Famous Apps Built With React Native In 2024

apps built with react native

React Native has revolutionized mobile app development. With its cross-platform capabilities, React Native allows developers to build native iOS and Android apps using a single shared codebase written in JavaScript and React. In 2024, React Native continues to gain popularity due to the many benefits it offers. More and more companies are adopting React Native to build their mobile apps and ship features faster. Let’s look at some of the most famous apps built with React Native as of 2024.

Key Takeaways:

  • React Native enables cross-platform native app development using JavaScript.
  • Top companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Wix use React Native.
  • React Native allows faster feature development and code reuse.
  • Apps can be built with native capabilities using React Native.
  • React Native has great community support and constant improvements.

Introduction to React Native

React Native is an open-source framework developed by Facebook. It allows you to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android using JavaScript and React. React Native apps look, feel, and perform exactly like any other native app.

React Native uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps. But instead of using Swift/Objective-C or Java, you build your UI using JavaScript and React components.

The React Native framework then converts these components into native platform UI elements. This allows you to build a real native app with the performance and capabilities users expect.


Introduction to React Native


Advantages of Using React Native

React Native helped hinge the gap between different operating systems, and with Linkitsoft, the transition becomes seamless. If you’re looking to adapt your mobile app to React Native or decide to use React Native for its cross-platform advantages, you should consider several key advantages that make React Native a popular choice for mobile app development:


Advantages of Using React Native


Leveraging Cross-Platform Compatibility

Imagine we’re part of a creative app development agency. Now, when we choose React Native for their mobile app development, we’re picking a path that joins Android and iOS apps into a friendly handshake. This single codebase route lets us wave hello to cross-platform apps without waving goodbye to native feel and performance. Thanks to React Native’s cross-platform capabilities, around 90% of the code can be shared. So whether we’re developing a sleek mobile application or a robust enterprise app, React Native’s amalgamation means we deliver quality with efficiency. This advantage of React Native has companies using React Native, like SoundCloud Pulse, to transform the way we experience mobile apps in the world.

Enhancing Performance

Here’s where it gets exciting. React Native isn’t just about saving money; it’s about delivering native applications that pack a punch. With native modules, animations feel smooth, responses quicken, and apps just flow better. That’s the power of React Native. It delegates the heavy lifting to native code, ensuring the app performs admirably. And take SoundCloud Pulse, for example. It leverages React Native to provide a listening and sharing experience that feels both intuitive and rapid.

Boosting Development Speed

With React Native, imagine we’ve stepped into a sports car—we’re going faster than ever! We use React Native to build and run user-testing sessions with React, making changes on the fly. This is React Native app development with the hot reloading feature; it’s like having a magic wand that refreshes our work instantly—no waiting. It’s a dream for any developer or agency that wants to boost its productivity. Debugging? A walk in the park, with tools like Chrome integrated right in. React Native was developed by Facebook with this vision: to merge the process of building apps across platforms into one smooth highway, enabling you to hire mobile app developers who race to the finish line, delivering your new mobile app at the speed of light.

Reducing Costs

At Linkitsoft, we will let you in on a secret. React Native is like a key to a treasure chest for folks developing mobile apps. It lets you build just once and say hello to both iOS and Android apps from a single codebase. Imagine cutting costs, not corners. That’s what React Native does. And let’s not forget maintenance. Upkeep is cheaper, too, thanks to code reuse. Its why companies turn to React Native—they spot the potential to save big.

Streamlining UI Development

React Native simplifies making beautiful interfaces with a building-blocks approach. These blocks, called React components, are reusable across platforms. So, if you’re crafting a React Native mobile app, your UI development races ahead; this approach isn’t unique to small projects. Look at the top 10 examples of React apps; they show just how much this method streamlines the whole process. With this strategy, React Native has been instrumental in bringing countless apps to life, transforming complex design into a smooth ride.

5 Famous Apps built with react native Native

React Native, a groundbreaking framework has transformed how companies develop their mobile applications. By allowing a single codebase to be used across both iOS and Android platforms, React Native has streamlined the app development process, significantly reducing the time and resources required. Here are 5 famous apps built with react native Native that highlight its capabilities, including Facebook, Walmart, and Bloomberg, showcasing the adaptability and efficiency of React Native in creating high-quality, cross-platform mobile applications.


5 Famous Apps built with react native Native



Instagram is a prime example of React Native’s potential. They started by incorporating React Native for simple features like Push Notifications. This move significantly sped up their development process. Challenges were present, but the benefits were clear. Code reuse rates soared to 85-99% between iOS and Android, depending on the feature. Notably, Instagram’s Stories feature was developed much faster using React Native than through traditional native development. This success story showcases how popular apps built with react native can achieve high efficiency and maintain native app quality.


Wix’s journey with React Native is aimed at creating a highly configurable and customizable mobile app navigator. The result was the birth of wix-react-native-navigation, a tool that exemplifies the flexibility and efficiency of React Native in controlling navigation flows. Wix’s experience underlines the speed and productivity gains achievable with React Native without compromising the native quality of the final product. Their development journey is a clear endorsement of React Native’s value in building complex, high-performance mobile apps that require deep customization.


Facebook, the first to harness the power of React Native, aimed to merge the best aspects of web development, such as rapid iterations and a unified cross-platform team, into mobile app development. The inception of React Native was a result of an internal Hackathon project focusing on increasing the speed of feature development by reusing code across iOS and Android apps. Notably, the Event Dashboard feature’s loading time was halved due to React Native’s framework-level optimizations. By turning to React Native, Facebook not only accelerated its development cycle but also enhanced app performance, setting a benchmark for other companies to follow.


