The Future Of Automated Vending


The future of automated vending is bright as this technology continues to evolve with new innovations. From cashless payments to remote purchasing, automated vending machines are becoming more intelligent and convenient. By embracing IoT and smart capabilities, businesses can optimize their automated vending operations and provide next-level customer experiences. The potential for enhanced sales, efficiency, and machine management through connected, data-driven automated vending is immense. This is an exciting time for the world of automated vending machines.

Turn your vending machines into IoT Connected Smart Vending machines

Have you considered turning your standard vending machines into smart, IoT connected devices? With vending machine software from Linkitsoft, you can easily add intelligent capabilities to new or existing machines. Keep reading to learn how smart vending can benefit your business!

Automated Vending

Linkitsoft Local Dispense

Modern User Interface

The Linkitsoft Local Dispense app provides a modern, intuitive interface for your customers to make purchases. Gone are the days of navigating through clunky physical selection buttons. The app allows for quick and easy product selection via dynamic digital images. Customers will find this experience refreshing compared to outdated vending interfaces.

Detailed Sales Analytics

With smart vending, you gain access to detailed sales and machine performance analytics. The Local Dispense app records essential data like best-selling items, sales trends over time, machine uptime, and more. This data visibility allows you to optimize your machine stocking and identify issues promptly. You’ll minimize lost revenue from outages or product shortages.

Custom Promotions and Pricing

The app makes it simple to configure custom promotions and pricing for your customers. You can set up dynamic discounts, promotional pricing, and even free giveaways to attract customers. The flexibility allows you to tailor offers to match the demand trends you observe in the sales data. Promotions are a great way to test product demand and dispose of soon-to-expire items.

Cashless Payments

With Local Dispense, your vending machine can accept credit cards and mobile payments like Apple Pay for added customer convenience. Cashless transactions are essential in the modern world. Customers will appreciate not having to fumble around for coins to make a purchase from your machine.

Remote Management

Another key benefit of smart vending solutions is robust remote machine management capabilities. The Linkitsoft platform allows you to monitor and control your devices from anywhere via the cloud.

Unlock the Power of Intelligent Vending with Our Software

Automated Vending

Real-time Status Monitoring

You can check the status of your vending machines in real time through the management portal. Quickly identify machines that require attention due to jams, outages, or the need for restocking. Resolve issues faster and minimize downtime that results in lost revenue.

Remote Configuration

Remotely configure machine settings and content like pricing, promotions, and product inventory. Easily push updates to multiple devices with just a few clicks. With traditional vending, any configuration change requires a technician to visit the machine on-site. Smart vending provides greater efficiency and flexibility.

Software and Firmware Updates

The management platform allows over-the-air updates to machine software and firmware. Stay up-to-date with the latest features, security patches, and performance enhancements without needing to service each device manually. Maintain your fleet with ease as your smart vending partner handles updates remotely.

Cashless Reconciliation

When your vending machines accept credit cards and mobile payments, you want an easy way to reconcile transactions and cashless balances. The Linkitsoft platform automatically handles all of this complex reconciliation work for you. The process is seamless compared to manual reconciliation.

Remote Vending

Remote vending takes convenience a step beyond traditional smart vending. With this technology, customers can make purchases from your vending machine fleet using just their smartphone – no need to visit the machine in person!

Automated Vending

How It Work

Customers open your vending app and browse product selections as if they were standing at the physical machine. After choosing an item, the purchase is processed remotely via mobile payment. The customer then visits the nearest device and scans a QR code to release their selected item.


Remote automated vending takes convenience to the next level compared to traditional vending machines. With remote automated vending, customers can make purchases from anywhere via their smartphone. They don’t need to visit the machine in person! Here are some of the key benefits this capability provides for your automated vending business:

Increased Customer Convenience

Remote automated vending allows customers to make purchases anytime, anywhere. They can browse and buy from your machine’s inventory on their phone on demand. This results in maximum convenience – no more needing to carry change or visit a machine to purchase your automated vending devices.

Expanded Customer Reach

Since customers don’t have to be physically near your machines, you can market to a much broader audience with remote automated vending. Anyone in your city, region, or even across the country can become a customer. Your addressable market for automated vending sales grows exponentially.

Reduced Machine Faults

With fewer direct customer interactions with the physical automated vending machines, wear and tear is reduced. Remote purchases mean fewer people are pressing buttons or inputting cash, which could cause jams or malfunctions over time. The reliability of your automated vending fleet improves.

Enhanced Analytics

Detailed analytics on remote purchasing patterns can reveal insights into your customers’ locations and buying habits. With traditional automated vending, it’s impossible to track who buys what and where. With remote transactions, each purchase is tied to a specific customer through the app.

Higher Sales Volume

By providing more purchasing opportunities and easier access to your automated vending inventory, remote capabilities will drive higher overall sales volume for your business. More potential transactions and convenience mean more revenue from your automated vending equipment.

With remote vending from Linkitsoft, take your automated retail to the next level!

Retrofit Existing Vending Machines

If you already have standard vending machines deployed, there is no need to replace them to get smart capabilities!  Linkitsoft, as an automated vending platform, can integrate with your existing hardware through retrofit kits.

