Best Vending Machine tracking Software 2023

Vending Machine tracking Software


In the age where you own vending machines or an entire vending machine business, you need a program like Linkitsoft vending software solution – an online management software for intelligent vending machines. This type of software is designed to help vending machine operators manage their vending machines by using vending machine tracking software, which tracks sales, inventory, and machine health. It allows you to automate many aspects of your vending operations for improved efficiency.

Vending Machine tracking Software

Key Takeaways:

  • Vending machine management software helps operators manage entire vending operations from one centralized platform.
  • It tracks real-time reporting on machine sales, inventory levels, and profitability.
  • Leading options provide route optimization, machine alerts, cashless payments, and advanced analytics.
  • Choosing the right software can maximize revenue growth, minimize downtime, and enhance the customer experience.
  • Top systems like Linkitsoft provide robust solutions for automated tended retail businesses.

Overview of Vending Machine Tracking Software

A vending machine management system, or vending management software, is a software solution designed to help vending machine operators manage their business operations. This software lets you connect all your vending machines and monitor their status from a centralized platform. It gives insights into machine inventory, sales, revenue, alerts, and other key data to optimize your unattended retail business.

Vending Machine tracking Software

What is a Vending Machine Management System?

A vending management system is a software program that connects to your intelligent vending machines via cellular, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet. It provides a cloud-based platform to remotely monitor and manage your devices in real time. The software gives operators visibility into the status of their vending machines, allowing them to track inventory levels, sales, cash flow, and maintenance needs from their computers or smartphones. This automates much of the reporting and logistics of running a vending business.


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The Importance of Vending Machine Management Systems

Vending management systems are extremely valuable for operators with over a handful of machines. The software centralizes real-time reporting to optimize profits and minimize costs. Key benefits include:

These robust software applications enable owners to optimize profits while minimizing costs through real-time centralized monitoring and reporting by providing invaluable capabilities for operators and managing more than just a few vending machines.

You can connect all machines via telemetry to a cloud-based software platform; these systems give complete visibility and control over the entire vending operation. This delivers tangible benefits such as

Vending Machine Management Systems

Remotely monitoring machine status

Manage devices anytime, anywhere, without needing to visit locations physically. The software allows monitoring inventory levels, sales, faults, and other issues from any web-enabled device. This reduces travel time and costs.

Inventory tracking via vending machine tracking software

Maintain optimal stock levels and eliminate out-of-stock by keeping real-time tabs on items in each machine. The software gives machine-level data and alerts when a particular SKU runs low. This ensures no lost sales due to empty columns.

Optimizing routes

Plan the most time and cost-efficient service routes and reduce gas costs. The software allows grouping machines logically based on location and need. This minimizes the number of trips to each vending machine.

Increasing sales

Make data-driven decisions to boost revenue. Detailed sales analytics help structure optimal planograms to place the most profitable items at eye level. Features like digital signage also allow dynamic product pricing to increase the turnover of stale inventory.

Reducing downtime

Receive proactive email and text alerts for jams, faults, temperature issues, and other problems so they can be addressed quickly before impacting customers. Minimizing machine downtime protects sales and the reputation of vending companies.

Improving service

Respond to issues faster before they negatively affect the user experience. Instead of relying on customer complaints, the software identifies and resolves problems proactively.

Enhancing security

Remotely monitor cash collection in near real-time to minimize theft and fraud. The software also configures varying access levels for drivers, technicians, and managers to protect sensitive controls.

Accessing reports

Get on-demand sales figures, profits, inventory turnover, and key vending machine data through user-friendly dashboards. This informs better decisions to optimize operations. Reports can also integrate with accounting platforms.

For operators aiming to maximize profits across a sizeable number of vending machines, these software systems provide an indispensable set of capabilities to drive the business forward. The right vending management software will become an invaluable asset.

Features Provided by Vending Machine Management Systems

Modern vending management systems offer various capabilities via robust software applications to help operators efficiently manage an automated retail business. Key features include:

Vending Machine tracking Software

Cloud-based access

Monitor and remotely control vending operations from any web-enabled device using the cloud-based software platform. This allows managing on the go.

Live reporting

Get real-time sales, inventory, revenue reports, and analytics at the touch of a button. Detailed vending machine data informs better decisions.

