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Social media is one of the most promising areas in terms of business. Even though this industry has many profitable businesses, new ones always develop due to technological innovation.

In this thriving industry, innovation spawns new profitable ventures. Effective social media growth demands mobile apps. Don’t overlook backend investment – crucial but often hidden. Our platform empowers your vision. Whether crafting from scratch or expanding, we provide expertise. Curious about how to make an app for Android or develop for both Android and iOS? Start your journey toward success today.

Social App Building Platform​

The key consideration for the Social app building platform

We strongly advocate sticking with engagement metrics while providing social app building platform solutions for the commercial analysis of social media mobile apps.

They are classified into five types: financial, user, acquisition, sales, and marketing. Depending on the application’s type and purpose, various tools are constantly available. But first, a few prerequisites



The cost per install (CPI) is calculated by tracking user installs prompted by advertising. It is computed by dividing the cost of advertising by the number of installed programs.

The total cost of all marketing operations required to attract a customer is called the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). It is one factor that defines a company’s business model’s viability. This picture depicts the company’s prospective growth.

Social App Building Platform​

User Engagement

A variety of planned app-related actions are done to assess user interest. Two of them are session length and interval.

The first shows how long the user entered and exited the software, while the second shows how long it took between two sessions.

Social App Building Platform​

User Retention and Churn rate

User retention is computed by dividing the proportion of users that returned to the app after their first visit by the date of their first visit. Check if retention has changed since the new update was introduced to establish what works and what doesn’t in the new version.

The churn rate is the number of people stopped using the social networking mobile app. It’s preferable if there’s little to no display.

User Activation

User Activation

In contrast to downloads, active users. Each app has its own set of activation criteria and features.



It provides quantifiable evidence of market enthusiasm for the product. To put it another way, it provides monthly trends in user growth.

Burn rate

Burn rate

The monthly cost of running the mobile app includes labor, marketing, and server fees. It illustrates some of the tools that could be used to plan future growth and fundraising.

How to Create a Social Media App

Social App Building Platform​

Possibilities for self-expression

Every user wishes to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their exceptional originality and ability to think beyond the box. 

Social app building platforms should include tools for this, such as changing usernames, backgrounds, and profile photos.

Social App Building Platform​

Linking to pre-existing social media networks

The very minimum steps involved in a social app building platform should be easy for a user to interact with an application properly. They’ve already given their information to several other social networking apps, so there’s no reason to force them to do it again. 

To access the new experience, ideally, a social app building platform must enable a single button that reads “Connect with” or “Login using” one of the existing apps should suffice.

Social App Building Platform​

Network creation

It only makes sense when the user has friends or other interesting contacts to interact with on social media. 

Developers of social app building platforms should thus concentrate on developing the finest friends network algorithm and a system that allows for one-click friend invitations.

Social App Building Platform​

Setting up the newsfeed

The majority of social networks demand news feeds. The content is the ruler. Users generate a large amount of data through check-ins, status updates, and uploads of music, video, and photographs. They even share non-original content. One of the advantages of social media is that it allows individuals to communicate and share their ideas, which raises the likelihood of your being taken seriously.

Before designing a social networking app for Android and iOS, a social app building platform must consider user demand and requirements and supply the news feed configuration that best compliments the app's unique features.

Social App Building Platform​

Collaboration with other services

To provide your clients with a better user experience when using the platform, a social app building platform must be able to provide a method for integrating existing services into your network.

Users are saved from having to choose from many services because of their pre-existing relationships. When we discuss services provided by third parties, we mean:

1. Relationship networks
2. Social publishing platforms
3. Media-sharing networks
4. Interest-based networks
5. Discussion forums
6. Bookmarking sites
7. Online reviews

Private communication

Developers should advocate beginning with the MVP, or minimum viable product, while creating a social app building platform.

MVPs are goods with the absolute minimum characteristics required to test a concept on the market at the outset. This approach enables the product to be announced quickly while saving much time and money.

We are adding features after validation and working to enhance the product’s UI/UX. The application is then made accessible for a second market research and validation round.

Although communicating with folks in public is fun, a private conversation is sometimes required. Social networking software should provide private, secure communication. This will lead to users spending more time on your application than on external pages 

Social App Building Platform​

Why Linkitsoft?

Linkitsofta well-known social media app development business, focuses on high-end social networking apps.

We specialize in creating native social network applications. Our highly interactive user interface and user experience (UI/UX) have made customer retention possible. By providing a social app building platform solution and social app development for Android and iOS, we have proven to be one of the most successful social app building platform solutions providers.

By providing a complete social app building platform, our social media app developers can enhance your app with complex and cutting-edge features such as the ability to build profiles, integrate maps, upload and share media, and much more.

Linkitsoft’s expert developers construct dynamic social media programs that assist businesses in connecting with their target market and engaging with them long enough to start dialogues.

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