A Comprehensive Guide to iOS App Development Cost

A Comprehensive Guide to iOS App Development Cost

Need to find the iOS app development cost? Have an iOS app idea that you’re planning to develop? Worry not; we’re here at your service.

Iphones are the mobile phone versions of creme de la creme, and iOS itself is the equivalent of a knight. That is because, much like medieval knights, iOS is not only fast and agile but is also covered with solid armor that is hard to penetrate. Credit where credit is due: Apple knows its stuff and makes some quality products. Despite the polarizing and infamous opinion of Apple’s product being overpriced, Apple has built a serious, lavish-like ecosystem.

That ecosystem holds some high standards that, at times, can be a bit of a nightmare for developers to meet when creating an iOS app. Slipping right into the ecosystem with an app that stands out takes some doing, both in terms of effort and financial resources. As for the latter, people are always wondering what the iOS app development cost is.

According to Apple’s official website, “There are around 2 million apps on the Apple App Store.”

Those numbers are not even half of the apps available on Google’s Play Store. But once again, that speaks to the exclusivity of Apple and iOS as a whole. IOS emphasizes quality rather than quantity. This might make you wonder whether that fact makes the Apple mobile app development cost higher or lower than its counterpart. Needless to say, people are all in iOS app development more than they ever have been. So, what’s the iOS app development cost? To find out more about this, let’s break down the iOS app development cost in this guide. Without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

Average iOS App Development Cost Breakdown By Project Scale and Complexity

The average cost of building an iOS app depends on many factors. These include the scale and complexity of the app development project, the size of the mobile app team of developers carrying out the development, and other related factors. However, we will break down the iOS app development cost step-by-step below. We will start with the app’s size, scale, and complexity.

Average iOS App Development Cost Breakdown By Project Scale and Complexity 



Small-Scale & Simple Apps 

Simple apps are the easiest of all apps. They are low-complex and a basic iOS app with standard features and functionalities. Moreover, the development project is small in scale and can be completed in a short span of two to four months. The app maintenance, features, and functionalities required for small and simple apps are pretty basic. However, some of these bare-minimum features not only shape the app but are also essential to the app’s core functionality and purpose. The cost of developing an iOS app with little to no complexity sits nicely in the range of $5,000 to $10,000.

But those numbers can quickly change depending on the complexity, size, features, and functionality of the app. However, a small and simple app is quite easy to develop. That is because developers build it using pre-made app templates that require very minimal coding. These templates offer basic functionalities and a business-standard user interface. However, the downside of going with pre-built templates is that there is no synchronization with cloud storage. Also, there is an absence of API integration capability. Other than that, small and simple apps have just about everything that an app needs to perform. In most cases, these apps can be developed for under $10,000.

Medium Complex Apps

The medium complex apps dial things up and take them on a bit higher notch. Not only are these apps more advanced than simple apps but the scale of the project is also bigger in comparison to low complex apps. As a result, the development price and the development time also increases. This time around, the medium-complex iOS app development costs around $15,000. It can go up to $30,000 or above depending on features and functionalities.

As for the development time, it takes an app development company about 4 to 7 months to complete the medium complex development project. However, the added iOS app development cost and time also mean an upgrade in terms of the app’s capabilities for integrating with third-party APIs and synchronization with cloud services for data storage.

Highly Complexed Apps

The hardest of them all are the large-scale apps with high complexity and advanced functionalities. These apps are top tier and take things to the highest level in terms of technological stack, advanced features, sophisticated functionality, and advanced integration with just about every other system or third-party APIs. Moreover, the synchronization with cloud services for storage also levels up with high-complex and large-scale apps.