Route optimization

The software uses machine locations and inventory data to optimize service routes, reducing mileage costs.

Sales analytics

Gain insights on sales trends, bestselling items, profitable locations, etc., to boost revenue. Useful for structuring planograms to place top sellers at eye level.

Machine status alerts

Get notified proactively via text or email for jams, faults, and temperature issues so they can be addressed promptly. This minimizes downtime and protects sales.

Cashless payments

Offer convenient debit or credit card acceptance to increase purchases. This provides a competitive advantage for vending companies.

Mobile payments

Allow customers to pay via apps for vending machines on their smartphones. This improves convenience.

Product price management

Remotely set prices as well as product selection and placement for each machine. Useful for targeted promotions.

Remote machine configuration

Change settings, display graphics, and customize parameters without visiting each device.

Access controls: Manage permissions for drivers, technicians, and managers to protect the security of cash and controls.

Accounting integration

Sync vending sales and collections data with an accounting platform for efficient reporting.


Connect machines via cellular, WiFi, or Ethernet for real-time monitoring and alerts. This enables remotely monitoring status.

Custom reporting

Build reports with desired metrics and filters for deeper insights into the vending operation.

These robust features help operators save time, optimize operations, minimize costs, and maximize profits across their number of vending machines. The right vending management software provides all the tools to efficiently oversee an unattended retail business.

What Types of Users Can Benefit from Vending Machine Management Systems?

Vending technologies software delivers tremendous value for many users managing automated retail devices and locations.

Here is a detailed explanation of the types of users that can benefit from vending machine management systems:

Vending Machine Software

Vending machine operators

Manage a dispersed fleet of machines across multiple locations. The software centralizes sales, inventory, and machine health data to optimize vending operations. Route optimization saves on mileage costs.

Micro market operators

Oversee unattended self-checkout food stores inside offices/facilities. The software manages inventory, analyzes sales trends, and monitors refrigeration remotely.

Office coffee providers

Monitor breakroom coffee machines and vending machines to ensure prompt service and maintain a full selection of snacks and beverages to keep employees happy.

Self-checkout stores

Manage unmanned/automated convenience and retail stores using vending machine tracking software and manage sales and machine uptime from a central dashboard.

Smart locker providers

Administer automated pickup/drop-off of packages, electronics, and more with detailed usage analytics and remote status monitoring.

Tech companies

Manage dispersed networks of IoT devices, smart appliances, and other technology by getting real-time status alerts, utilization reports, and remote troubleshooting.

The common thread is these businesses operate unattended machines in locations across a distributed network. A robust management system enables centralized oversight to optimize operations, reduce costs, and provide excellent customer service. Instead of managing devices one by one, software consolidates control and reporting for the entire network.

This allows for proactively identifying and addressing issues before customers are impacted. The capabilities bring order to distributed chaos through automation. Any company with an unattended retail business model can benefit tremendously.

Top Vending Machine Management Systems of 2023

Many excellent vending management systems and software options exist to help vending businesses. Here are some of the top vending machine management software platforms on the market today:

Top Vending Machine Management Systems of 2023


Nayax offers a comprehensive vending machine management system designed specifically for unattended retail. It offers real-time telemetry, cashless payments, consumer apps, and data integration capabilities. Nayax enables operators to optimize sales, reduce overhead, and minimize machine downtime. Robust features make managing and growing a profitable vending business easy with minimal effort.


Cantaloupe Seed Pro is an industry-leading option that connects vending devices and kiosks to the cloud. This vending management software lets operators remotely monitor their unattended retail business from one intuitive dashboard. It offers route optimization, dynamic scheduling, machine status alerts, and sales insights to maximize operational efficiency.


Looking for a reliable and efficient way to manage your vending machines? Look no further than Linkitsoft! Our comprehensive vending machine management software is designed for unattended retail, offering real-time telemetry, cashless payments, consumer apps, and data integration capabilities. With Linkitsoft, you can optimize sales, reduce overhead, and minimize machine downtime. Our robust features make managing and growing a profitable vending business easy with minimal effort.

