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At Linkitsoft, we specialize in being your dedicated technical and business technology consultants. Wondering what is technical consulting? It’s our expertise in performing technical consultation to analyze and devise innovative solutions for your business challenges. Our services encompass everything from comprehensively mapping out the best path, defining requirements, and scoping projects to assessing project risks.

Empowering Your Business with our tech consult services, we provide a holistic view of your company’s landscape, enabling us to suggest flexible and competitive strategies across all operations. Having played a pivotal role as technical consultants across various I.T. sectors, we possess an unparalleled breadth of experience.

Why Choose Linkitsoft? We at Linkitsoft are not just a technical consulting company; we’re a team of dedicated software and technology engineering experts: our distinctive approach and unwavering commitment yield remarkable outcomes. Trust, dependability, and openness are our pillars, ensuring excellence in every endeavor.

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    Our Unique Features

    Easy and intuitive user interfaces

    Get a user interface created expressly for your issue that is understandable to every team member, including those with no prior experience with numerical simulation. Save time by avoiding the need to comprehend the details of what could be a better ideal fit for your requirements.

    Faster results software optimization

    Numerous optimizations not possible with general software solutions become possible when a program is tuned for a particular issue. The end product is a user-friendly program that produces outcomes quickly in the required data formats.

    In-house solution compatibility

    We can alter the output data formats to integrate the program with an existing internal solution and offer a seamless user experience.

    Workflow automation

    Often, the underlying bottleneck in the entire simulate-evaluate-repeat approach is human data post-processing, such as formatting and visualization.

    Our Areas of Technical Consulting

    Spectrum of our technical consultation services, guided by business technology consultants, encompasses various critical fields, ensuring holistic support for various IT challenges. Our offerings include:

    Software Re-engineering

    Leveraging their in-depth knowledge, technical consultants, often called business technology consultants, guide businesses through the intricate software re-engineering process. This process enables the transformation of legacy systems into modern, efficient solutions.

    Software Scalability Evaluations

    Scalability is of utmost importance in the rapidly evolving IT landscape. Our consultants, also known as business technology consultants, evaluate software scalability, offering insights to enhance the system’s ability to accommodate growth and increased demand.

    Code Reworking for Maintainability

    Technical consultants, called business technology consultants, provide invaluable guidance to organizations in reworking software code. This ensures long-term code maintainability, allowing software to remain adaptable to future changes and technological advancements.

    Performance and Code Quality Audits

    Our technical consultants meticulously assess IT system performance and code quality, identifying areas for improvement and optimization. Businesses can enhance their systems ‘ efficiency through the expertise of business technology consultants.

    Security Standards and Vulnerability Reviews

    Security remains a paramount concern. Our technical consultants, sometimes known as business technology consultants, conduct comprehensive reviews of security standards. They identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend effective strategies for bolstering IT security.

    Benefits of Technical Consulting

    Curious about technical consulting? It’s all about tech experts, also known as technical consultants or business technology consultants, making a big impact in today’s business tech world. Having these consultants on board is crucial as technology rapidly evolves for new services, practices, or mergers. They’re like navigators, helping design programs that fit each business’s needs.

    But what exactly is a technical consultant? Think of them as problem solvers and planners in the IT industry. They ensure businesses stick to rules and regulations while crafting smart, long-lasting strategies.

    In the ever-changing business world, a technical consultant plays a crucial role. But what does a technical consultant do? Simply put, they bridge the gap between dreams and reality. Their expertise guides your path toward organizational objectives. Instead of relying on beginners, a business technology consultant collaborates with experienced professionals, bringing expertise and energy to projects. This combination of skill and passion makes them the ultimate project partner. Curious about technical consultation? 

    What about a technical consultant’s role? Here’s the scoop!

    Technical Consulting

    Adapting Seamlessly

    For organizations with existing tools and platforms, the challenge lies in integrating these components into the new intranet landscape. This is where our experts shine. We facilitate the harmonious union of technologies, ensuring a symphony of flawless operation. With precision and skill, we establish vital connections and navigate any obstacles that may arise, ensuring a seamless transition.