However, all the added fancy bells and whistles add to the overall cost of an iOS app. The cost to develop an iOS complex app with advanced features sits around in the range of $30,000 to $50,000 or above. In some instances when the features and functionalities are highly complex, the iOS app development cost can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Factors that Determine the Cost of iOS App Development


Factors that Determine the Cost of iOS App Development


The complexity of the mobile application is only half the story when it comes to iOS app development costs. That is because there are other factors that play a great deal in shaping the overall iOS app development cost. The cost of creating an iOS app can vary widely depending on the following factors:


iOS App Categories

The first and perhaps the most important factor that affects the cost to build an iOS app is the type of app. There are various types of iOS mobile apps that range across multiple categories and industry sectors. Some of the most popular categories of native iOS apps on the App Store include gaming apps, business apps, education apps, utility apps, lifestyle apps, food and drinks apps, shopping apps, health and fitness apps, productivity apps, finance apps, entertainment apps, and travel apps. Gaming apps are among the most popular apps, dominating the iOS app market with a market share of 12.68%.

iOS App Categories

On the other hand, the least popular apps are travel apps, with just a market share of 3.26%. The app categories affect the cost of iOS app development in 2024. That is because each category possesses its own complexity as well as features and functionality required for meeting iOS users needs. The cost varies from category to category. For instance, utility apps are the easiest of the bunch and, therefore, cost way lower than other category apps. On the other hand, gaming apps are the most complex apps and require advanced features, thus increasing the overall cost of development way higher than any category app.

Features and Functionality

Regardless of what category or type of app it is, the rule is simple: the higher and more advanced the features and functionalities, the higher the iOS app development cost. Features are like fancy bells and whistles, and the more you add to an app, the brighter it will shine. While you might have chosen iOS as an ideal platform to build an app on, it does not guarantee a certain amount of development costs in any shape or form.

Even though the OS platform, app category, and complexity do play a role in shaping the development cost, it is mainly the features and functionality that are the driving force behind dictating the iOS app development cost. Therefore, it all depends on an app’s features and functionality, and if you were to lay off some of the unnecessary features, then you can save on development costs as well.


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Design and User Interface

The next factor that determines the initial development is one of the main stages in the app development process: the app design and user interface. An app’s UI design can make or break an app. However, it can also be one of the main contributing factors to iOS app development costs. That is because creating complex UI designs that align with your brand image can push up the development costs. Not only that but getting the results you want can be a bit time-consuming, and it will most certainly push the development timeline as well.

App Store Submission

Developing an app is only half the work, as the other half is submitting it to the app store. However, submitting an app on the Apple App Store is not as easy as walking in the park. That is because App Store submission requires your app to comply with Apple’s guidelines and, after that, goes under a review process. Not only that, but you will also need to pay a one-time fee to submit an app to the App Store. The fees for submitting an app on the Apple App Store range from $100 to $300.While that fee is nothing compared to the overall iOS app development cost, it does play a tiny bit of a role in pushing the cost numbers.

App Store Optimization

Like desserts, apps also require a bit of garnishing to stand out, and the cherry on top in this instance is the App Store Optimization, better known as ASO. The ASO is much like doing an SEO for an app rather than a website. Not only does the ASO help improve an app’s visibility on the app store and search results, but it also opens a gateway for people to start downloading and using it. Without a proper ASO, an app can see the fate that many other apps have seen, with no one downloading or using them.

Therefore, an ASO is all but a must for an app, and doing it comes with added costs. There are multiple options for doing ASO, including a free one, but that is of no use. However, the average cost of ASO ranges from a little over $1,000 all the way to $10,000 per month, depending on the ASO tools and strategies. Whichever option you choose to go with, it is worth it in the long run as it helps improve your app visibility and allows people to discover, download, and use your app.

App Monetization Features

Most businesses develop apps for their enterprise operations. On the other hand, others develop apps to earn from app revenue. The app generates revenue through various means, including app downloads, subscriptions, in-app purchases, and advertisements. Most of these are related to in-app features, and therefore implementing those features requires extra cost. While it is certainly a bit out of the way to spend on added features, these features actually provide a return on investment. Therefore, implementing monetization features to generate revenue is a no-brainer.

Marketing and Promotion

Marketing an app is one of those factors that is solely down to you. For instance, if you choose to promote your app, then it’s all good. But if you don’t, then there is no harm done either. However, promoting your app and spreading the word about it will only help it in the long run. And if you choose to market your app, then there are multiple ways you can go about it. These include running social media campaigns and digital advertising campaigns. Also, you can go with influencer marketing. Each one of the methods can cost you from as little as $25 to $1,500 per month. But all of that can add to the cost of your iOS app. It will also add to the app’s value in terms of better visibility and increased user acquisition.

