Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise Software Development can deliver scalable, secure, and innovative software solutions. Modern enterprises’ ERP system is their heart and brain. It builds a consolidated database, which reduces errors. Information is entered only once and can be accessed by all departments. The system is often made up of numerous modules, each digitizing a distinct aspect of your business:

Accounting, inventory management, customer support, business process management, order management, human resources, e-commerce, web apps, and shipping, among others

They can work together to streamline work throughout the entire organization, providing a 360° perspective of your clients, automating and making business processes more transparent.

Enterprise Software Development

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Every dollar spent on CRM software increases revenue by $8.71, according to Nucleus Research. Any business depends on its relationships with customers and sales. The majority of CRM systems enable you to gather leads, manage orders, interact with customers, monitor their statuses, develop marketing campaigns, and evaluate effectiveness.

Associations can now charge for subscriptions and sell tickets for numerous courses, meetups, and conferences using a single system. To satisfy each firm’s unique requirements and operations, we create customize modules. Nowadays, advance automation and higher income help any organization.

In addition to CRM features like lead management, billing, and task management, we offer integration of business and population records. This provides vital data about association members. We also offer customized reports to assist administrators in managing their organizations & combining accounting and finance systems to assist with invoicing.

Business Intelligence Software​

BI software helps businesses gain actionable insights from data sources such as marketing, sales, manufacturing, and human resources. It uncovers trends and makes accurate projections by utilizing data mining, benchmarking, and complex statistical algorithms. BI systems use numerous graphs, charts, and tables to help managers detect trends and patterns in complex data; all you need to make smarter decisions without a statistics background.

Accessing your current condition and anticipating where you’re heading can provide you with an advantage over competitors in a highly dynamic market.

Construction, employment, healthcare, and information technology are just a few of the industries that use business intelligence.

Enterprise Software Development
Enterprise Software Development

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software

Poor customer service and financial losses can result from supply chain miscommunication. Management of procurement, storage, shipping, and distribution is required for all manufacturing organizations. People from several departments often work together on these tasks.

Supply chain management (SCM) solutions ensure a consistent flow of commodities required to continue production and delivery. They can assist you in gathering, managing, and storing information on sales and material ordering, suppliers, procurement, production, order processing, warehousing, logistics, and distribution. They can also make supply chain collaboration easier.

Businesses can track their suppliers’ energy usage using an interactive dashboard. With a wide variety of adjustable graphics, easy data entry, and customize reports with the ability to export to Excel/PDF, businesses can get a 360° view of their environmental impact.

Human Resource Management (HRM) Software

Human Resource Management (HRM) Software which Powerful semantic search and matching capabilities that let HR managers enter a single request into a search field and have it matched with a large number of pertinent profiles.

They may set up filters like job duties, desired salary, and so forth. The system will look across all platforms to find applicants who fit the bill. HR managers can chat with applicants, send CVs to clients, get client comments, schedule interviews, follow up with clients, and more all from a single app.

Data management software allows you to add applicants to the database more quickly. The team may now have their application profiles automatically updated so they don’t have to search through dozens of folders full of dated files. You can always get a free consultation for your Enterprise Software Development needs.

Human Resource Management (HRM) Software OFFERS Customizable task managers. They can also provide KPI dashboards that show performance metrics in real-time. All essential criteria are shown on a customizable dashboard, which also visualizes data and allows HR managers to create custom reports.

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    Linkitsoft has helped its clients since the beginning.

    Our clients only present us with a broad concept while providing ideas for automating anything. We show them how to use software to make that concept a reality. All of our happy clients came to us wanting to do something unusual, and we helped them accomplish their goals.

    Our consulting approach begins with listening and understanding our customer’s goals. After we understand what they want, we devise a strategy to help them achieve their goal. We create the most advanced teamwork techniques and functionalities we propose to our clients.

    Finally, after developing a system architecture and process flow for our customer, we develop a prototype. Once the prototype is complete, we then refine the final product.

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