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Are you trying to find a storage option that is both practical and safe? If so, you might want to think about spending money on a smart locker. Facilities managers who need to provide personnel with a secure location to store personal goods. While also having a productive way to regulate access will find our smart office lockers to be a great solution. But what precisely are smart lockers and how do they operate? For answers to these and other questions, keep reading!

A smart locker is a particular kind of locker that connects to the internet using Internet of Things (IoT) technology to give users a practical way. Moreover, to keep their possessions. The fundamental benefit of a smart locker is that it enables workers to keep both business and personal things safe and secure. While providing management systems with an easy way to regulate access, which is why these are particularly popular in office and warehouse environments. 

Smart Locker

What is smart Locker management?

Smart lockers employ software that enables lockers to be adaptable and to handle multiple workflows at once. Both the administrative and user ends of the process benefit from smart lockers management software.

Smart lockers empower managers to regulate remotely and assign numerous functions to one locker bank. Such as an automate locker for parcels, device collections, personal belonging storage, and more. 

Linkitsoft’s smart lockers management solutions are adaptable, configurable, flexible, scalable, and intuitive. The term “smart lockers software” refers to the full set of computerize processes incorporate into the locker that makes all the storage of objects safe.

Smart Locker

The benefit of a smart Locker

People are becoming accustomed to their new workspace and procedures as they return to the office approaches. Similarly, thanks to the growth of Internet services and the IT sector in general. Our daily operations have shifted. Contactless, adaptive, and responsive is the future. This should be reflected in the way we organize and store our belongings.

Around this idea, Linkitsoft Smart Lockers Management was created, which enables users to securely and independently store, transfer, receive, or trade objects. We offer the ideal solution to boost productivity and give your employees and guests a smooth experience. Utilizing our smart locker system has many advantages, such as.

Smart Locker


By automating your locker administration operations and enabling you to swiftly and easily assign employees’ lockers, they can self-allocate using our smart Locker System.

A smart locker helps you cut down on locker management time by up to 94%. Additionally, it saves administrative time, cash, and materials that would otherwise be used to locate and redistribute misplace keys or report missing property.

Smart Locker


An additional degree of security is offer by a smart locker for personal items. When something goes missing. You may quickly check into the online system to see who last entered the locker and when. 

Traditional storage solutions simply cannot offer features like keyless entry, a full audit trail, or live locker logs as a smart locker does.

Smart Locker


Your workers may effortlessly store and retrieve your items with a smart locker without worrying about keys. Smart cards or smartphones can be used by staff to enter lockers, putting an end to the annoyance of misplace keys and stubborn locks.



Your staff can keep things organize and the office less clutter with the aid of a smart locker. Your items will stay precisely where and in the condition you left them, which is especially handy if you work in a shared area or find yourself away from the office occasionally.

Powerful integration​

Powerful integration

Users can with the aid of our locker management software. Book a locker near your workspace, conference room, or collaborative area to avoid the time and inconvenience of looking for your locker around the office and to let you get down to business.

Centralized for better control

Centralized for better control

On a centralize platform, our locker management software interacts, manages, and generates reports for each unique locker bank. Managers can monitor and allocate different locker uses from a distance.

Easy access for users

Easy access for users

Lockers can be reserve in advance through a web browser on any smart device or desktop. Additionally, it allows you to access the lockers using RFID cards or mobile devices. The integrate control panel in the locker bank serves as the source of all instructions.

What Are the Prices for Smart Lockers ?

This question does not have a universally applicable solution. Depending on the features you want and the kind of locker you select, a smart locker’s pricing will change.

What aspects are vital to you should be taken into account when purchasing a smart locker. Consider the locker’s size as well as whether you’ll be retrofitting your current lockers, which can save you a lot of money. 

To ensure you are receiving the best bargain, compare costs across many brands before making your final choice.

Smart lockers

Why Choose Linkitsoft

We hope we have given you the information you require if you were looking for a definition of a smart locker. Despite being a relatively new technology, smart lockers are rapidly rising in popularity. They function by allowing access to permit users via a mobile app or access badge.

This makes it possible for your employees to discreetly and securely store personal items without worrying about theft or damage. Linkitsoft offers a reliable, smart locker solution, which has advantages in terms of convenience, organization, and greater security. In addition, smart lockers offer numerous uses that are advantageous to enterprises of all sizes.

Get in touch right away if you have questions about the Linkitsoft smart locker solution. We can benefit your company by providing the most reliable, efficient, and secured smart locker solution that you can trust. If you want more details about how they operate, we would be pleased to assist you 

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