Integration with Third-Party API and Backend Systems

If you are developing an iOS app as a remote extension to your existing digital or online services, then you will need to integrate the app with your existing backend systems or third-party APIs. However, that will cost an extra as developers will need to develop APIs for your app. The API can easily integrate with your backend systems, like customer databases and inventory management systems. You can also add third-party services to your app, such as social media integration and payment terminals. The cost of all of these integrations will be given to you during project analysis. Project analysis is the early stage of the development process. These integrations will play a major role in shaping the iOS app development cost.

Development Methods That Decide the Cost of iPhone App Development

While we have talked about the factors that play a role in determining the iOS app development cost, we also need to talk about the ways in which that development is done. That is because the development method also decides how much it costs to build an iOS app. While there are various ways to develop an app, we will look at the two most common methods of developing an iOS app, and they are:


Development Methods That Decide the Cost of iPhone App Development 


Partner With a Firm’s iOS App Development Team

The most commonly used method to develop an iOS app is to partner with a mobile app development company. Organizations assign the development project to iOS app development companies. They hand over the requirements upon which the development company creates a development plan. The company then gives the estimated cost of iOS app development. However, the actual cost of iOS development services is only decided when both parties come to an agreement, and all the details are finalized. The iOS app development cost can range from company to company depending on the skills, expertise, experience, and location of the development team.

The benefits of iOS app development from an experienced firm are far too many compared to hiring one or two freelancer developers. Partnering with a firm for developing a simple and small-scale app can cost you around $5,000 to $10,000. On the other hand, medium-complex apps will cost you from $15,000 to $30,000. And for high-complex and large-scale apps, it may cost you $30,000 to $50,000 or more when partnered with a development firm.

Hire Freelance iOS App Developers

Speaking of hiring freelance developers is the second method by which people go about developing their iOS apps. This method costs a bit less compared to hiring a development firm. But that also means that you do not get the level of skills and expertise hiring a freelancer that you get from the development team of a firm. That is because development companies have multiple teams for app development. They are categorized as design teams, development teams, and testing teams.

Each team has 4 to 8 highly skilled members. However, hiring one or two freelance developers will not only limit the resources but will also extend the development time. The iOS app development cost from a freelancer depends on the development time. That is because you hire freelance developers on hourly rates, which go from $100 per hour to $200 per hour. So, there are always some benefits and a bit of trade-offs with each method. Moreover, you will really need to assess each method before choosing it.

App Cost Calculator Will Help You With iOS App Development Cost Estimation

The best way to know the actual iOS app development cost is to get a quote from a development firm. They give quotes depending on the details and requirements of the development project. However, getting a quote can also take at least one to two days. That is because development firms analyze and do a comprehensive breakdown of the project within their team. So, based on that, they send RFP documents to clients that mention the iOS app development cost. But if you need to estimate the cost of iOS development now and want to get the answer instantly, then you can do so by using an app cost calculator.

Linkitsoft’s app cost calculator is an online tool. It is designed to give you a cost estimate for your specific app development project. The cost estimate is based on features and functionalities that you will choose from the options. By selecting the options and calculating the cost of developing iOS apps, you can get an idea of how much it costs to develop iOS apps. This way, you will be mentally prepared for the actual thing. Also, you will know exactly how much it will cost before getting into it.


App Cost Calculator Will Help You With iOS App Development Cost Estimation


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Their developers are highly skilled and use the latest technologies and best development practices to develop apps. That way, you can be assured that your development project is in safe and capable hands. Above all, Linkitsoft’s pricing for iOS app development is quite reasonable. It is much more affordable than other firms in the market. Their development solutions are designed to fit under a client’s development budget. While they choose to make their solutions affordable, they do not, however, compromise on quality. Therefore, you can develop an iOS app at an affordable iOS app development cost with Linkitsoft.


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Wrapping It Up

That is the end of this guide to iOS app development costs, and we will now wrap it up. We hope that the factors we have mentioned in this guide can give you an idea of the things that shape the iOS app development cost. Furthermore, the iOS app development cost depends on development methods as well as the app’s scale and complexity. All of these factors increase or decrease the development cost. So, knowing these factors will help you during your app development journey. We hope you like reading this guide. And if you did, we suggest you read more guides like these on our website.

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