As an industry-leading vendor software solution, Linkitsoft connects vending devices and kiosks to the cloud, allowing you to remotely monitor your entire automated retail business from one intuitive dashboard. You’ll have access to route optimization, dynamic scheduling, machine status alerts, and sales insights to maximize operational efficiency. Our best-in-class inventory management software designed specifically for vending machines ensures you always have the right products stocked and ready to sell.

Vending Telemetry Solution

Using our vending telemetry solution, you’ll be able to track the status of your vending machines in real time, receive alerts when issues arise, and even remotely troubleshoot problems. With our downloadable software, you can easily manage your inventory, track sales, and analyze data to make informed decisions about your business.

But that’s not all – Linkitsoft vending machine software connects directly to your vending machines, allowing you to manage inventory, pricing, and promotions across your entire fleet. Plus, our software integrates with popular payment processors, making accepting cashless payments easy and increasing revenue.

With Linkitsoft, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage your vending machines from anywhere using our cloud-based platform
  • Track inventory levels and sales data in real-time
  • Receive alerts when machines need restocking or maintenance
  • Remotely troubleshoot issues and update machine settings
  • Implement cashless payments and increase revenue
  • Optimize routes and schedules for improved efficiency
  • Grow your business with minimal additional overhead

Don’t wait – take control of your vending business today with Linkitsoft! Contact us to learn more about how our vending management software can benefit your operation.


Vendron provides a vending management system with detailed sales analytics and forecasting. It offers intelligent routing to reduce service costs and customizable digital signage for upselling. Vendron integrates with accounting, POS, and inventory management systems for automation. Ideal for large vending operators managing many machines across multiple locations.


VendSoft is a user-friendly option focused on small to mid-sized vending operators. Key features include sales reports, collections, service monitoring, and machine inventory alerts with the help of vending machine tracking software. VendSoft makes it simple to gain visibility into the entire vending operation and reduce repetitive manual tasks. Pricing scales are based on the number of connected machines.


Vend-Trak is designed for operators focused on optimizing route efficiency. The software monitors real-time inventory and strategically tracks machines for each service stop. Detailed logs and reports allow managers to identify high/low-performing devices for targeted improvements. Ideal for maximizing service productivity.

Seaga Smartware 360

Smartware 360 integrates with Seaga vending machines to enable remote monitoring and management. Key capabilities include vending machine tracking software, DEX data reporting, cashless payments, route planning, and product planograms. The software also connects with Seaga’s warehouse and delivery operations for seamless order fulfillment.


OTI VMS delivers a robust telemetry solution optimized for large vending operations like those in colleges, factories, and airports. It focuses on business analytics and data integration to identify profit optimization opportunities. OTI VMS also provides modules tailored specifically to micro markets and coffee/EVM machines.


VendMAX focuses on actionable insights to drive incremental vending sales. Features include customized dashboards, Plan-o-Grams to optimize machine facings, dynamic route planning, and centralized price management. VendMAX integrates directly with major payment processors for transparent revenue tracking.


VendingMetrics provides an affordable vending management solution designed for smaller operators. It includes vending machine tracking software, sales reports, collection logs, and email and text alerts for fast issue resolution. The software also enables operators to efficiently manage a distributed workforce using shared logins and permissions.


HIVERY is a cloud-based system focused on helping operators enhance vending revenues. It leverages machine sensors, predictive analytics, and real-time data to gain strategic insights. Features include dynamic route planning, cash flow analysis, custom reporting, and tailored recommendations to optimize profits.

Gimme VMS

Gimme VMS is designed specifically to help vending operators improve customer satisfaction. It uses machine telemetry and payment data to identify service gaps. The software provides operators with the tools and insights to proactively resolve issues before they impact the user experience.

Parlevel VMS

Parlevel focuses on easy implementation and use, making it ideal for operators with limited technical skills. Their vending management software connects machines to the cloud in minutes. By utilizing inventory vending machine tracking software, it provides core functions like cashless payments and email/text alerts in an intuitive interface. Affordable plans scale from 5 to 500 machines.

AutoCrib Arcturus

Arcturus is designed for industrial vending apps such as managing inventory in breakrooms, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. In addition to machine monitoring, it provides advanced capabilities like user access control, cost center accounting, and automated purchase orders.

