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Meeting management software refers to the process of handling all phases and parts of a meeting. The actions conduct before, during, and after meetings are all critical to their effectiveness. Any step in the meeting management process that is skipped might lead to poor results and unnecessary meetings.

Meetings will occur regardless of what your job entails or what position you occupy within your firm. Meeting management software may help team members stay in connection by handling video conferencing sessions and distributing files quickly. When looking for the best meeting management software, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Meetings are primarily intending to boost output and effectiveness. Even the most difficult tasks can be complete when everyone is on the same page and knows what has to be done. 

Meeting management software

The Difference between a Meeting Management system and Meeting Room Management

Meeting room management is a procedure that an organization can implement to enhance the management of its meeting spaces, whereas a meeting management software refers to implementing a meeting management system to increase efficiency and decision-making. 

The adoption of procedures that might make this procedure more organized and less chaotic goes hand in hand with the introduction of a room reservation system that will increase productivity and flexibility within the company.

Meeting management software

Benefits of Meeting Management System

Meetings are essentially intended to boost output and effectiveness. Even the most difficult tasks may be completed when everyone is on the same page and understands what has to be done. Meeting management is critical for the following reasons:Meeting Management Software is a powerful digital solution designed to streamline and enhance the entire meeting process, from scheduling

Meeting management software

You will not waste money on ineffective meetings

Meetings can be not only a waste of time, but also a waste of money if they are not properly scheduled. According to time budgeting research, a single mid-level management meeting every week costs an organization $15 million per year!

Meeting management software

Your time will not be squandered in unnecessary meetings

We are frequently suffocated in needless meetings week after week. Employee attendance at meetings increases to 62 hours per month, compared to the average executive’s 18 hours per week. Meetings are the most common time waster at work, according to nearly half of the attendance, with 93% daydreaming and 39% even nodding asleep during meetings.

Meeting management software

You'll make quick and effective decisions

When properly planned, a meeting will produce the desired results. Make sure the meeting’s aim is mentioned in the agenda and that only the necessary participants are invited to increase efficiency and speed in obtaining decisions that are in line with the meeting’s objectives.

Why do you need a meeting Management software?

  • Calendar integration with popular email clients reduces the likelihood of multiple bookings.
  • Instant access to meeting agenda, notes, and minutes modules in real-time.
  • Increased teamwork by automating the distribution of MoM and attendance tasks. 
  • Limit access to proprietary or sensitive company data to lessen the risk of data theft. 
  • Paperless communications mean fewer storage difficulties, fewer lost documents, and greater cost savings.
  • With real-time access to business performance, negotiation specifics, and financial data in one place, you can: 
  • Unlock possible savings
  • Analyze and analyze meeting success criteria using a dashboard and analytics.
Meeting management software

Common Meeting Management system mistakes

To improve efficiency, avoid making the following common mistakes:

Meeting management software

Guests Who Are Uninterested in the Agenda Items

Is it really necessary to invite everyone on your list to the meeting? 

A summary delivered through email is usually sufficient. A half-hour meeting can be trimmed short by just two attendees whose presence is not essential, saving the company an hour of valuable time. 

Meetings are for making decisions, not just discussing information. When attendees do not believe the topic under discussion is relevant to them, it is easy to dismiss the meeting as a waste of time.

Meeting management software

Loss of Focus

For some reason, there always seems to be that one individual at meetings who begins sharing stories that have nothing to do with the topic under discussion. While telling anecdotes isn’t always a bad thing, going off-topic during a meeting can significantly slow things down.

Getting a group of individuals to focus on is the most challenging component of managing them. Someone should always be in charge of steering the meeting back to the chosen themes and regaining attention, whether it is the organizer or any of the attendees.

Arriving late for meetings

The meeting can be postponed for 5 to 10 minutes, or an additional 10 minutes in most cases. It is unjust for those who come on time to have to wait for others who are frequently late. So don’t wait for them! Starting the meeting on time sends a strong message to those who arrive late and develops a reputation for punctuality.

Meeting management software
Meeting management software


The ability to multitask is a hallmark of our modern existence. However, the price is rising. According to the Harvard Business Review, multitasking causes a 40% decline in productivity and a loss of 10 IQ points, which is even more concerning! Nowhere is this more visible than in conference rooms, where distractions such as email, texting, and online browsing may have a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line. 

So, how can you prevent meeting attendees from multitasking?

Establish the meeting’s roles. Who is the facilitator? Who will be taking notes? Meetings are more focused and productive when each participant has a specific task to complete.

Meeting management software

Long Meetings

Your team’s focus is probably not as sharp now, 30 minutes into the meeting, as it was at the beginning. It’s not that youngsters are indifferent or easily distracted; rather, there’s a lot of information to process. As the meeting progresses, it will be more difficult to sustain the energy and conversation.