Automated Vending

Controller Unit

A compact IoT controller device is installed inside your machine to enable connectivity. It is wired to the native machine controls to facilitate communication. The controller comes with cellular data connectivity to link to Linkitsoft’s cloud platform over the air.

Sensors and Modules

There are many types of sensors and modules that can be integrated into automated vending machines to collect useful data and add functionality. Various sensors and modules can be added to collect machine data. Examples include:

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors inside an automated vending machine can detect when a customer walks up or leaves. This allows for tracking customer traffic patterns and conversion rates. How many people pass by your automated vending devices versus make a purchase? This data helps optimize your equipment placement.

Light Sensors

Light sensors mounted inside each shelf or product compartment enable an automated vending machine to track real-time inventory. Out-of-stock situations can be immediately identified versus having to inspect each area visually. Keeping your automated vending devices fully stocked boosts sales.

Cashless Readers

We all know cashless acceptance is a must for modern automated vending. Adding credit/debit card readers, NFC payment, and mobile wallet support like Apple Pay facilitates convenient purchasing from your automated vending fleet. More payment options equal more sales.

Barcode Scanners

For machines with remote ordering capabilities, barcode scanners enable secure order pickup. Customers scan a barcode in the app to release their prepaid automated vending purchase. This prevents unauthorized access to inventory while providing an excellent customer experience.

RFID Readers

RFID authorization can restrict access to your automated vending inventory only to customers with registered cards or credentials. This adds security and allows controlling or tracking access to restricted items like pharmaceuticals, alcohol, or tobacco in your automated vending devices.

Software Integration

The retrofit process includes integrating your backend software systems with Linkitsoft’s APIs. This connectivity allows remote monitoring and control of your devices. Any existing backend solution can be integrated, like CRM, ERP, POS, or telemetry systems.

With a retrofit, breathe new life into your existing vending investments!

In such scenarios, knowing how to fix the vending machine becomes crucial. It’s important to consider other possible issues, for example, the vending machine card reader not working. In this case, you will need to understand how to reset the vending machine card reader; specific instructions for doing so can usually be found in the eport card reader reset instructions.

If all efforts are exhausted, and the vending machine won’t dispense items, then it may be time to contact a professional, as it might indicate a more substantial failure within the machine’s system.

Integrate With New Vending Machines

For new machine deployments, Linkitsoft provides vending machine software ready for integration at the factory. We partner closely with manufacturers during the production process.

Integrate With New Vending Machines

Embedded Controller

Our IoT controller hardware can be pre-installed in new machines rather than requiring retrofit. This results in a cleaner, more integrated solution. The device is wired directly to native controls and peripherals.

Tailored Configuration

We customize the software to match the specific features and configuration of each vending model. The solution is tailored rather than one-size-fits-all. This tight integration allows for an optimized user experience.

Streamlined Deployment

With pre-installation at the factory, deployment is simplified. Technicians only need to connect and activate the cellular data – no complex retrofit process is required. Get your smart vending project up and running faster.

Warranty Inclusion

When our solution is integrated during manufacturing, warranty coverage applies. This gives you added peace of mind. Any issues stemming from the IoT integration are cover like other device malfunctions.

For new equipment, factory integration results in the most polished smart vending implementation.

When grappling with problems with vending machines, it’s essential to understand how to reset a vending machine, particularly if the vending machine is not working or out of service. Often, vending machine problem solutions involve troubleshooting the issue, which may include the vending machine not accepting coins or the vending machine bill acceptor not working.

In Fact This could be due to a wide range of vending machine problems, such as the vending machine buttons not working or the machine not taking coins.


Adding intelligent IoT connectivity can modernize your vending operations. With Linkitsoft, you gain access to powerful data insights and remote control to optimize sales and efficiency. However you retrofit existing machines or integrate with new ones, you will see tangible benefits from smart vending.

 Why Choose Linkitsoft for Your Automated Vending Needs

Additionally, When it comes to bringing smart capabilities and IoT connectivity to your automated vending machines, Linkitsoft is the premier partner to help you succeed. Here are some of the key reasons to choose Linkitsoft:

Linkitsoft Local Dispense

Retrofitting Existing Machines

Does your current fleet need a refresh? Linkitsoft provides vending machine troubleshooting and completes how to reset vending machine services. We can install retrofit kits to upgrade your existing hardware without the need for full replacement. Revive aging equipment suffering from issues like vending machines not accepting coins.

Integrated New Machine Solutions

In Detail For new deployments, our experts seamlessly integrate cutting-edge software and sensors during manufacturing. This results in next-generation vending machines tailored for optimal remote management and sales. Moreover, it prevent problems like vending machines not working or vending machines not taking coins before they occur.

Customized Mobile Apps

Represent your brand with customized mobile apps for iOS and Android devices to facilitate remote ordering and purchases. Provide the modern experience your customers expect with your own branded interface.

Back-end Integration

Linkitsoft can integrate with your existing back-end systems through advanced API connections. This enables consolidating data and control of your vending operations from legacy platforms. Get more value from your current infrastructure.

Ongoing Support

We handle all the complexity of managing cellular data plans and connectivity for your fleet. If any device goes out of service, our dedicated support team immediately responds to get it back online ASAP. First Lean on experts so you can focus on your business later.

Bring your automated vending to the next level with trusted solutions from Linkitsoft. Learn more at

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