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The airport kiosk is a technological innovation that has revolutionized traveling. An airport kiosk is basically a small booth or terminal that allows passengers to complete certain processes independently that were previously handled by airline employees.

Kiosks began appearing in airports in the late 1990s, but have become much more common and advanced in recent years. Today, airport kiosks assist travelers with a variety of tasks, like checking in, printing boarding passes, checking bags, upgrading seats, and more. Kiosks are available in most major airports worldwide.

How Airport Kiosks Revolutionize the Traveler’s Experience

Using an airport kiosk has many advantages for travelers:

How Airport Kiosks Revolutionize the Traveler's Experience

Faster Check-In Process

One of the biggest perks of the airport kiosk is the ability to expedite the check-in process. Instead of waiting in long lines to check-in with an airline agent, travelers can breeze through check-in within minutes using self-service kiosks. This allows you to spend less time in line and more time relaxing before your flight.

More Control and Customization

Airport kiosks put you in the driver’s seat. You can take as much time as needed to input information, select seat assignments, add bags, print boarding passes, etc. There’s no pressure from impatient agents or other travelers in line. Airport kiosks allow you to customize your pre-flight experience.

Privacy and Security

Checking in at a kiosk allows you to enter sensitive personal information like passport details yourself instead of stating it out loud to an agent. Your data stays between you and the airline, keeping it more private and secure.


Self-service kiosks are accessible 24/7. So you can check-in as early as you want, without having to work around airline desk hours. Kiosks also reduce language barriers, allowing users to work through the check-in process independently, without an agent’s assistance.

Check-In Process

The check-in process via kiosk is quite straightforward. Here are the typical steps:

– Scan your boarding pass or enter your confirmation code

– Verify/input your personal information

– Choose your seat(s)

– Print your boarding pass and bag tags

– Drop checked baggage at the bag drop (if applicable)

– Head to security!

Most kiosks today are user-friendly and will walk you through the process with clear prompts and instructions. Some even offer multiple interface language options.

The kiosk will also notify you of any extra fees, like for checked baggage, pre-selecting seats, etc. These fees can be paid at the kiosk itself via credit/debit card.

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Check-In Process

Information for Flight Confirmation

To check-in at an airport kiosk, you will need:

– Boarding pass – Printed or on your mobile device. It can be downloaded ahead of time when you check-in online.

– Confirmation code – This 6-character code is provided when you book flights. It links your reservation to your identity.

– Government-issued photo ID – Driver’s license, passport, etc. Used to verify your identity.

– Credit/debit card – If you need to pay for baggage, seat upgrades, etc. Contactless payment options are now common.

Some key tips:

– Arrive at least 2 hours early for domestic flights, 3 hours for international.

– Locate your airline’s kiosk section. Signage is posted throughout the terminal.

– Have your confirmation code and ID ready to scan. This speeds up the process.

– Research kiosk location maps online beforehand so you know exactly where to go.

Information for Flight Confirmation

Print and Collect Boarding Pass

One of the final and most important steps at the airport kiosk is printing your official boarding pass. This document gives you access to your flight and should be presented at security checkpoints and boarding gates.

Most kiosks are equipped with printers and will automatically print passes once check-in is complete. Some allow you to print at a nearby wireless printer station as well.

If using mobile check-in, you can also save digital passes to your smartphone wallet/app. But it’s wise to print a backup just in case of technical issues.

Be sure to collect any printed documents from the kiosk before leaving the machine. These have your personalized 2D barcode that are scanned to confirm your identity and flight details. Losing your boarding pass will require returning to the patient check in kiosk or airline counter to reprint.

Once you have your pass and ID ready, you can proceed through security and relax at your gate until boarding time.

Upgrading Your In-Flight Experience with Ease

One useful feature offered at some airline kiosks is the ability to upgrade your in-flight experience, for a fee:

– Seat selection – Upgrade to seats with extra legroom, near the front, etc.

– Priority boarding – Board early to get overhead bin space.

– In-flight entertainment – Access to movies, TV shows, games.

– Internet access – Stay connected with in-flight WiFi.

– Lounge access – Relax pre-flight in an airport lounge.

– Food/beverages – Upgrade to premium meals, snacks, and drinks.

– Early deplaning – Deboard faster.

Upgrades make flying more comfortable and enjoyable. The best part is being able to purchase them yourself via self-service kiosk on the spot, instead of hoping for availability at the gate.

Kiosk upgrades put the power in your hands. Why not treat yourself before your flight? You deserve it!

Upgrading Your In-Flight Experience with Ease

The Significance of Airport Kiosks in the Year 2023

It’s clear that airport kiosks have cemented themselves as an indispensable part of air travel today. And their utility will only increase in the future. Here’s why airport kiosks remain vitally important in 2023 and beyond:

The Significance of Airport Kiosks in the Year 2023

Enhanced Automation

Kiosks will continue getting smarter, faster, and more automated. New technologies like biometrics, virtual agents, and predictive analytics will streamline kiosk usage even further in the future.

Broader Applications

Beyond check-in, kiosks will expand into things like ID verification, baggage handling, and airport navigation. Their usage will permeate even more aspects of the travel journey.


Kiosks allow travelers to handle tasks themselves, reducing airline staffing needs. This leads to cost and energy savings for airports and airlines. Kiosks help make travel more sustainable.


Self-service options allow more travelers to complete airport processes independently, like those with disabilities or language barriers. Kiosks promote accessibility.

As kiosk tech gets even more sophisticated, they will continue revolutionizing what’s possible for travelers worldwide. Kiosks provide the smooth, seamless airport experience that today’s flyers demand.

From Chaos to Convenience: Effortless Travel with LinkitSoft’s Self-Service Kiosks

Are you tired of the disorganized, stressful airport experience of old? Do long check-in lines, calls to agents, and confusion over flights plague your travels?

There’s a better way.

LinkitSoft’s airport self-service kiosks are leading the industry in simplifying and streamlining air travel through intuitive design, cutting-edge software, and innovative features like:

– Streamlined user interfaces

– Multi-lingual capabilities

– Automated bag drops

– Biometric security

– Real-time notifications

– Paperless processing

– Easy self-payment options

– Personalized promotions

Our kiosks bring order and convenience to even the busiest airports. Travelers can independently check-in, print passes, check bags, upgrade flights, and more in just minutes. Seamless, stress-free journeys are just a tap away.

With kiosks powered by LinkitSoft, chaos and confusion are a thing of the past. You can now fly with total confidence, comfort, and control thanks to our innovative kiosk technology. Experience the new paradigm in effortless, elegant travel today. Your seamless journey awaits.

From Chaos to Convenience Effortless Travel with LinkitSoft's Self-Service Kiosks


Airport kiosks have proven themselves as an essential innovation for streamlining the travel experience. By providing swift, self-service check-in and enhancing capabilities, kiosks save travelers time and deliver convenience. As the technology advances, airport kiosks will continue improving journeys for flyers across the globe

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