Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards solution enables the easy and fast creation of visually appealing digital menus.  Accordingly, with features such as adding images, item descriptions, scrolling text, slideshows, and videos, and editing prices. Moreover, Changes made to the menu can be update wirelessly within a few minutes. The solution also allows for creating multiple playlists such as morning, lunch, dinner, happy hours, and special events menus, among others.

Benefits of Digital menu boards

Digital Menu Boards

Flexible Currency & Language Options

Show your prices in your preferred currency wherever you run your restaurant. Beyond, the digital menu board software from Linkitsoft is multilingual. Simply type the text in the language of your choice to give your restaurant’s digital menu a local feel.

Digital Menu Boards

To use with your digital menu board, make a playlist.

There are not enough screens available to display all the delicious items on the menu. There’s no need to fill up your entire screen with your offerings. Additionally, make a playlist of the online menus for your restaurant and choose the slide duration that works best for you.

Digital Menu Boards

Plan Your Online Menu

Have ‘Happy Hour’ for customers of your restaurant? Tired of manually altering your digital menu? The digital menu board software from Linkitsoft is handy with your comfort in mind. Besides, you have the choice of scheduling your digital menu, which automates your daily routine.

Digital Menu Boards

Settings for Advanced Media & Visual Effects

There are a thousand words in a picture. Therefore, let those delicious food pictures do the talking. With the help of the clutter-free Linkitsoft menu board app. Further, you can add an image to go along with each item’s name. To bring your digital menu board to life, you can also add gorgeous background graphics and dynamic video. With a single click, the visual components can be turned on or off. It is that easy!

Digital Menu Boards

Make Dynamic Changes to Your Digital Menu in No Time

You can quickly add dynamic changes to your digital menu.
Furthermore, instantly update your digital menu board with the latest information straight from the kitchen of your restaurant. In addition, label the out-of-stock items as “Sold Out” and update the availability status of your items with just one click. Draw attention to your best offerings with ‘Today’s Special’. You can quickly and easily make all dynamic changes to your menu board using Linkitsoft’s digital menu board software.

Digital Menu Boards

Special Tags to Aid Customers in Making Decisions

Making it simple for customers to browse the menu is the golden rule of digital menu design. In the same way, to avoid the last-minute at-the-counter dilemma, the Linkitsoft digital menu board app lets you label your food items as “Spicy/Non-Spicy” and “Vegetarian/Non-vegetarian.” This helps your hungry customers.

What we offer

Digital menu boards from Linkitsoft are an affordable way to maintain consistency and accuracy in your menu pricing.  Also, promotions, and items. By combining eye-catching imagery with easy-to-read menu listings, your customers will remain engage while enhancing your customer experience.

Digital Menu Board

Your Complete Solution for a Digital Menu Board

Linkitsoft cloud-based digital signage software allows you to easily and quickly design, edit and manage your entire menu from any computer, at any time!

outdoor digital menu boards

Unlimited Digital Menu Board Zones

Present images of delectable desserts, individual food or drink promotions in high definition, happy hour specials, or any combination of these.

drive thru digital menu boards

Customizable Digital Menu Board Templates

Create your digital menu from scratch or select one of our simple-to-edit templates. Your branding needs can be accommodate.

day parting

Day Parting Details

Schedule specific advertisements or your entire menu to change on specific days and times.

edit location

Edit from any location

You can create, edit, and manage your menu for a single location or multiple locations using any web browser, on any device.

Our Features

Easy to use

Easiest to Use

Just drag & drop to upload your photos and videos in seconds. Additionally, use thousands of free stock photos and videos from our Galleries to make mouthwatering digital menu boards that increase sales. Moreover, using our online platform, you can remotely upload, edit, and display content on all TVs from your PC, no matter where you are.

Unbeatable price

Unbeatable Price

Get an easy and professional signage solution with extremely affordable pricing plans that suit the budget of any business, large or small. Also, all our plans are feature-rich, which means you get great value for money.

Digital Menu Boards

Display Any Type of Content

All media content, including videos, images, YouTube videos, doc files, and scrolling text, is designed to playback smoothly. Also, add free widgets to your playlists and layouts, to show local weather forecasts, clocks, news and sports feeds. Specifically, your regulars want to watch sports events while they sip their drink, so you run a juice bar, switch from signage content to live TV, or simultaneously show live or cable TV along with your signage promos & ads inside a screen layout.

Digital Menu Boards


The Linkitsoft digital menu board is design to be user-friendly and secure. It comes pre-configured with your Wi-Fi credentials and includes all the necessary cables, so you can simply plug it in and start displaying digital menu boards within minutes. Importantly, the security of your data is a top priority, and the player includes enterprise-grade features such as SSL, firewall. Similarly, password policies, as well as player lockdown and storage encryption to ensure that your information is safe. Meanwhile, with these security measures in place, you can be confident that your digital signage deployment meets the highest security standards.

Why Choose Linkitsoft

If you’re looking to expand your business, incorporating a digital menu board could be a logical next step. For the best solution in designing and displaying a digital menu in your restaurant, Linkitsoft is the ideal choice. 

We offer a one-stop shop for digital menu boards, providing media players, displays, and free cloud-based software to make the transition seamless and straightforward. 

Our flexible and scalable solutions are suitable for businesses of any size and shape. The Linkitsoft digital menu board is designed to be easily adjustable to meet your evolving business needs. You can trust our high-grade security and reliable stability. Making the switch to a digital menu board with Linkitsoft could be the key to growing your business. If you’re interested in our solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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