In the list of apps built with react native Walmart, aiming to enhance its customer experience through technology, chose to rewrite its mobile app using React Native. This strategic decision stemmed from a strong desire to create an app that performs nearly as well as native apps, featuring fluid animations and high responsiveness on both iOS and Android platforms. By transitioning to React Native, Walmart managed to achieve a remarkable 96% code reuse rate across the two platforms, thereby leveraging its developers’ existing skills more effectively. Furthermore, the adoption of React Native played a significant role in making the mobile app more robust and efficient. This success owes much to the framework’s capacity to promote greater cross-platform code reuse and provide access to native components.

Sound Cloud

Aimed at creators, Sound Cloud Pulse is one of the great examples of apps built with react native. It turned to React Native to solve a critical challenge: the scarcity of native iOS developers. React Native enabled them to launch their app for both iOS and Android simultaneously. User testing demonstrated that React Native prototypes performed admirably. Developers found React Native to be a faster and more straightforward development path compared to traditional native app development. Sound Cloud Pulse stands as a testament to the potential of React Native for cross-platform app development, highlighting the framework’s ability to deliver robust mobile experiences efficiently.

How opting for Linkitsoft can save you from Challenges Faced by Developers

Companies that use React Native benefit from our services to maximize app efficiency. Whether you’ve used React Native to develop your app or are looking into great examples of React Native to inspire your next project, Linkitsoft can provide that pivotal push towards a polished, responsive app. Our expertise ensures your venture into React Native is backed by solid performance foundations. Linkitsoft commitment to excellence means you can confidently build and optimize with us. While React Native makes cross-platform development easier, some key challenges need to be addressed:


How opting for Linkitsoft can save you from Challenges Faced By Developers


Debugging Complexity

As we dive into the realm of app development with React Native, we understand that developers face some hurdles. For example, when you work on examples of apps built with react native, you’ll find debugging can be complex. However, Linkitsoft simplifies this for you. Multiple languages and tools intertwine, so we utilize a variety of debugging methods. We use React DevTools and React Native logs to ensure that the debugging process is smooth and straightforward. Linkitsoft can skillfully manage the popular apps built with react native, making your experience hassle-free. Moreover, our team is adept at handling apps using only one paradigm, ensuring consistency across all platforms.

By choosing Linkitsoft, you trust us to streamline your React Native-based development. Whether it’s your first React Native app for Android or an app for both iOS and Android, we make sure that debugging is not a bottleneck. Thanks to React Native, we can promise that the complexity of debugging won’t be a challenge under our guidance.

Performance Optimization

Now, let’s delve into performance. Optimizing your React Native application’s performance stands paramount, particularly for expansive projects. At Linkitsoft, we shine in this arena as well. We actively ensure efficient JavaScript execution and strive to minimize re-renders. Indeed, this aspect proves essential for sophisticated cross-platform apps developed using React Native. Effectively, Linkitsoft will leverage native modules, thus unlocking React Native’s full potential for your business.

State Management Difficulties

In the complex world of app development with React Native, managing the state effectively is key to a smooth-flowing app. At Linkitsoft, we understand that handling state data flow can be tough, especially with large applications. Rely on us to instill best practices around immutable data and one-way data flow, ensuring your app with React Native operates flawlessly. Remember, state management isn’t just a technical hurdle; it’s essential to the user experience. So, when your app is written in React Native, Linkitsoft will ensure data handling is seamless, and your app’s functionality is intuitive.

Bridging React Native and Native Code

As you aim to create an app with React Native, you might be faced with the daunting task of bridging JavaScript code to native modules. But fear not; Linkitsoft can do the heavy lifting for you. As part of our services, we write the necessary platform-specific code and expose the right APIs. We bridge the gap between React Native and native code with expertise and precision.

Keeping Up with Updates

Keeping your app updated is crucial and React Native’s fast-paced release cycle can be overwhelming. But Linkitsoft is here to take that weight off your shoulders. React Native was brought to life to inspire innovation and keeping it up to date is part of that journey. Frequent updates mean your app stays at the cutting edge, and with Linkitsoft’s services, staying current is hassle-free.

We assure you that Linkitsoft will manage the lifeline of your React Native app, keeping it timely and efficient. We’re committed to excellence, unlocking React Native’s full potential to secure, update, and propel your app development journey to new heights. Trust us to keep your venture ahead of the curve, armed with the latest technologies and expertise. Choose Linkitsoft to power your progress and keep you at the forefront of the digital marketplace with a proficiently maintained React Native app.


React Native has clearly become the leading framework for building cross-platform mobile apps. Many of the world’s top apps have integrated React Native due to the benefits it provides. Companies are able to build mobile apps better and faster using JavaScript and React Native.

The examples above showcase React Native, which enables excellent user experiences across diverse categories of apps. From social apps like Facebook and Instagram to e-commerce apps like Walmart, React Native powers millions of users. Its flexibility enables it to handle simple to highly complex app use cases.

Linkitsoft offers the bridge you need to ensure that your mobile app is not just functional but stellar. A platform isn’t the only React Native aspect to consider, but it’s crucial. And we’ve got the tools and knowledge to connect them smoothly. With Linkitsoft, your project is in capable hands, bridging React Native to native code with ease and competency.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key advantages of using React Native?

React Native enables cross-platform development, faster iteration, reduced costs, native capabilities, and excellent community support. It makes building iOS/Android apps much easier.

What are some examples of famous apps using React Native?

Facebook, Instagram, Uber Eats, Airbnb, Walmart, Tesla, Bloomberg, Discord, SoundCloud, and Skype apps use React Native.

How is performance in React Native apps?

React Native provides nearly native performance through native modules and asynchronous JavaScript execution. Apps feel smooth and responsive.

What are some React Native limitations?

You may need additional native code for platform-specific features. Debugging and state management can be challenging at scale. Regular updates are required.

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