Short meetings are required to increase the effectiveness of your team. Feel free to declare a “hard stop” at any moment throughout your meetings because an agenda frequently expands to occupy the time provided for it.

Most people can remain engaged for a maximum of 52 minutes. Any meeting should not last more than one hour. People appreciate it when you recognize the worth of their time.

Best meeting Management approaches

Meeting management system

Consider Whom to Invite

Before sending out the invitation, examine who genuinely needs to attend the meeting to avoid wasting anyone’s time. On the other hand, keep in mind to involve everyone. Make sure everyone who will be affected by your announcement is there to avoid rumors spreading or anyone feeling left out of the discourse.

Meeting management system

Follow the Meeting Schedule

Invite at least three days in advance to allow for responses and topic suggestions. Make a sensible schedule and stick to it. Each one should have a time limit, and it should be obvious who will facilitate the debate. Make sure everyone is aware of the timetable to avoid any shocks when you push the audience to move on to the next topic.

Meeting management system

Choose Topics That Affect All Attendees

Make sure the meeting’s themes are relevant to everyone in attendance, and try to keep the discussion to no more than five topics. To avoid bringing up tangential concerns, you can even create themes based on comments from attendees, so you know exactly what they want to discuss.

Send a Follow-up Email

When attendees return to their workstations following a meeting, it is quite easy for them to forget the decisions made. As the meeting organizer, write a follow-up email summarizing the main decisions made and who will be responsible for them within 24 hours of the meeting. Assume the team decides to send an email to a client about a specific topic. Who was supposed to send the email? Was anyone else involved in supplying information to that person? These judgments must be thoroughly outlined to avoid any misinterpretation of what was discussed during the discussion.

Send a Follow-up Email
Meeting Agenda

Define the Purpose and Create the Meeting Agenda

Consider the meeting’s purpose for a moment before inviting guests and making a venue reservation. Do you have any specific goals for this meeting? Make sure the goal is clearly defined in your meeting invitation to ensure that attendees are on the same page and can provide comments about what needs to be covered before the meeting. Include all of the topics you wish to cover on the agenda before sending out the invitation.

Provide a Timetable

Provide a Timetable

Because everyone’s time is valuable, everyone must focus on the assigned themes and issues. The timed agenda may also discourage side discussions or discussions of problems that the group is not yet ready to address.

Make a spot for your phone and computer, and encourage people to use them. Employees who use computers and cell phones are estimated to be distracted every ten minutes on average. Unless necessary for the meeting, turn off the computer.

Allow Everyone to Have an Equal Voice

Allow Everyone to Have an Equal Voice

If you see that someone is speaking too frequently or for an extended period, it is your obligation as the meeting organizer to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to speak during the allotted time. Simply tell the person that you value their input but also need feedback from the rest of the group. Setting ground rules for open discussions ahead of time also helps to bring everyone together.

How We Can Help With Meeting Management Application Development

Because we have establish online meeting software solutions for our international clients. LinkitSoft already have a robust foundational framework. That can be quickly and economically adjusted to your unique meeting management software needs.

It can feature webinars, calendar scheduling, video content sharing, and analytics. Making it ideal for both small businesses and large corporations. It can also be used to build cutting-edge mobile meeting software. Further, that entirely automates meeting scheduling.

You may get to market much faster with this highly versatile framework that supports various devices and successfully meets the requirement for every type of business communication and collaboration. This modular approach also allows for the simplification of the previously mentioned meeting processes.

Let us now look at the main aspects of the system that we may create by developing meeting management applications.

Meeting management
  • Prepare Agenda
  • Invite Attendances
  • Setup Meeting
  • Pre-Meeting
  • Record Attendance
  • Record Discussions
  • Provide Documents
  • Pre-Meeting
  • Generate MOM
  • Assign Decision
  • Follow Up

Our feature-rich meeting management tool is great for busy salespeople. It’s a great strategy to manage all of the information through a meeting management platform to increase your business productivity.

Why Linkitsoft?

Linkitsoft offers an established electronic board meeting management solution. Importantly, that allows you to design, approve, and track meeting agenda items and items. 

With the use of the workflow engine, the electronic agenda can be distributed to the approved personnel via the department. 

Furthermore, the notification module keeps authorized individuals informed of the status of the process. Using our extremely effective meeting management system. You can easily create and submit your board package, making paperless meetings a breeze.

Our board meeting software, which has matured into a comprehensive solution, has benefited a diverse spectrum of businesses. This allows you to organize all of your meetings on a single, secure, and collaborative platform.

Contact us for all your meeting management solution.

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