    Peace of mind

    Elevating Possibilities

    The hallmark of exceptional technical consultation is the transformative results it delivers. The landscape of possibilities widens, offering new perspectives that, in turn, fortify your business. This propulsion towards growth becomes tangible, propelling your endeavors forward with significant momentum. However, this journey’s first step is to ensure that your existing technological infrastructure harmonizes seamlessly with the proposed innovations.

    Intranet build services

    Crafting Foundations

    As the launch day nears, anxiety may bubble up. Fret not, for our support extends to every crucial step. Consider us your guiding hand, from user setups to permission configurations, from content creation to homepage customization. With meticulous attention, we sculpt your intranet according to the pre-established blueprint.

    The Crucial Compatibility Check

    The cornerstone of a triumphant intranet venture rests on its compatibility with established technologies. Imagine your intranet as a cog in a larger machine – its smooth, secure functioning ensures the more significant mechanism’s efficiency. Our battalion of adept technical consultants is at your service. With your in-house technical teams, we address concerns, resolve issues, and concoct standardized solutions tailored to your needs.

    intranet is compatible

    A Sanctuary of Security

    The realm of the intranet is not just about connectivity; it’s about safeguarding your data’s sanctity. In this digital age, security is paramount. Our technical consultants are no strangers to fortifying enterprises across diverse sectors with industry-leading cloud security. Questions and concerns are met with open arms, and we diligently ensure that your intranet aligns with the gold security standard.

    What we offer

    Linkitsoft offers various consulting services that can help your firm become more secure, competitive, and profitable, from assisting you in understanding how to optimize your company’s HR operations to aiding your transfer to new platforms and custom software solutions.

    Technical Consulting

    Functional consultancy

    Linkitsoft experts can assist you in answering all of these and other inquiries. We understand how to use technology to make your operations more powerful and efficient while causing the least disruption to your staff.

    Technical Consulting

    Project management

    Switching from outdated payroll and HR software to new software must be easy. Payroll cannot be avoided after all. You cannot lose data. No security should be in danger. Your deployments will consistently be efficient and seamless because of Linkitsoft’s project management experience.

    Technical Consulting

    Configuration services

    To get the most out of the platform and your team, it is essential to ensure the software is appropriate for your goals and procedures, as with other enterprise software platforms. The Linkitsoft setup experts know how to make the software work for you.

    Software Development Services

    Linkitsoft places a high value on the timely delivery of products and support to our clients. Our in-house software developers can construct unique ERP, finance, and other management system amazing aces, and unique apps for the Linkitsoft platform. Aside from developing proprietary applications for our platform, Linkitsoft also develops Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP installations.

    Technical Consulting

    Technical Consulting FAQ’S

    Technology consultants help businesses solve problems using technology. They work on specific projects to improve results, such as installing remote work software.

    Being highly skilled and a go-getter, but also customer-focused and flexible. Linkitsoft consultants can see technology-related problems from both the business and technology angles, and have the knowledge to solve those challenges, but able to work collaboratively with others to create the best approach.

    A technology consultant can help your business by providing strategic planning, custom software development, IT infrastructure optimization, digital transformation guidance, data analytics, cybersecurity measures, training, and cost optimization.

    Technology consulting is necessary when businesses need expert guidance for digital transformation, complex IT projects, cybersecurity concerns, optimizing IT infrastructure, software selection, improving productivity, scaling, and adopting emerging technologies.

    Why Linkitsoft?

    Are you wondering, “What is a technical consultant?” Linkitsoft, your trusted business technology consultant, leads digital transformation, offering technical consultation in chemical technology. Our experts guide industrial and academic partners, simplifying complex issues. Our software and practical consultancy provide effective solutions. 

    We support internal teams with coaching, code reviews, and prototypes, solving intricate development problems. For challenging tasks, we conduct feasibility studies, crafting optimal solutions. Linkitsoft assesses project viability, enhancing your business prospects. 

    With cutting-edge tools, we enhance performance, automation, and productivity—partner with us for tailored technical consulting and agile teamwork.

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