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Web app development can be crucial. As a software company specializing in web app development, we deliver innovative and user-centric solutions to empower businesses in the digital era. With the rise of internet connectivity and increasing broadband speeds, the world is moving towards cloud-based software solutions. People no longer need to install software and apps to perform a function.

These online application-based services are called web applications. A web app is an online application-based service hosted on a remote server. They allow users to access their services via the internet through a browser interface.

Today’s web apps are the future of services once offered as standalone software. Being highly interconnected, they make it possible for all team members to access them. From e-commerce stores to word processing apps, web app development have given everyone online a solution with no local storage limitations.

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    What We Offer

    Why do you need web apps?

    Businesses often need web apps to offer services online without the hassle of installing and managing enterprise-level software.
    Web apps are highly reliable and convenient because they may run on a variety of platforms. Regardless of the operating system. Further, they are not install on the hard disc, it solves the issue of limited space.

    Due to illegal sharing, most service providers face huge losses. The rise of web apps serves as an alternative to traditional standalone software. Though, most web applications are subscription-base, they reduce software piracy.

    This helps both the business and the end user save money because the business requires less support and maintenance from the end user.

    How we can help you?

    We commit to provide our clients with customize web app development solutions based on the latest and cutting-edge technologies to fulfill their needs.

    As a pioneer in web app development, linkitsoft has successfully develop dozens of web-based app solutions.

    We provide customize web app solutions based on highly dynamic web technologies that improve the user experience. Importantly, we ensure that our clients get the maximum results and that their business ideas become a reality.

    Web App Development

    Our Web App Development Process

    Web App Development

    Problem Identification

    Before developing a web app solution, we highly focus on the client’s needs and pain points.

    At the start of the project, the fundamental concept, the client's usp, and their pain points are all discussed.

    These processes help us develop a basic understanding of the client's needs and expectations.

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    Web App Development

    Workflow Planning

    After clearly understanding what clients need, a competent and dedicated team based on highly professional skilled personnel is form.

    Following order confirmation, a quote for the desired service and a budget discussion is held while professional suggestions and recommendations are made.

    Our skilled team immediately distributes the task assigned and initiates workflow planning.

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    Web App Development

    Development Phase

    As a web app development agency, we believe in providing stable, reliable, and customizable services to solve our client’s problems.

    During the early stages of development, we create a basic design and layout that is simple to use.

    After implementing the compelling design, we list the key features that should be included in the final product.

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    Web App Development

    Prototype your Web App

    Following the development, a prototype version of the app is presented to the client based on his requests. 

    Our prototypes are nearly identical to our submission's final and are version very useful because they outline the appearance of our final product. This version requires minor adjustments before it can be released as the final product.

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    Web App Development

    Validating & Testing on Web App

    Several tests are performed following international standards during the development phase.

    These are some of the tests that are run on web apps before they are released as the final version.

    • Functionality testing
    • Usability testing
    • Interface testing
    • Compatibility testing
    • Performance testing
    • Security testing.

    These testing standards allow us to ensure product reliability and must be completed before general approval for a web app's final launch.

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    Web App Development

    Hosting & launch

    The web app is then launched online and the master control is deliver to clients according to their demands.

    Web App Development

    After-sales maintenance & support

    We always provide long-term support and maintenance to our clients as part of our commitment to solving problems for them.

    Why Linkitsoft?

    We commit to provide custom web application development at affordable price you can imagine. Additionally, being a versatile company we promise our clients that we can provide them with all their web app development needs under one roof.

    What sets us apart from the competition is our capability of building scalable web apps based on modern frameworks, and define and structure architecture patterns while keeping designs and UI/UX that are user-centric. moreover

    • Enhance customer support
    • Increased Security
    • Cost Saving
    • Customization
    • Easy to Update
    • Reliability 
    • On-time delivery
    Our Web App Development Frameworks

    Our Web App
    Development Frameworks

    • Front-End
    • JavaScript
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Back-End
    • Databases
    • Servers
    • APIs

    Our Successful Projects

    With a team of highly dedicated developers, we have complete hundreds of projects. Keeping our client’s needs as a top priority we always came up with highly innovative and reliable mobile app solutions base on the latest technologies.

