Real Time Messaging Solution

Real time messaging solution can help increase the businesses workload. The simultaneous exchange of text or media communications between two or more people is referred to as Real Time messaging.

Real Time messaging has become a common form of communication in our daily lives, whether we prefer social media messengers like Facebook Messenger or Instagram messages or messaging programs like iMessage or Whatsapp.

To communicate with their customers more easily, businesses are now rushing to offer customer support via Real Time texting. 

real time messaging
Real time Messaging

What Is Modern Real Time Messaging?

Real Time messaging is not a new concept, but it has evolve into a platform that is easier to use for both users and businesses. 

AOL chat rooms were initially use for Real Time messaging, but both users had to be logged in at the same time to communicate.

There would be no dialogue if the other person did not converse concurrently. This is because servers are used to relay messages, wait for responses, and then relay the messages back. As a result, if there was no two-way communication, the discourse would come to a stop.

However, the advent of Real Time texting has allowed for talks to take place without requiring simultaneous interaction from both parties. Asynchronous messaging enables two users to communicate whenever it is most convenient for them, without requiring that they both be connected to the server at the same time.

This entails that the sender can post several messages that are saved on the server of the recipient until the recipient logs back in, at which point they can respond and easily carry on the conversation. Real Time texting is contemporary and user-friendly because of asynchronous messaging.

Real time Messaging

Modern Real Time Messaging

Asynchronous messaging allows the sender to send as many messages as they desire, and the receiver to respond to them as soon as they are accessible. 

The absence of the receiver has no effect, and talks can still be conveyed and responded to when the receiver returns. The sender and receiver can converse with numerous persons at the same time.

Here’s what you need to know if you believe that conventional Real Time texting can still suffice.  The average time a customer is willing to wait for a response is up to 2 minutes and 40 seconds. 

In a conventional chat, this would entail that a customer would have to wait and be available throughout the entire conversation. Even if there is no immediate action they can take, agents would still be limited to a single conversation on the other side. 

Other consumers would have to wait until the prior talks were over before they could speak with a representative. 

In certain ways, synchronous messaging slows communication down more than asynchronous messaging, where more users are likely to receive responses despite a small wait time. 

Traditional Real Time Messaging

In synchronized messaging, both the sender and the recipient must participate in the conversation at the same time. There will be no debate if there is no recipient. 

The sender must wait for the recipient to be online before sending messages. The sender and recipient can only talk to one person at a time. 

Real time Messaging

Why should businesses use modern Real Time messaging?

Think back to the time you wanted to verify your online order, but there wasn’t a live agent to help you out. You couldn’t go ahead with your transaction without your question being explained, so you didn’t make the buy. That day, you were no longer a customer of that company.  When clients go neglected, they are likely to leave and never come back. So choosing the channel that gives the best percentage of customer service resolutions is vital for a corporation. Businesses that encounter long wait times, huge quantities of inquiries, and queries outside work hours will considerably benefit from a Real Time messaging solution. 

Real Time messaging solutions can take customer care a step further. Before a customer interacts with an agent, modern messaging software can provide them with information. The information supplied can be as minor as setting a response-time expectation for an AI smart chatbot that can instantaneously respond to the customer. Choosing the proper messaging software is the best approach to building a Real Time messaging system for your business. However, to properly provide Real Time help, you must first select the right software and learn how to utilize it. 

Real Time Messaging Software: How to Use It

Here’s how you can use messaging software to offer high-quality, Real Time messaging-based customer service.

The simplest way to let your customer know that you have read and reacted to their message is to send a ping to their device. Because of this, even a brief delay encourages the customer to notice your response and carry on the conversation. Both sound and email notifications can be enabled. No client will be overlooked in this manner, and they will all get the solutions they require.

Real time Messaging

Sort with Priority Inbox

A useful tool for increasing efficiency is the priority mail box. The chat messages with the longest waiting times are prioritized at the top. The first chats that your agents will reply to are the ones. This feature helps you save time when there are few agents available and a large volume of requests. Additionally, we are aware that customers are prepare to hold up on a response for at least two minutes. Therefore, you won’t have to wait for them ever again.

Real time Messaging

Enable Response Expectations

You may assist your customers have realistic expectations by using the Response Expectation option. It predicts how long an agent will take to respond to a new message. This tool operates in real-time, based on the availability of your agents. Customers will know how long they should anticipate waiting for a response as they enter the conversation. 

Learn more about how one organization control its customers’ expectations so that its representatives could reach all of their clients.