Benefits of Using Vending Machine Tracking Software

Deploying effective vending technologies delivers tangible benefits that directly translate to higher profits and lower operating costs. Here is an overview of how different businesses can benefit:

Benefits of using

Vending Machine Operators

Manage an expansive fleet of vending machines spread across multiple sites. The software centralizes inventory data, sales figures, and machine health to optimize far-flung vending operations. Route optimization saves time and mileage costs.

Micro Market Operators

Oversee self-service unattended food stores inside offices and facilities. The software allows remote inventory monitoring, analyzing sales trends, and getting alerts for equipment issues like refrigeration malfunctions.

Office Coffee Providers

Monitor breakroom coffee machines and snacks vending machines to ensure prompt service issues are addressed. This keeps employees happy with a full selection of coffee and snacks.

Self-Checkout Stores

Manage entirely unmanned convenience and retail stores by vending machine tracking software, which tracks and manages sales and machine uptime from a central dashboard. An efficient vending machine tracking software enables efficient oversight.

Smart Locker Providers

Administer banks of automated package pickup/drop-off lockers located outdoors across cities. Detailed usage analytics and remote status monitoring simplify management.

Tech Companies

Manage large networks of IoT devices, smart appliances, etc., with real-time status alerts, utilization reports, and remote troubleshooting capabilities.

The common thread is these businesses operate unattended machines in stores across distributed networks. A robust management system efficiently oversees the entire self-service operation from one central platform. Instead of managing devices one by one, software consolidates control and reporting.

This allows proactively identifying and addressing issues before customers are ever impacted. The capabilities bring order to distributed chaos through automation. Any company with an unattended retail business model can benefit immensely from the optimized oversight these solutions enable.

Choosing the Right Vending Machine Tracking Software for Your Business

With so many vending machines tracking software options on the market, choosing the one that best aligns with your business needs and budget is essential.

With countless vending machine software solutions available, selecting the one that best fits your business needs and budget is crucial. Here are key factors to evaluate when choosing management software:

Choosing the Right

Service Requirements

Look for guaranteed response times in case any issues arise. Prompt and knowledgeable customer support is vital for addressing problems quickly.

Technical Capabilities

Ensure integration with your specific machines and any peripherals like cashless readers. The software should connect to all your hardware seamlessly. Pick an intuitive system to minimize the training needed for staff. More complex software may have a steeper learning curve.

Business Model

Choose software with features tailored to your operational objectives, locations, and use cases. Not all vending devices have the same management needs.


Pricing for vending management systems depends on basic reporting or advanced capabilities. Most charge per connected machine. Match software costs to your revenue potential. Weigh features vs. price to maximize value. Scalable pricing aligned with your growth is ideal.

Be sure to factor in any upfront hardware costs for modems to enable machine telemetry. Look for solutions that scale pricing based on the number of devices so costs grow in line with your vending business expansion.

Customer Support

Because vending machines operate unattended, having responsive customer support is essential in case any issues arise. Prioritize software providers that offer 24/7 technical phone and online support. This will minimize downtime if problems occur and ensure smooth operations.


As your business expands, your vending management system must be able to scale up easily. Ensure the provider can accommodate your future growth plans to avoid needing a costly switch down the road.

Look for a system that can scale to your current and future fleet size. Cloud-based software often charges per device, so pick a platform that fits your vending machine operations as you expand.

Integration with Other Software

To improve efficiency, look for systems that integrate with your organization’s accounting platforms, payment processors, POS systems, food service distributors, and other software. API integration helps different solutions share data seamlessly.

Taking time to thoroughly evaluate options based on these key aspects will help identify the best vending machine software solution to meet your management needs and drive business growth. Leveraging the right technology provides a foundation for vending success.


The vending technologies system delivers powerful technology to simplify operations, maximize profits, and minimize costs. With real-time vending machine tracking software, sales analytics, route optimization, and machine monitoring, vending operators gain significant efficiencies and actionable data insights.

Leading vending solutions like Linkitsoft enable unattended retail businesses to manage dispersed assets from one centralized platform accessible on any device. This allows owners to grow their organization with minimal overhead.

Given the tangible benefits, vending management software represents an indispensable tool for operators managing anything from a handful of machines to a large vending empire. The ability to automate reporting and logistics provides a compelling competitive advantage for vending businesses in 2023.

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