The Must-Have Donation Kiosk for Nonprofit organization

As a nonprofit organization, donation and fundraising efforts are critical to your organization’s success. Having the right tools and technology in place can make a big difference in how much you’re able to raise. One technology that is highly recommended is an on-site donation kiosk equipped with reliable software such as Linkitsoft Donation Kiosk software.

Donation kiosk software provides an easy and convenient way for people to give to your cause when they’re at your location. They allow you to collect donations without having to dedicate staff resources. The upcoming sections will explain what donation kiosks are, their key benefits, and tips for getting the most out of them.

Donation Kiosk

Key Takeaways

  • Donation kiosks are self-service stations that make it easy for people to donate on-site.
  • They increase donation revenue by enabling new donation methods.
  • Kiosks can accept donations by credit/debit cards and even cash.
  • Nonprofit organizations should consider placing kiosks in high-traffic areas.
  • Kiosks can be customized with your brand and configured to your needs.
Donation Kiosk
Donation Kiosk

What is a Donation Kiosk?

A donation kiosk is essentially a secure, self-service payment station designed to accept charitable donations on behalf of an organization. It’s an unattended system that allows donors to contribute quickly and easily using their preferred giving method.

Donation kiosks enable you to collect funds and expand donation options without having staff manage the process. Donors walk up to the kiosk, select a pre-programmed donation amount or enter a custom amount, and complete the transaction using their debit or credit card or potentially even cash.

The kiosk hardware is commonly a standing floor unit or a wall-mounted station. It contains a touchscreen interface, card reader, receipt printer, and all the standard features you’d expect. The kiosks are secure, PCI compliant, and integrated with your nonprofit organization’s management system.

Benefits of Using Donation Kiosks

Installing an on-site donation kiosk offers many advantages:

Increase Donations

Increase Donations

The primary benefit of donation kiosks is that they make it incredibly easy and quick for people to donate. Rather than having to find a staff member to process a donation, donors can complete their giving independently in seconds. This convenience leads to more donations being captured.

Studies show that donation kiosks raise 82% more than traditional methods. Having multiple donation options and enabling impromptu giving means more revenue for your cause.

Expand Donation Methods

Expand Donation Methods

Donation kiosks allow you to collect contributions in ways that staffed donation collection cannot. Kiosks can accept credit card payments, so donors can quickly swipe their cards without the need to have cash on hand.

Kiosks can also potentially accept cash payments. If configured for it, donors could even set up recurring gifts from their debit/credit card via the kiosk. This flexibility accommodates more donors and their preferred giving methods.

Improve Donor Experience

For donors, donation kiosks offer convenience and privacy. Donors can give on their own schedule, read information at their own pace, and avoid coordinating with staff. The kiosk experience is designed to be simple and intuitive, too.

Donors also appreciate the privacy kiosks allow compared to in-person donations. Their giving data is secure, and they aren’t put on the spot. An easy, fast donation experience leaves donors satisfied.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

Modern donation kiosk software integrates with your nonprofit organization systems. This means you have real-time visibility into kiosk performance. 

Your admin dashboard will display essential kiosk metrics like number of donations, average donation size, and total amount raised. You gain insights to optimize your fundraising.

No Dedicated Staff Needed

No Dedicated Staff Needed

With a staff-run donation collection, you have to budget time and staff resources. Donation kiosks enable donations to be collected at your location without a dedicated person managing them.

Kiosks essentially “staff” themselves. This allows your team to focus on other initiatives while still capturing donations on-site from your location’s foot traffic.

Customizable and Brandable

Customizable and Brandable

Today’s donation kiosks are highly customizable to match your nonprofit organization’s brand. The kiosk’s exterior wrap can display your logo, colors, and messaging.

The kiosk’s software interface is also configurable. You can customize the donation amounts, receipt messaging, and on-screen content however you wish. This branding makes the kiosk feel like an extension of your organization.

Tips for Using Donation Kiosks Effectively

To get the most out of your on-site donation kiosk, keep these tips in mind:

Place Kiosks in High-Traffic Areas

Location is key when it comes to maximizing your donation kiosk usage. Be sure to install it in high-visibility and high-traffic areas at your location.

For most organizations, ideal spots are the lobby and hallway outside. For nonprofit centers, right by the entrance or in a main lobby area works well. You want it to be easily noticeable and accessible.

Tips for Using Donation Kiosks Effectively

Promote the New Donation Option

When introducing a new donation method via kiosk, let your supporters know. Send an email newsletter announcing the new giving option—post signage near the kiosk itself explaining how to use it.

Promoting the kiosk gets more people trying and adopting this donation approach. Over time, it will become a popular, familiar option.

Train Staff to Encourage Kiosk Use

Get your team onboard to help drive kiosk adoption, too. Train staff to understand how kiosks work and what their benefits are. Equip them to show first-time users how simple it is to donate at the self-serve station. With staff encouragement, you’ll see more donors embrace the kiosk for their giving.

Review Metrics and Optimize

Leverage the data and reporting from your donation kiosk to understand performance and find opportunities to improve. Review total donations, transaction trends, and popular donation amounts.

This information can reveal ideal kiosk placement, the need for updated on-screen content, or even desired features like gift matching. Use the insights to optimize.

Offer Assistance as Needed

Even though kiosks are designed to be user-friendly, some donors appreciate having support available, at least when getting started. Have a staff member nearby who can answer questions, walk first-timers through donating, and troubleshoot if any issues arise.

This ensures users have a great experience. Familiarity with the kiosk will then allow them to donate independently next time.

Why Your Organization Needs Donation Kiosks

If you want to expand donations, accommodate more giving methods, and create convenience for donors, donation kiosks are a must-have. They enable you to capture spontaneous gifts without dedicated staffing. Kiosks empower givers to donate on their terms.

Here are a few examples of nonprofits seeing a real impact with donation kiosks:

  • A local organization installed a donation kiosk in their lobby to allow the visitor to contribute their donation easily. In the first year alone, the organization raised 48% more in donations.
  • An art museum placed giving kiosks near exhibition exits. Donors could instantly support the nonprofit after being inspired by the current exhibits. The average gift size increased by 22%.
  • A nonprofit community center set up donation kiosks at their reception desk and outside their auditorium. Event attendees could now easily give a contribution at the click of a button. Online donations doubled.

As you can see, the right on-site technology can truly make a difference. Be sure to consider adding a donation kiosk to help your organization engage donors and advance your mission through giving. Reach out to learn more about our customized kiosk solutions.

Donation Kiosk

Why Linkitsoft?

Linkitsoft is the premier provider of customizable, secure donation kiosk software. With user-friendly interfaces, robust reporting, and seamless integration, we empower nonprofits and churches to easily raise more funds on-site. Contact our team today to learn how our complete kiosk solution will help your organization engage more donors and exceed your fundraising goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some donation kiosk models support cash payments. The kiosk securely stores the cash and updates the donation total appropriately. Cash options are great for flexibility.

Absolutely. Reputable kiosk providers have security measures like encrypted card readers, cloud-based data with restricted access, tamper-proof hardware, and PCI compliance. Donor data is protected.

Focus on high foot traffic areas where people naturally congregate or pass through. Main lobbies, outside your sanctuary or auditorium, and greeting areas are ideal. Visibility is key.

Get the word out through email, social media, signage near the kiosk itself, and word of mouth—train staff to direct people to try it. Promoting the new giving option boosts adoption.

If the kiosk provider has this feature available, yes – donors could establish automated, recurring gifts using their card via the self-serve station. This is a major convenience that drives larger donation revenue.

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