    We as a custom software development company are happy to share some of our most successful and user friendly mobile apps.

    Laundry Web Application

    Laundry Web Application

    Our on-demand laundry web app solution lets you take your laundry business online, better serve your customers, and become more profitable.

    Linkitsoft offers a laundry web app development service on-demand to laundry businesses.

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    Web App Development

    KHDA Government Sector web Application

    Linkitsoft has worked on government application development solutions for over eight years as a leading custom web app development agency. 

    This long history of custom web application development has enabled linkitsoft to become one of the nation's leading government application development firms.

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    Lalang’s Resort’s Booking Web Application​

    Lalang’s Resort’s Booking Web Application

    Every well-designed hotel website needs to be highly effective with reliable web app development and a digital marketing strategy at its core.

    Linkitsoft is committed to creating custom websites for hotels and resorts.

    As a web app development company, we have built user-friendly websites with responsive designs that can adjust to and display on any large- or small-screen device, including desktop computers, laptops, iPads, tablets, and smartphones.

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    Water Quality Monitoring Web Portal​

    Water Quality Monitoring Web Portal

    Researchers have long utilized environmental monitoring portals to receive data from sensors.

    Real-time and remote quality assessments in terrain can be achieved through Water quality monitoring which is being aided by wireless sensor networks (WSNs).

    As a web app development company, we have developed a Water Quality Monitoring Web Portal, which provides information about temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and soil moisture.

    Our water quality monitoring web portal allows us to access these data remotely which can be used for predictive analysis and forecasting of environmental conditions.

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    Secure Investing for Everyday Web App​

    Secure Investing for Everyday Web App

    In today's environment of negative interest rates, volatile public markets, and difficult-to-find real estate deals, private equity provides an excellent alternative for investors. 

    ColBR, Our Secure Investing Web App breaks down barriers by offering low minimums, a fully digital process, and a unique secondary market.

    With a proven track record of providing high-quality web app development services to our clients, our rich user interface and dynamic features-based investment portal have become a must-have web-based investment app we have made.

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    Grow your money with monkeyalerts​

    Grow your money with monkeyalerts

    A web app-based platform created to help individuals and businesses alike achieve financial success. We understand that managing your money can be overwhelming and confusing, which is why we strive to provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface that is accessible to everyone.

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    Web App Development FAQ’s

    The web app has the potential to attract a large number of visitors, converting them into customers. By facilitating continuous access, it fosters effective communication between your company and potential customers, leading to increased product knowledge and better customer engagement.

    LinkitSoft can help develop various types of web applications, including e- commerce, social media, content management systems, booking systems, online learning platforms, collaboration tools, CRM systems, data analytics dashboards, marketplaces, and ERP systems.

    A website consists of webpages accessed via a web browser and hosted on a web server. On the other hand, a web application is a software program accessed through a web browser and running on a web server. The key distinction is that websites are static, while web applications are dynamic in nature.

    Web applications have become a crucial tool for businesses, offering several
    advantages. They enable communication with customers, facilitate collaboration
    among employees, ensure secure data storage, and provide information and data
    for management purposes.

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      Do you want to create a web application to help your business?

      We at Linkitsoft, having extensive experience in web app development, know how to design your mobile app. Whether you’re looking to hire web app developers to supplement your efforts or want a customize web app development solution.

      Having vast experience in developing highly efficient and secure web apps. Further, by providing highly reliable web app development services, for corporate and public sector enterprises. We are committed to provide you with the highest quality you deserve.

      Our vast experience in developing highly sophisticated web apps enables us to provide amusing and intelligent mobile app solutions on any device and platform you prefer at a reasonable price. Learn about our Mobile App Development services too.

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