Real time Messaging

Engage with Live Translate

Real Time live chat allows you to communicate with customers from all over the world without having to overcome language hurdles. It has a live translation capability, which saves money on hiring agents who can speak various languages. Google Translate is use to translate customer messages into your local language, and your responses are translated into their prefer language. This functionality is a game changer for lean teams working with overseas clients. 

Real time Messaging

Create Canned Responses

You may take time-saving for your clients a step further by identifying the most often-use words and phrases while speaking with them. On request, these can be quickly supplied to the consumer and converted into a form of a short-hand key. You can create as many prepared responses as you need, assign each a special key, and even add placeholders to speed up the discussion. 

The next three sections go through in detail the self-service capabilities that you can activate to support Real Time messaging. Self-service is the icing on the cake when it comes to Real Time messaging because it eliminates the need for agents to provide support in the first place. This has two advantages for agents: 

• To start, they’ll have more time for difficult issues because they won’t have to spend as much time addressing routine queries.

• Secondly, because customers won’t need an agent’s help to get their answers, the volume of inquiries will drop dramatically. 

Real time Messaging

Assign Business Hours

Enable talks after hours rather than shutting off your chat widget at the end of the day. If your agents are not available, customers can receive an away message. When you return to work, a brief statement will be made letting consumers know that you are now absent and that their issue will be remedied. 

Real time Messaging

Build FAQs

Although discussions are not included in FAQs, this feature allows you to arrange a time for more critical support conversations that may consume your agent’s time. You can establish a FAQ section to rapidly receive answers without speaking to an agent by evaluating the most popular conversations our representatives have with clients. The chat widget will include a FAQs tab. Clients can always contact your staff if they do not receive the responses they expect. Consider the FAQ section to be a filter. The less the customer has to contact you, the more information you can provide them ahead of time.

Our Features

Building A Future-Centric Chat Application Using A Roadmap, Deployment, And Battle-Test

Pre-built User interface

Pre-built User interface

You may design dynamic chat experiences throughout your app using our fully responsive UI elements. You may enhance the conversation experience for users of your app by using pre-built UI layouts, chat window designs, fonts, colors, and typefaces.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

We take the security, integrity, and privacy of user information very seriously. We use end-to-end encryption of user discussions, as well as multiple levels of security measures such as AES and 256-Bit SSL, to ensure you never have to worry.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

With our easy-to-integrate chat SDK, you can quickly and easily add in-app chat to any project. You can design cutting-edge messaging experiences with simple yet powerful messaging tools such as 1:1 chat, group chat, push notifications, presence indicators, and UI Kit.

Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment

Your chat application can either be hosted on our cloud servers or servers on your premises or in the cloud. Gain more flexibility and control over how your chat app’s resources are use, store, and secure.

End-to-End Support​

End-to-End Support

MirrorFly guarantees pre- and post-launch assistance with the development of your chat platform. Chat services may be brought into the market faster and give after-market support with the help of our support staff.

Multi-platform Development

Multi-platform Development

Our messaging SDK is design to work flawlessly on any platform or device, including Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and macOS, allowing your app’s users to communicate from their prefer platform or device.

What we offer

Linkitsoft interacts via a variety of channels and provides a Real Time messaging application development platform. We give a structure for developing a Real Time messaging solution.

Our source code is freely accessible, and you can control the functionality and source code of your instant messaging program.  As a highly technologically advanced company, our cloud-powered integration gives us competitive advantages. By storing data on your chosen cloud server, you can enhance your instant messaging service’s resources and usability. Amazon Web Services (S3), MySQL, Erlang, and Ejabberd have all contributed to a robust technological foundation. We created and implemented a cross-platform instant messaging solution. 

We offer Text and Voice Messaging. In three simple steps, use the Linkitsoft messaging app to write, speak, and send. Make private video/audio calls to your friends and family in the Linkitsoft Real Time messaging solution. On your iOS or Android device, messages sent or received have sound thanks to Linkitsoft’s Real Time messaging solution.

Why Linkitsoft?

Whether it’s webchat, Google My Business, Facebook Messenger, or SMS, it’s all in one place, ensuring that you always receive messages and that consumers have a consistent experience. The Real Time management platform, review invitations, appointment scheduling, and simple question answering are all done in one simple inbox.

Linkitsoft is eager to incorporate conversational elements into your app. Every popular enterprise, from Reddit to Paytm to Headspace, is supported by a robust community. With us, you can get closer to texting, calling, or video chatting in your app for a more seamless Real Time messaging experience. What are you waiting for now? Start development with experts, and enhance your customer loyalty by providing the most reliable Real Time messaging solution.

Everything is at your fingertips. Contact us now.

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