share with others who were unable to attend, they can give greater flexibility and accessibility. 

Interactive Whiteboard


Another advantage of interactive whiteboards is their low cost. The boards, which are a one-time expense, can be use for presentations, meetings, and training sessions. 

Because they require no special maintenance or upkeep, interactive whiteboards can eventually save you money. The boards allow businesses to exchange documents digitally, which reduces the cost and usage of paper. 

Interactive Whiteboard

Increased Productivity

Interactive whiteboards have been shown to increase productivity in a variety of commercial settings. According to research, companies that used interactive whiteboards had shorter meetings and higher work completion rates. 

According to studies, organizations that employed interactive whiteboards were more likely to achieve their goals and objectives.

Increase Remote Employee Satisfaction

Remote teams can benefit from interactive whiteboards in conference rooms, according to a study by the University of California, Berkeley, and the American Institute of Management. Participants in conferences and meetings can use the wireless presentation option to share content from their mobile devices. 

Remote teams and consultants can use the wireless presentation feature to connect to the shared screen from any device, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. 

Shared documents and multimedia files can be access and mark by multiple people in real time. When content from a phone is cast using large Interactive Flat-Panel Display (IFPD) technology, it becomes instantly available with excellent visual quality for everyone.

Interactive Whiteboard
Reduce stress

Reduce Stress Levels in Your IT Team

Our interactive whiteboard solution reduces IT professionals’ stress levels as soon as they arrive after delivery. Because of the tool-free out-of-the-box configuration, they are simple to use right away. Because of the rapid and simple installation, IT may enjoy a trouble-free deployment.

Successful meetings generate ideas, conversations, and action items. With an interactive whiteboard solution, you can annotate from anywhere, bringing the versatility of traditional whiteboards into the digital realm.

Ease of access

Ease of Use

The use of interactive whiteboards is simple. They provide simple file management via email, network clients, USB, and direct file storage and retrieval on the whiteboard’s memory. 

Wireless screen mirroring is available on business interactive whiteboards, which may be utilize with a range of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Laptops, smartphones, and tablets are examples of such gadgets.

What we Offer

quick deployment

Quick deployment

Linkitsoft, as a leading provider of interactive whiteboarding solutions proudly presents Smart Digital Module which is pre-install with Windows. Integrate into the touch panel, it offers quick and easy deployment and is ready for use.

Real time interaction

Real-time interaction

As we believe that real interactive communication brings greater value to your business, all of our interactive whiteboard solutions are suitable for online-to-offline meetings that utilize audio and video peripherals that provide reliable and real-time communication.

Massive voice

Massive device collaboration

We offer Massive Device Collaboration with our whiteboard solution, where Smart Whiteboard may be connected to PCs, notebooks, or even smart devices such as iOS and Android.

Multi user

Multi-user capability

Using our whiteboard solution, users can access files and edit content, handwriting, and graphics simultaneously from different locations.


Economic feasibility

Our highly interactive whiteboard solution offers easy upgrade options by allowing switching options. To save money, it is not necessary to replace the entire solution.

integrated solution

Highly integrated solution

Using our highly reliable interactive whiteboard solution, you save space and cost for slim and power-efficient environmental designs.

Why Linkitsoft?​

Through Linkitsoft’s highly interactive whiteboard solution, the audience and the displayed material become the focus.

Putting the audience first can be demonstrate by allowing numerous people to draw or write simultaneously on a piece of paper or another image. Additionally, we believe that audiences should be able to share their documents by casting from any device. Last, but not least, it enables real-time group annotation of a document.

Engagement can change even if the presenter is the only one using cutting-edge whiteboard technology. Writing or drawing on an interactive whiteboard is a fantastic way to turn a one-side presentation into real engagement!

Currently, our most popular interactive whiteboards include all of these features.

Our whiteboard solution helps you improve meeting effectiveness by planning the venue itself and helps contemporary collaboration in creating the perfect meeting place.

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